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    well, would you adam & eve it!!! No Levine or Wobble, but........C U THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Not good.
    No, this doesn't sound very encouraging. Doesn't Lu Edmunds have tinnitus?
    who cares! Metal Box is one of THE lp's of the 80's & with all the reforming/milking the public/flogging a dead horse THIS is the one i've been waiting for!! It's an absolute shame that Keith & John won't be onstage, but the music & the gig/event will more than make up for it!

    i'd rather go & be disappointed than not go & risk missing an event!
    i have a feeling that with all the reforming (everybody loves a pension ?) this is the only one that hadn't happened yet..
    I already have Metal Box. I saw that tour.
    so did i! but i still play it, so why not experience it live again?
    i was hoping and praying for another sex pistols reunion;)
    ....he said with tongue very firmly in cheek!!!!!!
    I would like a Clash reunion with Shane MacGowan as a singer.
    i assume yer having a wind-up?!?!??!?! i know Strummer stood in as vocalist after McGowan was given the tin tack, but he'd bring the Clash down to some kinda cabaret act! it'd be good for the tourists/rubber-neckers/dunno who else, but not, er, well me as it happens!!!!!

    how about Nirvana reforming with J Mascis as vocalist - actually that might work! Or Queen reforming with Paul Rodgers as vocalist? oh, hang on a minute.....!!!!!
    srsly, sounds good. i'd hit it. with all the doucheing around lydon's been up to for the past 20 years he's finally come to his senses (how strange & peculiar & bizarre that must be!) and is doing something that really suits him.
    I've seen the Pogues playing live with Joe Strummer singing. It was Ok, but the combination didn't work very good. The audience actually asked for Shane the whole time. The best song of the evening was by far London Calling.
    (ok, i admit/agree today's Shane is not exactly in the best shape for the job...)
    i always find him entertaining on tv - i just wish i knew what the hell he was saying!?!?!?!

    and going back to the Queen/Paul Rodgers thing. i saw Queen a coupla times in 70's (ok actually, especially the earlier one) & i saw dvd of the recent reunion tour & may i say that they're mush better with Rodgers!! Freddie amy've been a great showman, but Rodgers is the best male, white, rock/blues singer BAR NONE!!!!
    Nirvana with J. Mascis
    I think Dinosaur Jr are rather better.

    Nirvana & The Clash should NEVER reform.
    The one song I heard by Mick Jones' band Carbon/Silicon was quite good.
    Hey lets cheer up Lewis and Newman by starting nother CLASH thread!

    I'd like a MAGAZINE gig with Real Life and SDaylight played in their entirety, maybe with Touch & Go, GME &
    My Mind Ain't So Open...
    "Rodgers is the best male, white, rock/blues singer BAR NONE!!!"

    i'd say eric burdon, rory gallagher, or john fogerty are just as good if not better than PR who to me always sounded a bit overwrought. john fogerty is prob the most soulful white boy out there. he does an amazing cover of marvin gayes "what's going on", to say nothing of all the great CCR stuff.
    who mentioned soul?!??!

    vive la difference!
    didn't mean to imply JF is a soul singer per se. he's very firmly ensconced in the blues/rock- rock/ blues category.

    one could add Elivs, Mick, and robert plant to the "best" competition, as well someone new like brandon flowers from the killers.

    while i agree PR is a great singer and I quite like Free, i never liked anything about BadCo. silly songs and blatant (semi) supergroup $$$ grab.
    I can't think of Eric Burdon without recalling that dreadful performance on Later a few years back.

    Watching an old white man perform a cod reggae version of one of his old hits (Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood IIRC) is the best argument for euthanasia I've ever come across.
    i just heard Bloc Party is opening the PIL tour.