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    i just heard Bloc Party is opening the PIL tour. - there, i told you it would an event!!!! will they be setting up a boxing ring on stage?!?!?!?!
    yes, actually. light feather weight division, tho i wouldn't call it " boxing". more like who can slap the hardest.
    "ladeez & genelman, with the red handbag......"!!!!!!!!!!
    "ever get the feeling you've been cheated"!?!?!?!??!?!

    well my mates let me down, (so i'll be the sad git at the back of the Academy on me own nursing a pint of lukewarm, overpriced Guinness) so i bought meself a ticket the cost of which, incl 'fees' was £46 (let's call it an xmas pressie to meself!)!!!! Like i say, i'd rather go & be disappointed, but they better put on a jolly good show!!!!!
    " just heard Bloc Party is opening the PIL tour."

    I hope Sid Vicious comes back from the dead to re-enact the My Way vid before Johnny points the aging throng to the butter stall...
    I'm only really familiar with the classic line up of PiL, Anyone care to speculate on this touring version? . Have they the 'chops' to do justice to Public Image and Metal Box? I guess there will be lots of stuff of later albums too.
    They're all competent musicians, certainly, but I can't imagine how songs like 'Low Life' and 'Memories' are going to sound when played by these guys. Sort of "Live in Tokyo"-ish, maybe? I don't think they'll have even half the ambience of the recorded versions.
    One of the competent musicians used to play for the Spice Girls i read somewhere..?
    If he can play "Wannabe" i'm sure he can also play songs like Public Image, Albatross and Religion properly.
    zigga zagga aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!
    He may already have played Anarchy. At one point Mel C tried to gain rock chick cred by covering it.

    She opened the song with the line "I am an antichrist. I am a sporty spice!"

    Girl Power indeed.

    Its not sold out which is possibly something to do with the fact that Manchester tickets are basically £40 with booking fee. 40 Quid to see J Rotten + Spice Girls Session Muso version of PiL?!!! For that money I'd want to be allowed to get up and play bass on Careering! I'd a least want a written confirmation that their won't be a load of 'postcard punks' in there shouting for Anarchy in the UK.
    Whats wrong with postcard punks?
    Good for the trouble makin' economy!

    I think I will be relatively safe in predicting that the Jah Wobble gig I witnessed at Band on the Wall with Philip Jeck and Mark Sanders in his band will turn out to be a slightly hotter ticket. Rotten says, "You'll never stick a better bit o'butter up yer wife!"
    I demand a law passed in triplicate on the proper headed Limited Public Image note paper that no pontificating Yorkshiremen be allowed into gigs by former instigators of the punk rock riot unless they can bring a dead cow which they have captured and slaughtered themselves, to feed to said former instigator's favourite shark, and they shave their locks into a mohawk.

    Also all music journalists who preplan to write a slag off review but don't watch the gig because they were talking in the bar to be fed to said shark.
    PiL @ Brixton Academy 21/12/09.

    PiL dispensed with a support band & had a dj playing solely drum & bass - which is fine if you like it, but i don't & you could feel the bass through your body. Personally, i'd've preferred some contemporary late 70's/early 80's post-punk to set the scene!

    the band strolled on - Lydon wearing non-matching blue tartan shirt & trews & carrying bag of apple juice & (presumably) some kinda throat medicine, both of which he gargled thoughout the gig & spat out into a convenient plastic bin, but his voice was it's usual rasping excellence; Lu Edmonds looking like Jerry Sadowitz in a black suit & curly mop under a black hat; the bassist looked resplendent in a red tartan kilt & black t-shirt & the drummer wore, er, glasses (he got right behind his kit!). (Sorry don't know bassist or drummers names & cba 2 look 'em up!)

    They kicked off with a slightly disappointing Public Image, but after that it was aural heaven. the academy seems to have sorted out its sound problems (though not completely) & though I'd be a liar if i said it didn't bother me that Levine, Wobble & Walker were not there, they were still on the top of their game. Lu must've thought he was Page or Oldfield the amount of guitar changing he did, but it was worth with it as his guitar soared over the bass - even while he was pogo-ing!!!! The basslines were immense (partic during Religion when Lydon called for the mixer to up the bass - which he did to great effect), playing a standard bass & a strange, modernist looking bodyless double bass which added a a depth & resonance to his lines. & i've no idea who the drummer was, but i take my (hi-)hat off to him for driving the rest of the band through over 2 hours - & if you know early PiL, you know how much they depend on Walker.

    set list
    Public Image
    Careering (f'ing awsome)
    Poptones (see above)
    Tie Me To The Length Of That
    Death Disco (frankly, quite stunning. Even down to Lydon saying "give me a minute, that means something to me!" & shedding a (crocodile?) tear.)
    Four Enclosed Walls
    Flowers Of Romance (complete with Lu bowing a ukulele/mandolin/whatever)
    What Friends Are For
    Religion (these 3 tracks were immense - part Religion with Lydon spitting out his anger with his lyrics over the cranked up bass)

    They encored with Sun & Rise. They started an intro to another, but i made a swift exit for me train!

    An undoubted highlight of my gigging year (along with KJ @ Heaven & Wire @ Cargo, obviously). To know that the old 'uns (persons as well as trax) can put the new kids on the block in their place with respect to making a f'ing good noise on stage with more originality than many (including TNP, Horrors & FF et al) will ever get close to AND putting on a decent length gig (you're lucky to get 50 mins out of the Horrors & that includes an encore!).

    Due to the weather making 'everything coming to a grinding halt' (xmas quiz - who sung that? I'm sure y'all know it!) there was more room down the front of the gig than at the back & so made for a slightly flat audience reaction, but it was nice not to be buffetted from all sides in my advanced years! However, the up side is that Lydon announced that all Academy tx for last night will be honoured at the Electric Ballroom on Wednedsay. I doubt these 2 gigs are sold out, so if you live in London, but decided not to buy tx cos of the lack of original PiL members, i really do urge you to try - you'll not regret it. If it were not xmas & a full diary, i'd be there again 2nite!!!
    >>i've no idea who the drummer was<<<

    The legend that is Bruce Smith out of the Pop Group. On your knees, boy.

    nice review GB. didn't they open the show w the "rabbit song"? i would have thought JL would have some additional new(ish)
    material. whatever. sounds like a epic performance. sure hope they bring this racket to the colonies sometime soon!
    Mark - ah, nice 1!

    FB - yep they did, b4 they came on stage! yeah it was nearly as good as i was hoping it would be!!! I'll keep me fingers x'd 4 ya!
    The song garage band missed out on was 'Open Up' (the techno tune Lydon originally did with Leftfield) . The band had a good stab at it actually but probably not worth missing the last train home for in this weather!

    A great performance I thought. Rotten was a very engaging perfomer and clearly should be sponsored by Glaxxo or Beechams given the amount of cough mixture, Vicks Sinex, Inhalers and god knows what else he was guzzling down every few bars, but his voice sounded great to me as did the current Sidemen. Bass player did a very good 'Wobble'.

    Excellent as it was, (sorry to carp on about this) but I still think the price wasn't quite right. Magazine was £23 and I think that would have been about right for PiL too. At that price they would have easily sold out the whole tour in advance. £35 (rising to £40+ once Ticketbastard has got his cut) clealry put off the curious as well as the cash-strapped fan. Manchester was about 60-70% full and there seemed to be quite a few touts left with tickets close to showtime which is very telling. The miserable weather didn't help of course.

    But If anyone wants convincing about how good PiL were though there are loads of Youtube clips. Here is 'Religion' from the show I saw: "More Bass Walter...More Bass!!":
    I can't agree more wrt the tckt price, but it is ALMOST forgiveable as it was such a great gig!!!!

    My mate saw 'em at Electric Ballroom last night & he reckons Lydon's voice 'had gone'! His never had a brill voice, but i thought it was great on monday. He also said that people were leaving early - because of the weather of didn't like the gig, he didn't specify!
    garageband says..."Death Disco (frankly, quite stunning. Even down to Lydon saying "give me a minute, that means something to me!" & shedding a (crocodile?) tear.)"

    You do know that song was a sort of parting gift to his mum, who was dying on cancer at the time he wrote it, don't you?

    And for not know who the drummer was, go stand in the corner in silence for 5 minutes contemplating what you said .... !!! Tsh Tsh.