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    I quite frankly don't have a prob w GB questioning Lydon's sincerity. while the song may have originated as a heartfelt expression of love for his mother, it doesn't obscure the fact that it has also become part and parcel of Lydon's post -punk songbook played over and over again for, mind you, one's entertainment. and in just about every Metal Box interview Lydon has done( and he's done a lot of 'em) he never fails to mention his mother's death - could be wrong, but sometimes it seems like he's trying a little too hard to garner the sympathy vote. and for someone who has been living under his pint since forever,
    yeah, I do find it bit incredulous that every single time he rehearses or performs that song he goes to pieces.

    I do however disagree w GB's opinion of mr rotten's singing talent. certainly old johnny is not a great singer or crooner in the conventional sense, but def for me he's one of the all time great rock vocalists, a very captivating and unique stylist.
    I wonder if they'll make it to the U.S.? I've spoken to a lot of people who'd like to see them.
    Of course i know the 'origin' of the song, but watch the videos on youtube - he says somat similar after every time he plays it! I'm not doubting how he feels about his mother,but i'm doubting he feels that emotional each time he plays it. Good theatre tho & it always gets a sympathetic cheer.

    Can't remember exactly what i said about Lydon's voice, but no i don't think he has a great voice, but yes i do like it & it suits his songs fine.

    Have the Pistols ever toured USA in one of their many reformations? If they did, i guess PiL could well make it over the pond. Does Lydon still live in LA?
    Pistols toured the USA first time around, '96 (?) if memory serves. saw the gig @ roseland, ny. good, but not great. sloppy.

    yup, he's out there having fun in the warm california sun!
    The Pistols did a fine job when I saw them in Memphis in '96. During the course of that tour, I believe Rotten or one of the others bragged that they hadn't rehearsed at all--but it was obvious that they had rehearsed extensively, and they sounded great (if not as speedy as they had on "Never Mind the Bollocks"). I heard that they were slightly below par when they went out on the road again in 2003, however.
    Frankly, I think it's hard to screw up entirely when you're playing three-chord rock 'n' roll. PiL's early material, on the other hand, could be very easily botched if it's not played with the right, "loose" touch. Levene and Wobble were fantastic, but one of the things that made early PiL so interesting is that the musicianship wasn't overly technical.
    BBC Culture Show special on Mr Lydon on the BBC iPlayer until next Tuesday (UK only, sorry folks abroad)
    You can watch it on YouTube.

    Coincidentally, The Culture Show's end credits show Janet Lee as executive producer... (OK different spelling on the first name, but..)
    It's also repeated 2nite on bbc 3 or 4.
    Off Napster i've just downloaded the PIL Peel Session 10th December 1979.

    Poptones, Careering & Chant.

    Have'nt heard these since they were originally broadcast. Over 30 years later & this stuff is still ahead of its time. Raw & brilliant.
    They're available on the PiL 'Plastic Box' box set.

    Napster? How fin de siecle!

    fin de siecle? how very passe!
    April 7th: jimmy kimmel
    Who's jimmy kimmel?
    Well, I saw Lydon and Company on Jimmy Kimmel's show the other night, and all I can say is that I hope their performance of 'Rise' was an aberration. They were ragged as hell, and that's putting it charitably.
    Here is the set list:

    USLS 1

    OPE UP
    "PIL/They were ragged as hell, and that's putting it charitably."

    it was more or less a live rehearsal. JL thank Kimmel afterwards.

    JL also plans to do some new material on the US tour. 2nd NY show just added. might also go to the one in Atlantic City..........
    I wish them well...every band has a bad night now and then. The set list looks interesting.
    the US PiL tour began last week and has been receiving rave reviews. JL has been chattier than ever and doing interviews all over the place. He keeps mentioning that has been able to do this tour do to the proceeds from his british butter ads. I'm not sure how this all works, and I'm not one to count anybody's money, but didn't he make a great deal of money from last years Pistol's tour? and all the SP merch? hard to believe he couldn't go out on the road anytime he wanted to? are rehearsal costs that exorbitant? he also said he didn't have the money to cut a new album and that would have to wait until the current tour is over?
    I think he'll have got a salary from previous tours and merch but if you're a rock star in your 50s and you haven't got tunes that are bland enough to be used in adverts, the projected income from CD sales that your retirement is based on is all but gone, hence all the reformations.
    Johnny gets to spend his first night in Dublin since his infamous last stay in the cells 30-odd years ago... oh, and play a few tunes along the way... all the evidence is here