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    Lu lost his razor!!?!?!?!?
    Seen them in Barcelona at the Primavera Sound a couple of weeks ago and found them terrible.
    care to expand upon why u thought they were terrible?
    Been a long time for this to remain quiet! Any1 see PiL recently? Heard the new lp? I have and I must say Mr Lydon & the boys are back with a bang!

    The Heaven gig was simply wonderful! A mix of new and old, but with ramped up basslines & staccato guitar, you could almost believe Mssrs Wobble & Levene were in attendance! (On talking of them, did anyone catch their Metal Box Dub gigs?) Summary - SEE 'EM!

    The lp may seem a tad (sacrilegious) bland on 1st listening, but it sure does grow on you - every track! The basslines are there and you can imagine how they'll rock yer body in a venue. Summary - BUY IT!
    I saw PiL on one of the 'comeback' shows a couple of years ago and it was gripping, Lydon was suffering from Flu and clearly struggling and continually gargling and spitting out Brandy in order to sooth his throat, but it was a mesmirising performance (John is one of *the* great frontman) and the current PiL (and let's face it, if it's John Lydon and yer Granny on Bongos it's PiL) were excellent throughout and gave a very good account of the Public Image/Metal Box stuff.

    I've not seen the Levene and Wobble show. I heard they occasionally draft in the services of a Johnny Rotten impersonator from a Sex Pistols tribute band? I missed the Manchester show but apparently they used a jazz trumpeter to replace Lydon (which makes some sort of perverse sense) but also brought on John Robb to sing Annalisa, followed by getting Dermo from Northside to sing 'Public Image'. That's Dermo from Northside. (Anyone who didn't live in Manchester or read the NME in 1990 may need to Google that one).