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    It's funny we should've have been talking about cassettes, as a new tape only label The Tapeworm has announced a concert at Cafe Oto on November 19th, featuring Leif Elggren and Joachim Nordwall, Baraclough, Philip Jeck, Meltaot, Souls on Board (with Bruce Gilbert) and Simon Fisher Turner, plus special guests…

    No idea what Bruce's contribution will be to this Melbourne based guitar band. Electronic noises presumably. Can't imagine him brandishing his axe... The phrase "souls on board" is airline argot for the tally of people on the plane. From Former Airline to Souls On Board...

    Interview with Tapeworm people here.
    Maybe he'll spool out a cassette and make a magnetic oxide sculpture?
    Intriguing, and well spotted Fergus. I'm not familiar with this combo. One of the Myspace tracks 'How to make a fire' isn't a million miles away from a more lo-fi latter day Wire. The other piece is a bit Harmonia-ish, the other more abstract.
    Not bad those songs. I wonder how Bruce came to play with a pretty unknown australian (rock based) band.
    A mistaken bit of billing that - he's not working them. He told me he's doing a collaborative piece with Touch's Mike Harding, apparently using an old tape recording of a man talking about a hole. Bruce is providing a sound setting which will be mixed/processed live. Damn, I wish I'd inquired further into this man and his hole (no sniggering at the back now). Sounds quite Beckett-like. Intriguing.

    Hello from The Tapeworm. To let you know, Bruce Gilbert is performing with the mysterious Souls on Board (a different Souls on Board to the one linked above, natch), at Café Oto on 19th November 2009. Click here to get your tickets.

    In addition, Bruce features on Souls on Board debut release – an exclusive track, titled Hole. Never to be released elsewhere – a bait comrades! First available at the Café Oto gig, and thereafter in the TouchShop.

    Cometh the day, cometh the hour... Londoners forget ye not ! Tomorrow ! Mr. Gilbert's first live appearance in many moons...

    Intrigued to know who this Souls On Board outfit are... who also have Daniel Menche guesting on their new release aswell as Bruce...

    Anyone going ?
    Hi Fergus. I'm not a Londoner, but since by "coincidence" i'll be in London tomorrow i'm going.
    Nice one. Let us know how it goes.
    Well, unfortunately i had to cancel the trip to London so no Tapeworm and no Bruce :-(
    Oh dear... what a shame.
    Did anyone go to this event last week ?
    One of the reasons Bruce is not with the band is his dislike of playing live so I guess any performance by him is going to be low key, lurking at the mixer or hiding in a shed or whatever. Sounds like a curious evening though.
    Bruce might just as well have not turned up, eh?

    Sounds a bit like Object 47!
    Reformed Faction + Bruce Gilbert (ex-Wire) + Emergency Librarian

    Beginn: Freitag, 12. Februar 2010 um 20:00
    Ende: Samstag, 13. Februar 2010 um 01:00

    Ort: Star & Shadow Cinema (Newcastle upon Tyne)

    Maybe this time he plays more than 10 minutes ? Unfortunately Newcastle is a bit far..
    Well spotted Fabrizio... where did you see this ?

    Reformed Faction ? Hmmm. That'd be some ex-:zoviet*france: members. Not that taken with what I've heard of them so far. It's alright, I suppose, but quite ordinary in a way. Worlds away from the utterly unique sound of :z*f: in their heyday.

    More than ten minutes ? Don't hold your breath !
    The event is published on the facebook group profile of the Star & Shadow Cinema. A friend of mine forwarded the link to me.
    I don't know if it can only be accessed with a facebook account, anyway that's the link to the event:
    Incidentally, This Way re-issued on Editions Mego apparently, was reviewed in last months UNCUT.

    Ex-Wire man's compositions for dancer Michael Clarke....

    The Fall might have been more succcessful with 1988's I AM KURIOUS ORANJ, but Wire co-founder Bruce Gilbert got in first with Michael Clarke on these 1984 pieces for DO YOU ME? I DID and SWAMP. Originally released on Mute during a Wire hiatus that also saw Gilbert recording with Dome, Cupol, P'o, Gilbert/Lewis and Duet Emmo. THIS WAY signals Gilbbert's uncompromising ear for altered signals - built from queasy loops and snatches of found sound, the album is stark, unrelenting, ashen-grey experimentation, expertly rendered.

    Jon Dale

    Four stars
    Most print media (apart from Wire and The Word) insist on very short record reviews these days but actually that is a mightily impressive account of this particular record in very few words which proves that brevity isn't always a bad thing. Is there really anything else to add?!