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    Hello, anyone had any Wire related dreams? Here's mine to start the ball rolling:

    Sat in a bar/pub with Graham. The window above Graham's head reveals Mike Harding (Touch) up some ladders with hammer and chisel defacing a building. "Removing the ornamentaion, " Graham says.
    I ask if he has heard or seen Bruce lately. He smiles and indicates with his eyes behind me. I turn around and Bruce is stood smiling. He is dressed in an immaculate grey shirt buttoned to the top and white jeans. I stand up and we shake hands. I ask him what brings him to the pub. He draws me close and whispers in my ear, " I am back in the bosom of the family again."

    I wake up! Dreams that money can't buy eh?
    Wait a minute, you asked why Bruce was in a pub ???
    Hahahaha, yes point taken. But who said dreams are logical.
    Quite !
    Not sure why, but I like that phrase "Removing the ornamentation". Could be a Dome title. Could also be the original Wire modus operandi. Part of the dream scene recalls the P'O album title - "Whilst Climbing (A Ladder) Label Boss Vies For Attention". White jeans ? Ugh. Leave it aaat, awroight ?
    Yes. I had a dream that Robert Grey died.
    ****ing hell ! that´s not a dream, it´s a nightmare !!!
    Too right... what a horrible thought.
    It's okay. Robert Grey lives on.
    I had an
    Evening of fun in the metropolis of my dream,
    ie. Bar Hell Loner.

    I am happy to report that Robert is alive and kicking out the jams in Spain.
    You might have deduced that Robert is still alive unless he has been exterminated since the end of the Madrid gig.

    Let us all prey
    Sanctus Sanctus Sagrada Familia
    that he shall live long enough to rock Puerto de Santa maria!
    I had a dream about two months ago where I was standing at a bar in a pub and G.L joined me, we chatted for a few seconds and when I turned 'round Colin was there...........then I woke up, darn it!!
    DRINKING passes time.

    Ari Up Ari cam on,
    We´re goin´darn the pub!

    Did Graham have work to do?

    Was there "no time" ?

    Sounds like my reality was more like your dream
    but as philosophers Dave Vanian and Capt. Sensible asked of reality in a Phantasmagoric discourse
    "Is it a dream?"

    I am pleased to be able to report that
    Robert was still alive (and looking quite organic)
    around midnight central european time on the transition from
    The Ninth
    The Tenth
    Dream of Wires
    In the early hours of The Fifteenth:

    I approached Templo de Debod and walked on the Water, continuing on on land between the obelisks and through the gate. Inside seemed much bigger than outside. One eyed Egyptian gods went about their business of genetic manipulation combining crocodiles with humans as I made my way through a maze of stone corridors. Eventually I came to a room where Earl Edvard Graham Lewis was conversing with Sun Ra. "Man," said the space jazz instigator from Saturn, "If they won't give you the papers to play the music on this street, you gotta take the music into space where there ain't no law!"

    I continued beyond that room and PJ Harvey dressed as the goddess Sekhmet took my hand and led me out of the temple and through the streets of Madrid. Jaz Coleman dressed in full war paint appeared atop the Faro screaming, "And the third angel sounded and a star fell from heaven burning as it were a lamp!"

    The Sky Lit Up as an Asteroid hit close to the city which burst into flames, at which point I woke up with a bladder full of the remnants of peppermint and gingko tea.

    "Pissing passes time."