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    "Tuneless euro fags" is the epithet accorded the imaginary pop group Big Fun in the Michael Lehmann teen-movie parody Heathers (1988). Their song "Teenage suicide don't do it" is heard once in the DVD version of the film, in the scene where JD and Veronica break up.

    But I swear that in the UK cinema release, the song that is heard is actually "Drill". [There may be an Enigma Records tie-in.]

    Can anyone corroborate this, or should I have posted this in the Wire Dreams thread?
    Thank you!!! I made this same comment to the Ideal Copy list a few years back to be met with general bewilderment and (good natured) disdain.

    I retreated with my tail between my legs wondering if I had in fact dreamed it.

    Maybe we both dreamed it, several years apart.
    The mass delusion starts here, one person at a time.

    So, Wire, what's the story?
    I don't have a MySpace account and don't really intend to, but anyone who does might try messaging Don Dixon, who was the singer/songwriter behind Big Fun and "Teenage Suicide". His early releases were put out by (gasp) Enigma Records. The conspiracy deepens.
    Conspiracy? Don Dixon co-produced the first two REM albums. REM also covered 'Strange' on 'Document'. Coincidence? You decide....
    Nope, you didn't imagine this. I'm in the same boat as Ian B - I saw it Heathers on the telly and made this very point in discussion with Craig or whoever at WMO yonks ago and was met with similar bemusement - apparently the band didn't even know about it. I must admit, I do enjoy the idea that a song like Drill can be ascribed to a band called Big Fun.

    I've got Heathers on DVD. I'll watch it this weekend and will report back.
    Oh dear. I'm two years late with this, but I've just watched Heathers again on the telly (Horror Channel, bizarrely) and followed that session up with a rewatching of the DVD and Drill is nowhere to be found.

    Boo. Anyone know why the story is behind the change to the soundtrack?