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    Some judicious goggling has located the following page.

    Be very interested to know if anyone was aware of all this stuff surrounding the number. Hand on heart we definitely weren't!

    Well, that certainly makes for a rich souffle of references, including Wire's own past (The 15th prime number)... 47 is indeed a many splendoured thing ! I once lived in a house numbered 47. I was broken into - and encountered the guy at it, brandishing a baseball bat. Not a pleasant experience to say the least...
    Wikipedia is a fantastic reference source, but excuse me for asking - who on earth puts together a page full of information on the number 47? Not that there's not some interesting stuff there, I mean - I for one never knew that In Star Trek Generations, Scotty only manages to beam up 47 El-Aurians before their ship is destroyed by the nexus - fascinating stuff! Ha ha!!!
    Are there any plans for a vinyl edition of Object 47, or will the album be CD and digital only? Also, just interested here, but what is that a picture of on the sleeve?
    Yes, there are definitely plans for a vinyl version. At minimum there will be a straight vinyl version of the album available through conventional distribution but we are also considering a special edition based around vinyl. The cover image is an abstract of a water tower.
    That's great news indeed - and the possibility of a special edition of some sort is even better. I'm now conjuring up all sorts of thoughts and ideas on what a special edition might be like or what exactly it might contain. Whatever it is - I want it now!
    "It is also a Keith number".

    Why thank you, chaps! ; )
    Seconded. And what's more, there seems to be two different meanings of 'Keith Number' according ti Wikipedia. Not that I can particularly understand either...
    Wikipedia: "In the movie Hitman (2007), the main character is known only as Agent 47 (Timothy Olyphant)(though this is based on the game character). "

    Hitman is my favorite "guilty pleasure" movie of recent memory, so this decidedly far-fetched connection is amusing.
    If anyone is looking here but hasn't checked out the front of the site today then you'll find a link to an MP3 there, free to download, of the opening track of "Object 47" - entitled "One of Us"


    Thanks, Colin! Like the track very much! Can't wait until the album release.
    Ah! It’s the one with the duel vocs live (less apparent here), but what a cracking chorus. It was stuck in my mind after the Mcr gig. Great track! Thanks Colin.

    Release it as a single!
    Absolutely brilliant Colin - can't stop playing it - particularly excellent drums. Mega melodic - definite single material. Thanks very much for the free download - can't wait for the album.
    Yes, One Of Us is a brilliant pop song. A 'Tune with zoom' indeed. Certainly whets the appetite for Object 47. The other songs can't all be like this though, can they? Can you imagine Wire producing their poppiest album at this stage in their career? Next stop Later With Jools Holland....
    Well obviously if they were all the same it would be a bit boring! :) "Object 47" certainly has some tunes on it but it's IMO more multilayered and varied than anything you can really call pop in the grand scheme of things. This I suspect is a discussion to be revisited once everyone has heard it!

    As for the insufferable Jools Holland (who's show I purposefully refuse to watch) I can't imagine anything worse that him playing his appalling boogie woogie piano all over anything we do.....
    Not a huge fan of Jools then Colin? This aside - it's a huge shame that there's no music programme on UK TV at the moment that can/would/could cater for Wire - is this the case do you think Colin? I certainly can't think of a show (apart from the aforementioned one) that would be worthy of a Wire apprearance.

    Later is actually a great music programme and has had some really great performances over the years, but I must say that they have certainly missed a huge amount of great British music in favour of a lot of very obscure foriegn music! Nothing wrong with world music - I'm a big fan of plenty of it, but the show would/could certainly have been better served with more UK based bands/singers.

    Would you actually refuse to appear on 'Later' Colin if you were invited? You might even get to sit next to Jools at the piano and be interviewed, whilst he crucifies the sublime Outdoor Miner!
    I just thought - how about "An Audience With Wire" on ITV - Prime time Saturday night - hosted by Ant & Dec? ;)
    Boogie woogie dugga dugga !! Ha ha ha ha !! Cracks me up that does... Hey ! he could do a rhumba... ;-) Somehow I never could see Wire being introduced by helium throated little Mr.Suit... "and in the red corner.."
    Anyway Colin, Jools only accompanies other jazz/blues/soul acts with his ivory tinkling...

    I think the Culture Show might be the only arts programme I could potentially conceive of Wire appearing on... though perhaps not in the studio to a pretty small audience... maybe a location report from their London show later this year ? Punt the new album etc ? Just a thought...
    They made a pretty good show around Sigur Rós a while back, it has to be said.
    Poor old Jools. I don't know much about his show, but I will say that the very same boogie-woogie piano always sounded deliriously out of place on the Squeeze back catalog. "ok Jools, here's a few seconds for yer piano solo... ok, that's enough."

    Maybe they should interview with Suzanne Sommers again. Whenever I'm feeling blue I watch her interaction with Bruce ("So "Wire" means nothing? Ooo-kay...") and feel a whole lot better.