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    There are a lot of bands with more artistic leanings who appear on Later..With Jools Holland. Wire would be perfect for it (with a no-Jools-Boggie Woogie clause in the contract, of course). Either that or get yourselves onto one of those psuedo-trendy live music shows on Channel Four. Wire get down with the kids. That'd be priceless TV!
    A 4Music Wire show would actually be a good fit.
    Despite not really digging Joolsie's boogie-woogie nonsense (though it did work once on The The's 'Uncertain Smile' years ago!) it would give Wire some well-deserved TV exposure to appear on the show. I always think there are a lot of people out there waiting to get into the band without really knowing they exist.

    Whether it would equate to 'selling out' I'm not really one to say... like stephen says as long as there's no boogie-woogie and jool's doesn't want to do 'his mc request spot' to intro '12xu' it should be okay?

    I do remember when Orbital were on and Holland was a bit short/pissy with the intros/outros. Wondered if they'd refused the boogie-woogie carrot?

    As far as the new album goes... I can't wait. Nothing more to add there.
    IF Wire wir to appear on Jools prog they could stipulate, as did Radiohead, that they ONLY appear on condition the Jools DOESN'T play, is the south bank program still aired, that'd be good if it is.
    That was The Fall who (allegedly!) stipulated that, Ari.

    Personally, I think Colin is cutting his nose off to spite his face, because there have been some great moments on Later over the years.
    The fact Colin says he avoids watching Later.. probably only enhances his misconception of the show. Go on, Colin, get your booking agent to sort out a slot for Wire on the next series. It goes out live on a Tuesday as a fore-taste of the Friday programme. Wishful thinking: you could even get Jools to play the piano part on the extended version of Outdoor Miner (a song Wire seem reluctant to go back to).
    I have the Radiohead concert on DVD and I'm pretty sure it was sans Jools, give me a reason to watch it again, and get back to ya.
    He doesn't play with everyone by any means, Ari. Wouldn't have thought Jools'd play on a concert, though maybe Radiohead stipulated something too.
    Culture Show is a much better bet. Tonight's show (first of the new series) had Sparks performing This Town ain't big enough for both of us, plus a new song about wanting to cheer Morrissey up (honest!).

    The people from AllMusic reviewed the album and gave it 4/5 stars:
    Thanks for the review TSM - they certainly sound as though they were impressed. It'll be interesting to hear how Page Hamilton fits in with the band, I wonder how much of the album he's playing on?
    Looking at their ratings for other Wire albums (with Bell scoring surprisingly highly), I'd say 4.5 would have been more like it. I've heard the album a bunch of times now, and it's definitely superior to Send in almost every way. I hope Colin won't mind me repeating something here that he mentioned to me, which was that Wire's aim with O47 was to, at the least, create an album that's better than everything Wire's done since the end of the 1970s. I think that's undoubtedly been achieved. The diversity after Send might wrong-foot some people, though. (To me, O47 is a little 154, a little Ideal Copy, a little Send, and a bunch of modern, with typically contemporary production.) One thing I will say: those guys at allmusic got All Fours right—the album's closer is awesome.
    "O47 is a little 154, a little Ideal Copy, a little Send, and a bunch of modern, with typically contemporary production" - sounds good 2 me! the more i've played One Of Us the more i've liked it. ah cannae wait to get this. i looked at posteverything last night in th ehope of pre-ordering it, but it's not there? they gonna put it up soon, do you know?

    "Bell scoring surprisingly highly" - cannae rate that lp too highly. played it recently & (imo) i think it surpases even the wonderful Ideal Copy!
    I'm not sure what's going on regarding O47 ordering, but when it's available for order, you can be sure we'll be making that fact very obvious on the front of the website!
    You can already pre-order on Amazon & we don't wanna go via them now do we!??!?!?!
    You're right garage band. It's best if most of us buy Object 47 through Posteverything. Having read Craig's comments the anticipitation to hear the new album is building up to the point of torture. And the even more annoying thing for me is that I'll be on holiday in France when it comes out and will have to wait until after the long drive back to Glasgow to hear it. Bad timing on my part, as ever.
    i'm going back to the US from finland early just so i can be there when my copy of O47 arrives in the mail! actually, no, that's not the main reason, but it has been in my thoughts quite a bit ;)
    so how many trax are on object 47 and is it to be another 'mini album' or are we in for a treat?
    watched that radiohead concert btw keith, no sign of drools....... A
    Full tracklist of Object 47:

    One Of Us - 3:45
    Circumspect - 3:13
    Mekon Headman - 2:58
    Perspex Icon - 3:16
    Four Long Years - 3:45
    Hard Currency - 3:50
    Patient Flees - 5:23
    Are You Ready? - 4:44
    All Fours - 4:05
    Is there any idea when the vinyl LP version of O47 will be released? I'm hoping they do a similar thing like they did with Pf456 and combine it with R&B03.

    In any case, I can't wait! Wire has never come close to letting be down before, so I see no reason why they would now.