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    I've listened to the album... and it's really good. "Mekon Headman" and "Perspex Icon" are right catchy
    I understand that pre-release copies and leaks of this album are out in circulation, but in fairness to those who are choosing to wait can we make a motion to hold off on publicly discussing the details of O47 in this forum until the official "street date"?
    To be fair Tin Solider isn't giving too much away, but Perhaps we should ask for Spoiler Alerts where appropriate though. However, most recent Wire releases have been available to buy direct from Posteverything a few weeks before they hit the shops so we may get to hear it before the months out?

    As with previous Wire items I wonder if there will be a freebie with initial mail order copies?. R&B1 came with a (now virtually impossible to obtain) fully signed photo, Send came with a live album. Pink Flag enamel badges with the DVDs. Most intriguing of all, a sample of Wire's own fragrance "The Smell of You" with R&B2........
    "Send came with a live album"

    That was largely because Send mostly comprised tracks from the EPs. With O47 being entirely new, I doubt the same kind of thing's going to happen this time round.
    Marc Riley played Circumspect last night (June 18) on his BBC 6Music show. After it he said it was great to have Wire back and was hoping they'd be in to do a session in the not-too-distant future. The ex-Mr Lard is certainly doing his bit to get Wire heard
    "The ex-Mr Lard is certainly doing his bit to get Wire heard".

    So in return it seems only fair that I should say how much I've been enjoying his 1987 Creepers LP Rock'n'Roll Liquorice Flavour again of late. I'd not heard it in years, but played it loads recently. If you like The Fall, then you’d probably enjoy this Jon Langford produced set.

    The Toni Basil quoting opening track is brilliant! And the Frank Sidebottom-like Bastard Hat is one of my fave daft songs.
    I've heard Object 47 and it's easily the best since 154, not saying the rest of them arn't bad, there good but Object 47 is just fantastic.

    What kind of case does the cd have? digipack?
    As far as I'm aware, the CD's going to be a digipack, like Send and the R&B EPs.

    As for Mr. Riley, good on him for waving that pink flag. Clearly, he's one of the good ones.
    Any word on a vinyl version ?
    I've no idea—sorry.
    • CommentAuthorAri says...
    • (CommentTimeJun 19th 2008 edited)
    Love this album, what a very great shame it's not longer, are all future releases going to be this short?
    I feel like I'm just really really getting 'carried away' by it all and it's over. Are Wire going to give us a 'perk' for purchasing from pink (a dvd of Malka's effort at N.Y.C would be oh so sweet) A
    • CommentAuthorcc says...
    • (CommentTimeJun 19th 2008)
    I'm a bit confused... how have people here been able to listen to the full album? has it been leaked? or are you lucky few(?) in the reviewing business and got advance copies?

    the album has been leaked - like most are these days. Unfortunately there is no excitement or anticipation anymore - I can remember the day when you didn't hear an album, or any tracks from it until it's day of release - those days are long gone I'm afraid!
    Very nice to hear that Marc Riley is hoping to have the group in session sometime soon - very nice indeed.
    • CommentAuthorAri says...
    • (CommentTimeJun 19th 2008 edited)
    wonder how many people on the list are old enough to know what a Mekon is.........Rave On Dan Dare
    • CommentAuthorcc says...
    • (CommentTimeJun 19th 2008)
    ok, thanks Madman... and I thought I was fairly plugged in to the likely sources. well, to channel the Document & Eyewitness emcee-- I know I'm certainly f!cking excited for the release date!
    Ari - "i was standing at the bar, where were you?"!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I was actually really angry to see that O47 had been torrented (although it comes as no surprise—my books have been torrented to f—— over the past year, so nothing's safe). It's one thing for Huge Generic Band XXI to have that happen, but Wire's one of the ones where the sales really count. I can only hope people who do download the torrent buy it. (And I'm not really referring to anyone here—I think it's pretty clear that most people posting on this forum will buy O47 the second it's available.)

    As for the album's length, it is fairly brief, but it's still an album. It's not like Wire's alone in this anyway—look at REM's latest, for example. Also, best to have 35ish minutes of packed greatness than some filler creeping into the mix.
    Ari Says "Love this album, what a very great shame it's not longer, are all future releases going to be this short? "

    I am pretty sure that no decision will have been made on the length of any future releases!.
    but its quality not quantity for me every time.
    All LPs used to be about 35-45 mins long which is just right.
    With the demise of the CD comes the end of the urge to fill 74 minutes regardless of decent material. No bad thing.

    Gigs should last no more than 90 mins too. Leave em wanting more!

    p.s British 30somethings like me will know what a Mekon is because The Eagle comic made a comeback in the early 80s. Dan Dare was there, sitting somewhat uncomfortably alongside posters of Adam Ant & Madness, and a weird attempt to use photo-strip stories instead of drawn cartoons.
    "Gigs should last no more than 90 mins too. Leave em wanting more!"

    Yep. Few bands have the physical capabilities to play a truly engrossing two-hour (or more) show anyway. People get tired and the band fades. There are exceptions, but then bands such as Sigur Rós spend half their time being the modern equivalent of fairly slow chamber music.

    As for album length, I think Tim's nailed it, in that we might now see a reversion to albums being the length they 'need' to be, rather than perceived value being how much of a CD they fill. With Wire, this perhaps provides scope for more regular releases, too. I don't know what the band's future plans are, but if the trio could get another 35-minuter out in 2009, I'm sure that'd make more people happy than one 60-minute album every two or three years.