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    I'd probably disagree on both lp & gig length! SOME bands pad out their cd's, but i've plenty of hour plus lp's (sorry cd's) where the qualitty is high throughout & i don't get bored & Wire ARE quality. Similarly, i've been to 2 hour plus gigs & no matter how great it was, i've gone away thinking "they didnae play this, that or the other"!

    No doubt i'll like O47 & the length won't matter, but certainly when it comes to gigs - particularly with longstanding, quality bands with a large output (inlc Wire) - then 90 mins is a MINIMUM. the longer it goes on the better. i'd happily get to a gig & forego a support band (i'm normally in pub anyway!) & have 120/150 mins of the band i've paid to see.
    I think the CD length is just fine, CD's are so often packed with fillers.
    Keep it short but sweet.
    Gigs should last no longer than 45-60 min either.

    Tangent Dept:
    Mekon - Gosling - Zoskia - Thankyou - Is this the one?

    any band i see that does under an hour is taking the p 7 show no respect 4 audience. unless it's a £5 entry fee they gotta do an hour minimum!
    I'm with Tim. The age of the cd has produced far too many cd's that are waaay too long.

    At the risk of showing my age if you can't fit an album on one side of a C90 then it's invaribaly too long!
    There are tons of albums - much longer than 45 minutes that are excellent -

    Kate Bush - Aerial
    David Bowie - 1.Outside
    Pink Floyd - The wall
    Paul Weller - 22 Dreams
    Mozart - Figaro
    Neil Young - Mirror Ball
    Muse - Absolution

    To name but a few.

    Also, 3 hours of Neil Young & Crazy Horse on stage is never long enough - each song can last 20 minutes!
    I dunno. I thought Mozart was better when he tried to fit his music on two sides of vinyl rather than needlessly attempting to fill seventy odd minutes of a cd with his latter-day doodlings. ; )

    Anyway, thirty odd mins of Wire is fine with me. If they're happy with the contents, I'm pretty sure I will be.
    <<There are tons of albums - much longer than 45 minutes that are excellent -
    Kate Bush - Aerial
    David Bowie - 1.Outside
    Pink Floyd - The wall
    Paul Weller - 22 Dreams
    Mozart - Figaro
    Neil Young - Mirror Ball
    Muse - Absolution>>

    Can of worms there, some would argue that there isn't 45min worth on any of them...combined... ! ;)
    I'm on 'Punk Ethic' mode, naysaying tweeterings are a 6th form thing - Oppose at all times.

    Can of worms there, some would argue that there isn't 45min worth on any of them...combined... ! ;)

    Of course they would 1231742, but luckily for me they wouldn't be the kind of people I'd have any interest in conversing with. :)
    I can't believe you guys are 'askin' for less', I went to see Modest Mouse/ R.E.M few days ago and M.M only gave us 45 minutes and one could see the disappointment written all over their fans faces, R.E.M on the other hand, a band that has very fond memories of North Carolina, treated us to two hours of top quality music and the crowd screamed for more.
    As for album length I totally disagree that less is better, If I love the music of a group as much as I love Wire/Radiohead/etc. then there's no way I'm gonna get bored with an hour or more if the quality's there, and Wire are nearly ALWAYS quality.
    I think you're all stuck in a pre-c.d mindset/ nothing should change if it was good enough then mindset, well, y'know what?, we're in a new century now and forward and onward is the way to go.
    I can't even imagine that members of Wire WOULD release a new album with a senseless track on it just for 'filler', and yes, I'm pretty certain that all who have found a way to access the new album shall be amongst the first to line up and purchase it now we know just how good it IS.My fingers are 'all lined up' and ready to press 'add to the cart' 'soon as I am able'
    Like it or not todays fans are not yesterdays fans, the internet HAS changed everything, I haven't had ONE complaint from ANYONE that I have sent out unavailable t.v broadcast concert dvd's to of groups they/you are 'in to', and generally the more I'm able to send you the happier you've been.The very word 'fan' comes from 'fanatic' and a fan, a REAL fan, shall always ask for more.As I'm (too fond of saying for some old timers) the only constant is change, better get used to that or go the way of the Dodo. A
    Actually i'm living in a post-CD mindset and was celebrating the fact that bands no longer feel obliged to fill the arbitrary 74 mins that the silver discs offered. Of course it can work the other way. I still haven't quite made my mind up about Autechre's new download-only EP which runs to 2.5 hours!.

    For me there is so much exciting new (and old undiscovered) music to listen too...bands shouldn't hog yer speakers for too long!.

    Object 47 is brief compared to yer average Long Player, but then Wire have always been an economical band...the older songs often stopped when "the text ran out". And lets not forget that we've already had an EP of generous length this year...i suppose we could probably tack that on the end for a longer listen. A Wire record is a work of Art or like a fine wine, it doesn't come in big litre bottles or those cardboard boxes!

    As for gigs, sure if its David Bowie or someone with a massive back catalogue then you want a couple of hours and a good bunch of old songs but generally I disagree that bands should pander to the fans and just play a long set with all the hits. I like that tension between the artist and the fans...(Fans: we made you what you are! We want to hear the hits!.. Band: Er..we want to play the new stuff and maybe a few b sides!)....its creative and it keeps things interesting for everyone otherwise every band becomes a nostalgia act. I'll forgive Autechre their daft 2 1/2 hour EP because at the gigs they usually play the stuff off the LP thats coming out 3 years after the one they're supposed to be touring.

    But then I'm a Fall fan where you're lucky to get an hour set, and maybe one old song (written before 2003) if you're lucky!
    still no sign of O47 on PE! i'm assming that it still has a 7/7 release date? if that's the case, as much as it irks me, i'll have to pre-order it from Amazon - along with a Suicide lp & a PiL book to qualify for free delivery!
    "i'll have to pre-order it from Amazon"

    cos i want it as soon as poss & PE aren't advertising it & Amazon r cheaper than shops!
    Amazon is selling the new Album on CD only from the 15/07/08.
    Will wait for Posteverything to sell it and get it on vinyl. Any incentives
    for buying from, like free badges,cd or something??
    Got to ask haven,t you lol.
    Last I knew, there weren't any incentives in the offing. Bear in mind that with Send, Wire added the extra album largely because there was so much recycled content on the album, whereas O47 is all new stuff.
    Garage Band, Posteverything are closely allied to Wire & Githead, and I am pretty sure Amazon will not get the CD to you quicker than PE will. In fact quite possibly, as with previous releases, you'll be able to get the new CD in advance of the official release date. (Calling PE....Object 47 where are you?)
    I know about Wire/PE. If PE had O47 available for pre-order, my order would already be in. If the official release date is still 7/7 & PE put it up then, i'll order it (+some other stuff). otherwise i'll prob go with Amazon with whom i have pre-ordered stuff & it has arrived on the day of release - if not before!

    as i've said previously, if PE would put it up, if someone could confirm if 7/7 is still release date, we'd all know where we are. i even emailed PE, but they didnae even bother 2 reply!
    I wouldn't take Amazon release dates as gospel, I've seen many of those dates come and go (Particularly with Fall releases), without checking the Pink Flag home page, I think it says they're aiming for a 7th July release, rather than that being the actual release date.

    Just checked the normally reliable Norman and Action Records, both have Object 47 listed as being released on 14/07.
    Just got this months MOJO through the door and NO Album review!!
    Same with Record Collector, no mention in it either??
    If it is getting released on the 7th, then usually the music press get
    advanced copies to review and put in that months Mag.
    Think it could be a middle to later in the month release at earliest!
    Means the review will come out next month, which is actually the September issue!!
    It,s the way these mags do things??
    Save yourself the bother of reading some boring "journalist"'s half assed the album off soulseek...judge for yourself whether you wish to buy it...personally I think if you like anything Wire, you will like this...and you'll like it better in a non compressed longer life format ;)