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    Not sure how these things work but I seem to recall it took a few months reviews of Send to appear in print as well. No doubt various strings need to be pulled etc.
    Object 47 seems to have provoked alot of extreme opinions.....its love or hate....not much in between. I think the release is just what I was looking for. People that are looking for a two chord "shouty" release will be dissapointed. I can't decide which track is my favorite.
    I'm really surprised there's any hate for this album. It's the best thing Wire's done since the '70s, and it's a really good mix of modern production, 'Wire' song-writing, and varied tracks that build on what Wire's done since the very beginning. That's not to say it's perfect—I'm not entirely taken with a couple of tracks. However, there are at least three Wire classics within, and the majority of the other tracks are very good, too. Frankly, it'll be absurd if O47 doesn't review better than Send.
    agreed.....I think that Wire is a little bigger now. They are a name to drop. There has been alot of "hype" around them lately and that puts a target on the music especially a new release. For me personally...O47 captures everything that I love about Wire....
    I guess PE are working up to putting O47 up as they are mercilessly plugging Wire by putting PF & Read & Burns on their front page! why doesn't some1 get on here & put us out of our misery by letting us know when we'll be able to pre-order it!??!?!
    I agree with Craig. It should have more positive reviews than Send. O47 it's as catchy as Wire can get, without losing one milimeter of their style.
    Ok, sorry for being quiet on the mail order front but we are developing a new pinkflag shop and the good news is that "Object 47" is available for pre-order for Monday dispatch right now!!! - go to here for pre-order. Digital will be available shortly.


    Fab news Colin - any news on the vinyl version?
    Good question Madman.
    Just gonna order the CD at the moment from the pre-order, but would like a Vinyl version as well.
    at last - i'll do it when i get in to work 2mrw - cheers!!!
    Vinyl is in the works. We are probably looking at the end of the month.
    That's fantastic Colin, I'll have to get a new stylus for my turntable - ha!
    Slightly iffy review from who clearly, for some reason, were expecting Wire not to have moved on in 30 years and produce a "Pink Flag 2". Ah well no pleasing some people:

    "After his dabblings with the Scanner collaboration, Githead, Colin Newman has been building up towards this brand new Wire album, as preceded by last November's Read & Burn 03 EP, which was the first new thing the band had done together since their Send album some five years ago. Object 47 reveals a very different band to the one responsible for Pink Flag, taking a more overtly melodic, approachable sound these thirty years on. While the same creative impetus is no doubt still in place, Wire have clear moved on from the days when they were regarded as the definitive avant-garde punk band. While traces of their jolting early form are present (the one-chord assault 'Hard Currency', for example), the electronically assisted production does tend to smooth over the edges rather too much. This is still Wire though, and you can hear some of what made them so important all those years ago in the likes of closer 'All Fours', the very epitomy of brash punk economy, with its pummelling, brilliantly tuneless barrage of pat-out words and guitar slashes."
    Well, surely everyone knows Everything After Pink Flag Sucks™. Man, we should get a Wire T-shirt out with that on, with a free irony stick-on patch.
    I may be totally off-base here and probably am, but 'One Of Us' sounds something like "A Bell Is A Cup" - type material more than, say, "Send" - type material. Either or is fine with me of course, and the song is Amazing. I'm sure in the end the new cd will follow all previous Wire efforts by following it's own unique path.
    Can't wait.
    No, sean, you're not alone. The closest comparison to a previous album, to my ears, would be ABiaC, albeit with less slick (read: 80s) production. The edges are smoothed some, but there's no mistaking who the band is.
    not having heard the lp it's difficult, but that's the thing about Wire & 1 of the reasons why we're all here - they don't stand still! so it's almost impossible to compare lp's! for me One Of Us is a great POP song - 1 that deserves to chart, but without doubt it won't. Songs on Bell are much more complicated/convoluted/involved/whatever (delete as applicable) than this track. chalk & cheese if u ask me!
    The BBC gave a very positive review (despite the fact the guy who wrote the review mistakes Graham to Bruce):

    "Wire are funky. In their last incarnation the legendary art punks treated the listener to the bracing menopausal thrashes of Send. Object 47 strips back the screaming noise and is driven along by sparse, toe tapping, head shaking, bouncy, slinky grooves.

    Wire are funny. In fact they're hilarious. With the distortion turned down, you can hear the words, and sing the tunes. With their tongues firmly in their cheeks Colin Newman and Bruce Gilbert [sic] dismantle the technical, managerial vocabulary of what passes for communication these days. Then they put it back together in witty and sinister ways. So this is pop music. One Of Us and Mekon Headman shake their stuff and have great choruses.

    Two tracks stand out. Patient Flees features twangy guitars and lazy, deep dub bass. Newman deadpans a bizarre tale of some horrifying operation. It sounds like a brilliant parody of U2 at their most pompous. It sounds like William Burroughs. It's great.

    Are You Ready? features a lopsided, jolly rhythm over which Gilbert [sic] delivers a series of clichés twisted into truths. It's a PowerPoint from the management away day from hell. ''Are you true to your friends and loyal to your brand? / Do you still hold ambitions of being a man?''.

    The head-banging Dalek stomp of All Fours ends the album on a rousing note. They may be middle-aged but I wouldn’t call Wire 'classic rock'. Is there a sub-genre called 'intelligent, adventurous, 21st century rock n roll'? That's what I call Wire"
    In addition to the Everything After Pink Flag Sucks™, we clearly also need either a single My Name Is Graham Lewis T-shirt for Graham or a My Name is Bruce T-shirt for everyone, including Margaret and the audience at gigs.
    that 'would' be funny Craig, how about a T with 'G'day Bruce' on it? just ordered O47, oh goody.