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    Can't wait for Monday. I've avoided all downloads and sneak previews. As we'd already heard most of Send via R&B this for me is the first wholly new Wire album since the early 90s. Looking forward to Patient Flees - I just had two sessions of vitreo-retinal surgery under local anaesthetic. After an under-administered anaesthetic and 'Now Ian, the clicking sound you can hear is the machine that's going to suck the vitreous jelly out of your eye' I'm keen to hear the procedure described by Mr Newman.

    As for the Bruce/Graham thing, I (for some reason - I wasn't a fan at the time) remember the NME review of 154 (reviewed as 159) in which The Other Window is ascribed to 'Graham Lewis's doomy monotone'
    With Object 47, there's really no excuse, though—it's just shoddy and shockingly lazy journalism. Hell, even a quick trip to the bastion of the lazy journos worldwide, Wikipedia, would have revealed the current line-up.
    There's already someone who calls himself "Objeto 47" who's posted the whole album onto YouTube. For some reason I neither find this funny nor good. What an brsehole.
    Having jumped at the chance to pre-order O47 I was surprised to see it in a record shop in Leeds today!
    Any idea when the digital downloads are going to be available? I fancy some Flac Wirey goodness!
    Checked out youtube and saw that as well "cartoonist says"
    That always seem to happen on new releases, so not that suprised.
    I pre-ordered my copy from today; apparently in the USA it's not out until the 15th. So I have a slight wait...
    I foolishly "pre-ordered" the CD from PF on friday thinking the release date had been put back to the 15th (according to that is still the case) and yet it was on sale in Fopp today and my local Indie shop, so I could have gone and bought the thing and be listening to it now, and not paid the postage.

    According to greedbag my order hasn't finished being 'processed' so probably won't get to hear O47 for a few days yet. Might have to resort to Soulsteal!
    I'm in the same boat Tim, having pre-ordered on Friday, only to see the CD in Jumbo in Leeds on Saturday. I'm determined to hold and let the first play be via the CD itself, but I can't even get the Greedbag tracker to work at the moment
    has anybody who pre-ordered O47 from greedybag last week got their copy yet? I've not got mine yet & it really should've arrived yesterday, today at the latest.


    i just got an email saying it went out today - apparently they received them late! oh well, 2mrw evening'll do then!
    Anyone still waiting for their disc to arrive - I can assure you, it's well worth the wait. I've bought a lot of stuff this year (like most of you no doubt) and this (O47) is by far the best release of the year so far and easily lives up to expectations.

    Wire are back - and on absolutely TOP FORM!
    Quote | cartoonist...
    "There's already someone who calls himself "Objeto 47" who's posted the whole album onto YouTube. For some reason I neither find this funny nor good. What an brsehole."

    Excellent! I'm at work, the CD is at home, the earphones are on....
    Still not f'ing here! And i paid extra for recorded delivery!! Royal Mail ALWAYS deliver that next day!!!
    My copy arrived yesterday, and the album is unbelievably good. What a sound!
    Keilan: it's already been taken down on YouTube. :-)
    well it's finally arrived & despite only playing once (with a very bad hangover) i gotta say i like it & i'll think it'll grow on me to become a fave! as said elsewhere, it's probably their poppiest lp - in the fact that they grab you straight away & many will be very, er, 'hummable'! on this one listening only, it seems to be a cross between Bell/Mansacpe with the heavier feel of Send - nice!

    one question - if Colin sees this - whay have you stopped printing your lyrics the last 2 lp's? admittedly, i find many of your lyrics obscure & they often leave me none the wiser for having read them, but you always have previously - i kinda miss 'em!
    Lyrics don't really work well with a digipack, especially if you're after a minimal aesthetic. I suspect that's part of the reason. Of course, the lyrics for all Wire releases are on the website (and they should be pretty accurate, since Colin, Graham and myself went through them, checking for errors).
    I got the dispatch email a couple of days ago saying Object 47 had been mailed. Since I'm stateside, I'm not expecting it for another few days, but it'll be worth the wait. I figured better to be adventurous with the pounds-dollars conversion and get the album a little earlier than I would over here.
    i know where yer coming from re a minimalist aesthetic (I wish my mrs knew what it meant - the amount of junk scattered about our house!), but it can be done! Other digipacks have the front cover as a sleeve with a booklet/fold out sheet inserted, or some have a pocket on the inside with said booklet! meantime i'll take a butchers on the site.
    Object 47 texts here:
    Individual lyrics accessible from here:
    The idea behind the title of the album is quite interesting & it does beg the following question...

    Does anybody know what the items are that constitute Object 1 to Object 46 ?