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    Look at - and count everything below the "recent highlights" line........
    Just noticed that the BuzzBuzzBuzz 12" isn't listed in the official catalogue. Not canon?
    It's on the Eardrum Buzz page, since it's a ltd. 12" version of that single:
    Curious. Given that it doesn't contain the studio, single version, I would have assumed that it's a separate entity altogether.
    It's the same catalogue number:

    Eardrum Buzz 7": MUTE87
    Eardrum Buzz 12": 12MUTE87
    Eardrum Buzz 12" limited edition ("Buzz Buzz Buzz"): L12MUTE87
    Eardrum Buzz CD4: CDMUTE87
    Okay, that makes sense then.
    re- comments on IC list.

    1. "One Of Us" is most definitely NOT about Bruce.
    2. "Perspex Icon" is about the art market (amongst other things)
    Just listened to the playback of Marc Riley's 6music show from Thursday (Jul 17). After playing Perspex Icon, Marc revealed he'd been talking to Colin Newman and they've arranged for Wire to do a live session on the show on September 2. Brilliant. That'll give us an appetiser for the mini-British tour later that month.
    As I work in the evenings I catch up on my favourite radio shows on the BBC iplayer.

    The Radcliffe and Maconie Show on Radio Two played Outdoor Miner on Tues (July 22) after which Stuart Maconie announced the band had reconvened as a three piece, had a new album out and would be appearing on their show in the very-near future.

    Maconie also raved about the band's first three albums insisting they were all essential buys.While this is all very nice why
    didn't he play something like One Of Us - which is as commercial sounding as most of the tracks on their show? Ah well, at least Wire are getting some long-overdue exposure on the BBC. That can only be a good thing, can't it?
    Maintaining my Wire watch on the BBC airwaves: Stuart Maconie played Four Long Years on his 6 Music 'Freak Zone' programme on Sunday (July 27). As you would expect from the name of the show there were some pretty far out noises going on there. Wire's pop bent stuck out like a towering beacon amidst a sea of ambient and ethereal, erm, soundscapes... Maconie also said that Robert Gotobed had reverted back to Robert Grey - but he's convinced himself that Gotobed really is his actual surname.
    Just wanted to say how much I've been enjoying "Object 47"! A new Wire album is always like a breath of fresh air, and this one is no exception. My favorite tracks are 'One of Us', 'Mekon Headman', 'Perspex Icon', and 'All Fours'.
    "Not a huge fan of Jools then Colin? This aside - it's a huge shame that there's no music programme on UK TV at the moment that can/would/could cater for Wire - is this the case do you think Colin? I certainly can't think of a show (apart from the aforementioned one) that would be worthy of a Wire apprearance."

    With 900 channels to choose from in the US there's nothing in the US suitable to showcase a group like Wire either. That said, conventional broadcast is a dying medium anyway. Networks are struggling to figure out how to migrate to the internet and still make a profit. Those from each side out in the lead are starting find each other (eg the deal). The small, independent TV production company I work for is rapidly trying to make forays into public radio and magazines to produce videos versions of their radio stories/print stories for their webpages.

    Wire already has built-in audience for - video could be expanded. I always thought a documentary on their artistic process would be interesting. Perhaps a serial that follows the process up until the album's release? I can see it now, Process 47. Doesn't have to be exclusive pinkflag either. Get pitchfork or other music review sites to carry it. At the end, you've got a series of web shorts that could be repackaged into a full-length, uncompressed DVD.
    I like "One of Us"
    "Mekon Headman"
    "Perspex Icon"
    "All Fours"
    Great album. But I already pretty much knew that it would be.
    My son enjoys a good amount of post-punk rock and pop, but aside from the odd song here and there, he hasn't latched onto Wire...until now. He loves O47 (I think it's pretty swell, too). I don't break out the vinyl too often, and I don't have Ideal Copy or ABIAC on CD, so I might have to spin him a few records. He'll probably like 'em a lot. Perspex Icon is the standout track for both of us so far, but it's solid all the way through.
    As for the length, I feel like I want just one more 5+ min song, something to really dive, ur um, swim in. I think any album can benefit from having a 99.9 on it... or a Mercy, an Over Theirs, or a 23 Years Too Late. Think of all the great non-lp b-sides you've got in your record collection. If vinyl lp's hadn't been limited to roughly 20 mins per side, some of those tracks would certainly have appeared on our favorite albums.
    "As for the length, I feel like I want just one more 5+ min song"

    Well, you can always create your own playlist by smushing together R&B 03 and O47. I've got the following (Wire members, close your eyes!):

    23 Years Too Late
    No Warning Given
    Mekon Headman
    Hard Currency
    One Of Us
    Our Time
    Four Long Years
    Perspex Icon
    Desert Diving
    All Fours

    50 minutes run-time. Needs some tweaking, though.
    These people who take on ink mathematics for a 47 flea?
    Do they not know that 23 is the Genesis number and is the most free quently reoccurring no in the pantheon of digits?

    Put some dirt on the CD and get a 23 minute skippy version of All Fours, to soundtrack the rising tides.
    Craig, Only now paying attention to your extended version Object 47 . I agree with most of them but would dispute 23 Years Too Late as the opening song. It's too long for an album opener. Wire called it right by putting One of Us at the start.