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    I had bought tickets to this Wire show and drove 50 miles from Cucamonga the day of the show only to find out it was cancelled. I thought I remember reading or hearing about why this show was cancelled but can't remember where. So, does anyone know why? I thought it was because their visa's were denied.

    I was telling a friend about why I didn't get to go to the Atlanta show last year and had to tell him the whole story of how I've never seen them and why.

    I can't even remember the year it was supposed to be but 1987 or 88 might be close. I had recently brought this up with my ex (she went with me) and she corrected me about which theater it was at. I had said the Greek.
    There was one show with Pere Ubu and John Cale that never happened.
    This would have been the cancelled US tour from September 1988. Wire had flown to Japan to play a handful of dates. They were then due to fly to the West Coast of USA and support Pere Ubu working their way across to New York and then back to UK.
    Unfortunatley there were visa/work permit problems and Wire had to fly back to UK straight after Japan.
    I can remember bumping into Bruce at Kings Cross station and registering suprise that he was back in England so soon. His frustration and anger was palpable and visible.
    I saw Cale open for Ubu at Club Lingerie late '88. Same tour?
    Is September late? More than likely.
    Thanks for the info. Now, after all these years, I finally know exactly what happened. I think I still have the tickets. I've got to look for them.