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    I am curious as to the current state of play concerning the possibility of any new Wire recordings, either being worked on or
    already in the can. It would be great to have the prospect of some new material over the horizon, hopefully not just out of reach!
    Not as yet although at least one member of Wire hints that there may have been some recording sessions is buried amongst one of these threads....

    To tide you over, there is new Githead Long player about to drop in November, a new radio session featuring Colin Newman and Tortoise and a new CD from Bruce Gilbert right now, and imminent new material from Graham Lewis. A Wire 'Official Bootleg' series is still on the cards....
    Well, that's a few things that are well worth checking out, thanks for the info! I'm just curious to know what the next album will sound like and will there be any major new departures from their recent work (hope so), i do remember Colin mentioning in an interview a possible reassessment of the methodology used in recording a Wire album/ep/song, whether this refers to the writing process or elements of production is not clear.
    See Souls on board( with Bruce Gilbert) is playing Londons Cafe Oto on 19.11.09
    As mentioned on the Bruce Gilbert live appearance thread some time back, it's a mistaken bit of billing that - he's not working them. He told me he's doing a collaborative piece with Touch's Mike Harding, apparently using an old tape recording of a man talking about a hole that suddenly appears in his back garden. Bruce is providing a sound setting which will be mixed/processed live. Funny how neither the Tapeworm, Cafe Oto or Touch sites have rectified the billing error.
    I'm still excited about the prospect of an official bootleg series. If memory serves, somebody mentioned a few months back that one of Wire's 1990 shows had been recorded, and it would be great if that were made available.
    "You Never Know"
    04 ?
    All very quiet on the Official Bootleg front. I'd love to hear some 80s and 90s gigs, the arrangements were stripped down and very different to the LP versions.
    The good news is they'll be 'in the studio' February to record a new album.

    Wire are due to convene for preliminary sessions in the next few weeks - but to suggest a new album is being recorded at this point is a little premature....

    then let's hope the 'preliminary sessions' go so well we get a new album. enough read and burn already..........
    This is what they say on the home page under the bit about primavera. Are they fibbing?

    "Wire is currently engaged in writing & recording towards the next album."
    Oh, I don't know - I quite like the Read & Burn series. They contain some great stuff, and I like to think of them as memos (warnings? bulletins? advisories?) from the band that appear before a particularly large storm of activity.

    Not to mention, if you bought the CDs they are particularly cool all lined up together, like a series of periodicals.

    I think they're brilliant, frankly! More Read & Burn!
    Thought Githead were going to tour in March??
    Possibly this will be put on hold if Wire are in the studio in feb?
    Nothing on the Githead pages about tour dates in march yet.
    Here's a link to a recent conversation with Githead & Ralf Zeigermann. It mentions live shows.
    Any songs about Tiger Woods?
    Museumcat, many thanks for mentioning this. Here's a somewhat 'better' link to the conversation (which is in parts quite hilarious and very funny):
    I'm not in Wire but I am pretty sure there will be no songs about Tiger Woods on the new Record. What on earth lead you to propose such anl idea? I will eat my words if there is a song on the new record called Promiscuous Golfer but don't hold yer breath. By heck this forum needs a kick up the 154s.
    This from Colin: Recording started back in Feb. Been gradually working through the material since then. We are aiming for an album out in Jan 2011