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    Hi everyone,

    It appears that a certain person has so royally pissed of certain of the small band gathered here that some are unsubscribing. While this forum was never intended to be an uncritical "love fest" around Wire & all it's members doings it's also not intended to be a place where any person can vent unfiltered spleen in a manner which many (including myself) find intimidating and others find offensive. The moderators have taken the decision to ban the aforementioned person who has had many polite warnings. In fact this would have happened a long time ago were it not for me but i think in this case the action is justified.

    People, especially those that are not native English speakers and those who feel a little nervous to post should feel that here is a community that can support & inform as well as engage in vigourous (and even rigourous) debate without someone jumping down their throat. The band themselves want this space to be as inclusive and diverse in opinion as possible. So please post and let us know what you think on any of the topics here without fear of being shouted down.


    I think you'll generally get support for that. you get it from me simply because for all his posts, he never really 'said' anything! I stopped reading 'em not long after he joined!
    I'll add an echo of what garage band said. I'm not a frequent poster, but am a regular reader, and I'm glad that I'll no longer have to click thru the meaningless snark just to clear the new posts.
    "It appears that a certain person has so royally pissed of certain of the small band gathered here that some are unsubscribing.

    Yeah, that bloody R Swimmer. He's pissed everyone off.'s not him?

    Sorry! ; )
    a good thing about it was that i finally understood what the expression "garrulous git" actually means..
    Oi Watch it Keef! ;)

    Joking apart, It's a shame that anyone has to be banned from this forum, especially someone who, in between the mean-spirited barracking of other forum members or hammering out lengthy cryptic riddles, posted some interesting dispatches from the front row of Wire's European tour dates.

    Unfortunately if someone insists on responding to even the most innocent and innocuous comment with a barrage of angry missives all it does is cause disharmony and stifles the flow of discussion and ideas. When we get into the realm of finding fault with Colin Newman over his use of Twitter/Facebook to communicate with Githead fans or going OTT over some perceived slight on Tortoise, then the forum begins to tread into the troll-infested world of those eyesore Youtube comments pages, albeit with a greater vocabulary.

    Some of you enjoyed his posts or were happy to scroll down, but inevitably if it puts people off using the forum and the perpetrator apparently feels he has committed no wrongdoing and is simply being censored, then I suppose banning is the only option.
    Some of the music Wire make may be loud, uncompromising and aggressive...that doesn't mean the discussion needs to reflect that!

    I hope the members who left consider coming back now, and it would be great to read the views of the less vocal members of the forum...I'm sure you've all heard enough from me!
    I think the toughest part for me was not responding. I considered it when he started up on having numbers in your sign-in, though I know his comment wasn't about me - 7jlong was what eBay gave me when jlong wasn't available, and now it's just easy to remember, my gmail account is the same thing, no big concept there. But encouraging the lame mud-slinging by my commenting was definitely not needed.

    At any rate, all things considered the Pink Flag forum is remarkably civil and there's always going to be one in there somewhere... but one or two wouldn't be enough for me to give up on it. Once you know which names to skip, you just skip them.

    Thanks to Craig and Colin for keeping an eye on things and running a terrific forum. That's not just flattery - I gave up on most forums long ago for excessive examples of this kind of thing, but still visit Pink Flag pretty much daily. That has to say something.
    Well my wish came about, not that I'm necessarily 'rejoicing' for when he was good, he was REALLY good at getting the message across, but there come a time when YOBO'S are not required, and Graeme was a yobo to the highest degree.
    He must lead a very lonely life and I wish him the best.
    I doubt he'll ever learn.
    The guy posted a couple of interesting reads...but after a while it was like spam. I ended up skipping everything he posted. Props to the powers that be. Good move. Keep it classy. Wire-like. Re-move the fat.
    Has Teddy Tedious left the building? *relieved*
    In Australia we would call Graeme a 'dickhead'!

    .....back to lurking

    Phillip from Australia
    Personally had no intention of unsubscribing due to GG. He enjoyed noising people up
    and will do it wherever he is trolling in cyberspace. That is just his sad way.
    Thankful he was in a minority of one in that respect.
    Now lets get back to enjoying the forum and genuine subscscribers inputs.
    I wouldn't like to spend an hour locked inside him
    the really ironic thing is that in his us/uk political rants he became exactly what he purported to despise: a little dictator. with obsessive compulsive disorder. + narcissistic tendencies. a few posts were clever or insightful much like an idiot savant is clever or insightful, but mostly it was just typing, not writing. and isn't it always the people w the least talent who are jealous of people w the most talent?
    so 'that's' why he didn't like us...............
    I missed this.
    Easily missed really, nothing to see here! move along please!