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    This is most likely not really any of my business, but just out of curiosity: why did Bruce hang it up? I can remember it being mentioned on Mike Thorne's Stereo Society, then it was refuted in Wireviews, and the next time I heard about it was the mention as it pertains to the upcoming tour. Tried looking around for other info, but didn't come across any.

    Again, I don't wish to dredge up anything, and it may be as simple as "tired of it". Who knows.

    It also begs the question, if Robert was the E that came back...
    I don't know why Bruce quit, but I can state two things. Wireviews reported the goings on around 2004/5 as stated by Wire's then-manager, and the content was purposefully vague, largely because Bruce was still on the payroll, and because there was hope he'd change his mind. As for the name, there are no more dropped letters. In fact, the band now considers 'Wir' as 'Wire', just without Rob, as is clear from the discography on this site.
    Thanks for the info... I suspected that it was a gray area when the news first surfaced, but info about how it was playing out was scarce.

    Shame, really. We've all got our own path and must follow it when the urge strikes, but I'll surely miss Bruce if Wire makes it up to Boston.

    On the other hand, I'm fairly certain that Wire wouldn't allow just anyone to fill his shoes, so I look forward to Margaret's contributions.

    As for letter juggling, I must say I'm glad that this notion wasn't extended outward, though shortening it to Ire would have been mildly amusing...
    Margaret is an ace live guitarist, so it'll be interesting to see how the live act pans out. It's perhaps worth mentioning, however, that recorded Wire is a trio—Margaret wasn't involved in Object 47.
    Does Bruce not play on "Read & Burn 03"? No personel is listed.
    R&B03 is a post-Bruce project. A lot of Colin's guitar work has often been mistaken for Bruce's, too, so it'll be interesting to see what people think about Object 47, especially if they don't know about line-up changes.
    Craig, I'm not sure if R&B03 is a post-Bruce project. When I did the podcast with Colin about R&B03 he told me afterwards that Bruce was involved in the making.
    Perhaps Colin can clarify, then. As far as I understood it, Bruce's 'contribution' to R&B 3 was a couple of samples of prerecorded 'dugga', which are barely perceptible in the mix.
    It is true that Bruce was marginally involved in R&B03 But it really only amounts to 1 part per track, bits of dugga or noises mainly. He would recognise parts of the pieces but they came a long way since we started working on them in 2003.

    How involved was Bruce in Read and Burn 3? I'm gonna miss him.
    oops! i should have read before posting. my question answered. thank you very much
    Someone joked once about it becoming Ire. lol I liked that one.
    If another member leaves they could be called We and if they split up they'll have to fight over who gets called - I
    I can't resist this Colin, but when you say 'bits of dugga', for some reason it throws up this image of raiding the fridge ("what have we got to eat ?" - "well there's bits of dugga at the back of the rack there, but you'd want to check the best before date") ;-)

    I'll get me coat.
    If Wire say its Wire then its Wire.

    And 3/4 ain't bad for a band who've been around for over 30 years.

    Beats going to see the drummer from the Animals as 'The Animals'.

    Dead excited about next saturday!
    The thing is, Wire's mostly been bits of Wire throughout its history. Pink Flag was mostly Colin and Graham. Ideal Copy was mostly Wire without Colin. Manscape through Vien was Wire without Rob. Graham wasn't a massive contributor to the first Read & Burn. And now, Object 47 is Wire minus Bruce. I think when people hear the album, they'll definitely think 'Wire', though.
    <<Ideal Copy was mostly Wire without Colin.>>

    Could you provide some detail about this—I've never heard about this aspect of TIC. Given that Wire started up again after Colin contacted Graham to renew the writing partnership (as per Eden's book), it seems odd that the former wasn't a full partner in TIC.
    The short story is that the recording process for Ideal Copy was... 'difficult'. This led to certain tracks on the album basically being Graham/Bruce productions (what with a drum machine replacing Rob in the studio). Efforts were made to rectify this to some extent, notably with Ambitious, which had at least two alternate versions with Colin's input. Clearly, this isn't as drastic as Bruce's total lack of involvement in Object 47, but it still shows that Wire has never always been about four blokes making music.
    Many thanks for the info. I knew that the sessions were tense, but not that the actual process was so "Domish." As such, tho, I think it really illustrates your point well that even with disproportionate contributions the result still sounds distinctly Wire.