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    OK - so what you got lined up so far? Already booked up for -
    Billy Connolley (not music, but a VERY funny man)
    Katherine Jenkins (gotta keep the mrs happy!?!??!)
    Iggy & Stooges (doing Raw Power) & Suicide (1st lp) - this will be good!!
    Bad Company - I don't suppose many on here will like this bunch, but u have no idea how much i'm looking 4ward to this gig! (& if any1 here's of Suicide doing any smaller gigs in London b4/after this one at Hammersmith, PLEASE post on here, or Whisper to me - ta)
    I'm also gonna keep my eye out for a Vibrators gig. I saw 'em in a sh*tty sports club bar recently & they were excellent - honest!!!! Knox apparently only plays the London gigs & doesnae play guitar any more. Ho looks old/ill & apparently had an accident a couple of years ago, but i can't find out anything about it - anybody know what it was?
    I guess at some point I will be seeing Magic Wands.
    Knox fell over and ripped some tendons in his arm, then he developed heart trouble. I think he's only waiting for the final OK from the doctors now to pick up his guitar again. It's all explained on his website:
    Cheers - dunno how I didn't find that site!!!
    I'm off to see The Wild Swans tonight. They were fabulous back in the summer, so really looking forward to it.
    Ooops... entered a 2009 concert into the 2010 thread by mistake... see concerts 2009.
    Espers. It's a futuristic gig.
    Coming up - Half Man Half Biscuit at Leamington Spa in January plus The Beat in Bristol which I think is in May. Admittedly not Suicide or The Stooges but hey!
    Maybe you'll get that Dukla Prague away kit this year!??!?!?!?!

    The Dogstar
    LONDON: The Dogstar
    THU 28TH JAN, 2010 7.30pm - 11pm

    BLURT + DJ BEEKEEPER [Bruce Gilbert]

    + DJ Lascelle Lascelles


    Punk-jazz trio Blurt have been fronted by puppeteer-turned-eccentric-saxophonist Ted Milton since 1979. Since their debut on Factory Records the band have released numerous albums with several line-up changes, whilst maintaining the idiosyncrasy and originality that has marked the Blurt sound from the very beginning...
    "frazzled funky beats rooting Milton's squalling sax and rabid poetic swipes, while swaying, grinding guitar slices through the groove."

    DJ BEEKEEPER [Bruce Gilbert]

    DJ set from Bruce Gilbert, co-founder/guitarist of influential and experimental art-punk band WIre and a pioneer in the experimental noise scene with numerous releases under his own name.
    Just got 2 tixs to see PERE UBU in Glasgow in Febuary
    January, February and March:
    - Heavy Trash (Jon Spencer & Matt Verta-Ray)
    - Alexander Hacke & FM Einheit
    - Peter Hammill
    - Tiger Lillies
    - Woodentops
    - Tindersticks
    - Rickie Lee Jones
    - The Magnetic Fields

    and maybe i'll be able to se the Blurt/DJ Beekeeper thing.
    Sonic Youth tonight!
    Alexander, a report on S.Y Please......
    They have a 5 member band now. Cool stage show. They played mostly songs from the new one. Plus "Cross The Breeze" and Hey Joni" from Daydream Nation. One song from Sister. They ended with "Death Valley 60." There audience was mostly dudes in the 40s with grey hair.
    didn't see SY, but did see 2 separate performances by thurston moore and lee renaldo a while back. both killer noise-rock guitar players.

    saw (met) patti smith art opening w some old vids, but wasn't really impressed. hard to recreate a rock vibe in an upscale art gallery. her own visual stuff wasn't half bad.

    saw Mission of Burma last fri, but maybe I wasn't in the mood for it. just ok. also it was WAY too fucking loud. prior to the set they played some songs from "read & burn". evidently they are big Wire fans. MoB also played 'dot-dash' live a couple years back. their 3 "reunion" albums have all been quite good, however. actually enjoyed the psych/pop/punk of the opening act the Dig better.

    believe it or not Ulrich Kreiger transcribed the the score to Lou Reed's Metal Machine Music and will conduct a live performance by a classical ensemble called Fireworks on fri eve at Columbia Univ. UL told me Lou will attend, but not sure if he will perform, *WINK, WINK*. I bought tkts a while back, but as of today don't think it is sold out...........
    Review of Lou Reed's Metal Machine Music from NY Times by Jon Pareles. (it was truly one the most bizarre and manic things I've ever heard- FB):

    Mr. Reed recorded his 1975 album “Metal Machine Music” (RCA) by leaning guitars against amplifiers, cranking them up until the feedback screamed, playing melodies amid the sonic melee and layering and manipulating the results, including changing the tape speed of some parts. Then he chose four segments for 16-minute LP sides.

    A real-time, chamber-music performance of an inhumanly generated composition: that was Lou Reed’s “Metal Machine Music” as played by the Fireworks Ensemble at Miller Theater on Friday night.Ulrich Krieger had the bizarre idea of transcribing that thicket of tones to be played by live musicians. It took considerable time and the help of a partner, Luca Venitucci, to analyze the welter of information; they had finished only three of the four sections when the transcription had its premiere in 2002. Now they have four. At the Miller Mr. Krieger directed a 16-member, amplified ensemble of strings, winds, guitar, accordion, piano and percussion, though there was no conductor. The music is in proportional notation, played to a clock; a violinist periodically stood up to signal. It sounded like a riot in a shortwave radio factory: a fusillade of sustained, pulsating and scurrying electronic tones that adds up to a hyperactive drone, as consonant as the overtone series. It was proudly anticommercial and defiantly arty. It was Minimalistic process music at rock volume, an impersonal wall of sound. Now, 35 years later, it also sounds unexpectedly merry.

    The transcription changes everything. It corresponds to some of the more perceptible events of the original: sudden dropouts and surges of certain registers, rhythmic throbs, the squeal when a high overtone suddenly appears, the suggestion of a melodic moment. But the original “Metal Machine Music” has no narrative line, no direction. It simply, and wildly, exists. There are few intentional phrases or interactions between parts, and no sense of ensemble. That’s what humans bring, no matter how conceptually disciplined.On the album “Metal Machine Music” sounds frenetic. In performance the Fireworks Ensemble musicians were just that, with the string players in the front row sawing away at nearly constant tremolos. (One violinist’s bow trailed a hank of loose horsehair less than halfway through the piece.) Yet their combined efforts brought out something richer and more meditative than the album. Each of the four sections became an endless tremolo chord, oceanic and Wagnerian, with recognizable instruments adding dabs of melody and glimmers of allusion: a Celtic accordion phrase, a brass fanfare.

    The music was still unremitting; there were a few walkouts. It was also electrifying, a perceptual overload, with notes fluttering at points all over the frequency spectrum and tiny inner parts peeking out. The transcribed “Metal Machine Music” no longer reflects its title. Now it’s more string than metal, and it’s flesh rather than machine. It’s a world away from the original in both execution and intent; it’s social rather than solitary, respectful rather than irritating. But in its own much more formal way, it’s just as maniacal.
    Once again, a mere two months after the last time, The Ex infected a Dublin audience with their own brand of contagious fun. This time augmented with Brass Unbound, a quartet of heavyweight horn players, including Ken Vandermark and Mats Gustaffson, which cranked up the fun to a whole other level. A truly joyous occasion. My photos can be seen here.
    went to the premiere of the movie Oddsac by danny perez with soundtrack by Animal Collective last week. I loved almost all of the music, but the "movie" itself was uninspiring. some good visuals and technically well done, but really rather incoherent as a whole. i guess if you're 15 years old and haven't heard of nam june paik or carolee schenman or dozens of others the special effects must seem really cool. and combined with a silly vampire bit towards the end it just lost me. interesting concept as AC wil only release a dvd, not a music soundtrack, but it just didn't work for me.

    Killing Joke is also touring the states again so i def plan to get tkts to the ny show.

    Pil is back in the USA after 18 ? years!!!! old johnny boy needs the cash! hey , nothing wrong with that in my view. JL plans to record new Pil material at the end of the of what looks like a big ass tour- 18 or 20 US shows so far, plus festival gigs in the summer. Billboard link-