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    I'm assuming it's the same PiL line-up that toured the UK b4 xmas, so they'll be good, very good! & take some 'gear' to keep you going - it'll be a loooong set!!!
    yeah, looking forward! mostly glowing reviews. PiL tkts have been on sale for almost 2 weeks for NY's Terminal5, but still not sold out. a lot of young cunts were making comments that PiL was lame, overated, boring etc. clueless. but fucking courtney love and Hole sell within minutes at the same venue??? and a 2nd show is added? jesus. no accounting for taste, chaps!

    and in other news former lovebirds billy corgan and CL had a big douche off because corgan forbid ms love from releasing any material they recorded. corgan:"I have no interest in supporting her (CL) in any way, shape or form. You can't throw enough things down the abyss with a person like that." priceless.
    Different sort of gig. Surely nobody goes to a Hole gig for the music? They're going in order to breath the same air as Courtney and so they can tick her off their list of fucked up 'icons'.
    For those kind of people, PiL = Rise, maybe Dissapointed and Open Up and possibly a few Pistols numbers. They can't hack Metal Box, or have never heard of it never mind Flowers of Romance and Religion. Their loss.
    mad crazy lineup coming to nyc mid-may: got tkts to Buzzcocks - possibly the most under rated punk band ever, PIL, and Killing Joke. also Bad Lieutenant late april - tho haven't heard much feedback about them, good or bad. Thom York and Flea played together last night but didn't go. not a big fan of TY and new material,the Eraser, mediocre at best.

    also my go check out Genesis P and Thee Majesty--- if I can get my old ass out to Brooklyn on a sunday night!!
    Buzzcocks? Punk? pop band mate! Under-rated? only when Devoto was in the band!
    Well, since it was Buzzcocks who invited the Pistols to play the Lesser Free Trade Hall in Manchester June 4th '76 I think it's fair to say they were ahead of the game around these parts and they wouldn't balk at being regarded as a Punk band. Under-rated I find hard to grasp, surely if you ask the average music fan to list 5 great 'punk' bands Buzzcocks would be one of them.

    Bad Lieutenant are effectively New Order without Hooky or Gillian and a fairly underwhelming new LP to 'promote'. Expect a fair few New Order/Joy Division tunes played with some gusto, but try to ignore the gaping musical hole where the low-slung Shergold Marathon bass twanging should be. They should get Mr Bursa in the line-up!

    On a similar note, Mr Hook is apparently planning to mark the 30th Anniversary of the death of Ian Curtis by playing the whole of Unknown Pleasures at the new FAC 251 club. Not sure who will be in his pick-up band for the occasion but presumably messers Sumner, Morris and Gilbert are not invited.
    'cocks in top 5 'punk' bands? I could think of a few from other sid eof the pond that would rate higher than them! No-one disputes that they were instrumental in 'spreading the word', but apart from the very wonderful Spiral Scratch & some of their audience, they were as far removed from punk as Buck's Fizz! anyhow...

    Prob won't float any1 else's boat on here, but I'm seeing the reformed Bad Company in 2 days time & i just cannae wait! Bad Co (along with Zep [& to a much lesser extent Sabbath & Purple]) are who really got me into music in the early 70's. I'm as excited about seeing them as i was PiL last year - Brighton will ROCK on Saturday night!!!!!!
    The mighty Fall were back in Dublin last week, and played a blinder. Current line-up active for some years now, and still driving it really hard and relentless. MES the most 'relaxed' I've seen him, at one stage almost 'dancing' for a few seconds. Sauntering nonchalantly about the stage like some workingmen's club MC, he was master of all he surveyed. He casts his eye about the lively crowd almost as if they weren't there, staring off into some fixed point as though thinking about something completely different. Charismatically challenged you could say, yet he still manages to exude a certain stoic charisma which the over-eager audience just hoover up.

    Very strange ending - 2nd encore, they started playing Blindness. Brilliant, I thought, finish on a favourite. Nice one. Except about a minute in they suddenly stopped and just fucked off. Very odd. Whether it was MES suddenly changing his mind or security saying they'd run over time I don't know, but up to then it was terrific. My photos can be seen here.
    You were lucky it seems. Apparently at the first date of the tour MES shuffled off after 5 songs and didn't come back on. I think the audience were then 'treated' to a couple of instrumentals, 'I've Been Duped' (sung by the current Mrs Smith) and then to add insult to injury they encored with Mr Pharmacist with the road crew on lead vocals....
    Stooges & Suicide at Hammersmith Apollo, 2/5/10.

    When i heard about this Iggy/Stooges I wasnae too bothered as i'd seen them a couple of years previously & it's such a trek 4 me to & from Hammersmith, but when i read Suicide were supporting it was a no-brainer!

    To say i was excited when the deep electro-throb emanating from Rev's keyboard would be an understatement. It built up the tension for 10 mins or so b4 the boys strolled on - Vega wrapped up like he was out 4 a stroll in NYC in January - Rev in a sawn-off t-shirt and wrapparound shades with flashing led's. I can't remember the order, but it was basically side 1 of their debut lp. The basic rhythm that Rev set up to underscore each track was deep & loud & shook your body & was great - his naff 'histrionic' embellishment were necessary or wanted (by me or most of crowd judging by luke-warm reception). Vega looked and acted exactly like he was - a 72-year old man. His voice is just about there, but his attitude has waned, he needed written lyrics & he looked ill, tottering around the stage as he was - which is a shame.

    But was it Rev? From where i stood i couldnae see his face cos of his massive shades & his arms, unless he hits the gym daily like a bastard, do not look like those of a late 60 year old! any1 know?

    As for Iggy & The Stooges - they were immense! If any1's seen the Stooges you know how tight an outfit they are - they're possibly the best band i've seen live! Iggy was great - he never let up for the entire 90 minutes. How he keeps up his high energy performance, crowd surfing & sing all the time is amazing for a 62 year old. he soon shook off his leather waistcoat & his jeans were soon 1/2 down his scrawny ass - not a pretty site! Even at their advancing years, Iggy & The Stooges remain one of the most exciting & thrilling stage acts around - if you ain't never seen 'em try to soon - you'll not regret it!
    Vega's been tottering around the stage for years- kinda like a demented version of Frank Sinatra. last saw Suicide about 3 years ago. must say I was quite impressed. perhaps the old boy was just having an off night.......or maybe the years have just caught up w him.

    M.I.A.'s new single + ultra violent vid, 'born free', heavily samples 'ghost rider' if anyone cares to check it out.

    so what's the lineup w/o Ron Asheton? .......Ig is still pretty high energy. after his drug days he became a complete health nut so no not surprising he can still jump about like a lunatic. any new material?

    the new one by the Fall, 'your future, our clutter' sounds great.
    As far as i'm aware the line-up was Scott Asheton on drums, Mike Watt on bass & James Williamson on guitar. No idea who the saxophonist was, but he was supposed to be the same from who played with 'em in 70's. I know he has a different lifestyle now, but even so... New material? I've no idea as i'm not partic au fait with last few lp'. I didn't know everything they played, so wether new or not, i've no idea.

    Nice review here -
    I've no idea why anyone would doubt it was Martin Rev. He barely looked any different than he did when their debut was released!

    I'll probably write in more detail later but I just want to say that from where I was (down the front!) I thought Suicide were great. Sure Vega looked as bit doddery (with the emphasis on 'odd'!), but as you say his voice was still there and called me old-fashioned, but that's kinda important to my ears!

    They seemed well received to me from where I was, too. Certainly were compared to the one other time I've seen them, supporting the Banshees in the late 80's, when they somehow managed to provoke the most hostile reception I have ever seen.

    Iggy's energy level was astonishing for anyone, let alone someone of his age. Quite incredible really!
    I dont know if anyone else shares the same sentiments but I LOVE M.I.A. aussie casino online
    MIA is brill, I love her stuff. one wouldn't think a "world music" artist sampling the Clash, Pixies, Suicide and Jonathan Richmond would work, but it really is great. what I'm not crazy about is her faux revolutionary stance. pop music + politics is never a good mix. esp when you sign to major US label and take the $$$.

    tonight's entertainment: film premier of "Raw Power", documentary of iggy + the stooges.

    next week: Buzzcocks!

    18 + 19: 2nd PiL show added to NYC. much smaller venue: williamsburg hall of music. compared to Terminal 5 that's like having them play in your backyard!
    Never heard of MIA, but it seems i should check her out!

    Oh how i would love to see PiL (or Wire, or any band i like) play in a small venue like MHoW! & the sound's so good as well!
    yeah, GB I thought you like hearing about WHoM. 2nd T5 show did't sell out- really rather surprising, but the young kids don't get Pil and they're always dissing T5. even for ny, it's a huge venue, but I've got no prob with the place. the sound doesn't suck and the balconies have great sight lines.

    yeah, the sound is dynamite @ WHoM and they plan on filming/ recording the show for a dvd release so you'll get your chance
    to see it!
    yes, i suspect there'll be a dvd release this year, prob somewhere around eraly December for some reason?!?!? Cynical? Moi? Surely not!
    next week: the residents
    Factory Floor & Cold Cave on the 12th.

    They're young people bands, one of which sounds plagaristically like New Order at times, the other like some kind of southern Cabaret Voltaire.