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    so it sounds like it might become a 30 year celebration (and possibly farewell) E.N. tour. i've heard also of dates in Paris and Berlin.
    Mission Of Burma played Dublin this week and were highly entertaining. I wasn't familiar with their music at all, but had read stuff in recent years that piqued my interest, especially the fact that they were apparently inspired to reform after having seen Wire play the US in 2002. They are a great live band that really go for it and certainly enjoy themselves, which I found quite infectious. Nice relaxed and friendly stage presence which I liked immediately. Whilst the tunes wouldn't quite grab me in the same way as some of their contemporaries, they certainly knock out a good show - very glad I went in the end. My photos can be seen here
    I am going to see Roky Erickson and Massive Attack this week.
    are you seeing them at Heaven? Great venue, but get there early, if you are!!
    Re Faust:

    "did they get the chainsaw out!?!?!?!"

    Did they!

    This is the version of Faust that consists of Jean-Hervé Peron on bass and Zappi Diermaier who is such a distinctive drummer that I heard myself asking my mate if he thought Zappi could actually play the drums in a conventional style. This time round they’re joined by the charismatic Gallon Drunk guitarist James Johnston and a rather attractive blonde woman on keyboard, guitar and vocals who, it transpires, is an independent film maker, Geraldine Swayne. The bloke next to me seemed to take a bit of a shine to her. “I wish I had a girlfriend like her” he said to me out of the blue, before pausing with some nice comic timing and adding I wish I had a girlfriend”. Unfortunately for him a bit of googling will inform him that she’s married to the aforementioned Johnston.

    Anyway they started with a heavily percussive piece that was interesting to watch but Swayne was playing some 70’s-like electric piano and I really wasn’t too keen on the tone of it. It was with some relief then that she moved away from this to another keyboard as things got going with some great motorik beats. After this we got lots of interesting rhythms, and the almost obligatory power drills and chainsaw which saw Peron carving out the word IMMORTAL in a large piece of polystyrene. Unfortunately, as a result of it wobbling about, it had to be partially supported from beneath by some brave soul who the time this had finished looked more in need of some Head & Shoulders than anyone I've ever seen. There were also flames and a lot of fun. Anyone who says that the German race don’t have a sense of humour have clearly never seen Faust. Peron appeared in very good spirits and raised a laugh when he paused after the word “imagine” and then, with a grin, said “a cement mixer on the stage”.

    It was a very different show to when I saw them five years ago, with Peron playing bass for most of the set and being much less of a front man now (quite literally – he stood at the back of the stage when not playing with electrical tools!), but it was fascinating – and let’s not be snooty - entertaining stuff.
    Brilliant show by PiL @ NY's Terminal 5 last night. Lydon was in exceptional form. I honestly didn't think he had it in him and wrote him off years ago a lazy, drunken buffoon. I couldn't have been more wrong. Here is my review as posted on the Pil site- (I'm 'James'):

    Also going to tonight's show in Brooklyn( the last on the US tour)- the much smaller and intimate Williamsburg Hall of Music.
    PiL? @ nights on the bounce/ Oh you lucky man!!!
    Have tickets to what may be Swans' first show in about thirteen years. Needless to say, I'm pretty excited. Not 100% sure I should be, but definitely am.

    Also going to a concert by The Breeders in the same month (September). Several of my friends border on obsessed... Should be at least worthy.

    Saw Mission Of Burma, St. Vincent, and James Blackshaw in February, all at the First Unitarian Church. All were far better than the Lightning Bolt performance I witnessed at the same venue, which was only somewhat amusing; Mr. Blackshaw, however, was by far the most moving. His playing is spectacular, as is his sense of composition and musical drama. St. Vincent, I've heard, had done better, but were quite enjoyable, and Mission Of Burma were superbly energetic. Not as loud or abrasive as I expected, but also very tight... Excepting, of course one very interesting incident....
    Excepting, of course one very interesting incident....

    Care to elaborate ?
    Paul Weller 2nite - could do without it!!
    the year so far.......

    Billy Connelly
    John Otway
    Hugh Cornwell
    Polar Bear @ The Garage (gig of the year so far)
    The Stranglers (Southampton and London)
    Acoustic Ladyland
    Los Mondo Bongo
    Polar Bear (Windsor)
    Paloma Faith x 2
    Philharmonia Orchestra performing the Rite of Spring
    Polar Bear (free gig)
    The Fall (London and Aldershot)
    Reginald D Hunter and Steve Hughes (RH brilliant, SH very good)

    off to see Sean Locke on Sunday

    + tickets for Tom Robinson / John Otway / Acoustic Ladyland / Zakir Hussain / Jim Jeffries / Jason Byrne / Jeff Beck / Killing Joke / Frankie Boyle

    and most annoyingly of all out of the country on June 8th. bugger.
    Charlatans on Monday playing the first album, then 8 days later I'm seeing some band called Wire at the Relentless Garage in Londinium.
    Los Campesinos, Massive Attack, and Roky Erickson were great.

    Looking forward to First Aid Kit, School of Seven Bells, and LCD Soundsystem.
    Steve - what was Hugh (& band) Rattus gig like? I was tempted, but I can't stand Hoover Dam!

    Weller done a storming two & a half hour set last night. Many lows 4 me - including Shout to the Top 4 crissakes (which, shockingly, got the biggest cheer of the night!!), but compensated by an electric version of Changing Man & five, yes FIVE Jam trax (Start, Pretty Green, Malice, Scrape Away & Art School [yes, ART SCHOOL!]).
    I saw Hugh Cornwell last year and thought it was a fantastic show! he didn't play H Dam in its entirety tho what he did play sounded much better live than on record. the old Stranglers hits sounded great even w/o a keyboard player. the bassist, Caroline Cambell, was bouncing all over the stage, but I believe she's been replaced for this tour.
    I also saw Cornwell last year and thoroughly enjoyed it, although have not been too enamoured of any of the solo stuff I've heard except the excellent Nosferatu.

    The live show was excellent. He was on in Leeds last night doing Hoover Dam and Rattus; unfortunately I was otherwise engaged so am looking forward to a few words from Steve
    Never mind 2010, here's one for 2011!!!

    Roger Waters plays The Wall live next spring! Tx go on sale this week!!!
    The Wall.
    To elaborate:

    With perfect comedic timing, the very second before the chorus of "That's When I Reach For My Revolver" (the most popular song in their catalogue), the whole band came to a dead stop, at which point Miller and Conley began to argue about which was out of tune. Ultimately neither could figure out who had done what, and so, after a brief apology from both, they simply abandoned it altogether, heading instead into "Academy Fight Song" (the second most popular song in their catalogue) with no later mention of any of it.

    It's hard to express just how perversely brilliant it all was.