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    I read on a site that good ol' Shakin Stevens could be up for assault after hitting a freelance photographer with a mic stand
    in Northern Ireland. The Green door could turn into the Jailhouse door!
    I wonder have any members of Wire ever lashed out at the audience or Media, although listening to Document and Eyewitness i suspect it might be the other way round!
    I was in the pogo-ing mass at the Marquee to see Simple Minds (b4 they became pop 'icons') & Kerr, understandably, kept stopping the band as he was being gobbed on. Ultimately, he lost his rag & swung his mic stand & hit the geezer smack on the forehead with it. Blood gushed, crowd went mad, Kerr nearly shat himself, bouncers rescued him! Always referred to him as Wayne & never had any respect for him since then - shame cos their 1st 3 or 4 lp's were excellent!