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    When I was still at uni, Andrew Westmeyer had a Wire page, which was rather fab. I contributed a bunch of stuff to it, and was inspired to create Wireviews, which started out as a very orange and yellow site that had a few Wire-oriented reviews on it. Over time, that site grew, merged with Andrew's site, housed WMO for a while, and offered gig reviews from the fans.

    Various circumstances led to the site being put on hold in 2007, and much of the important information made its way here to Pink Flag, with added Wire (notably the lyrics, which are as accurate as possible on this site). Today, I got notification that the domain's up on December 19, and I think I'm going to let the site slide into relative oblivion (although I might retain the files off the back of one of my other domains). I just figured I'd mention this here, in case anyone wants a last look round the building, for old time's sake.
    Ah, that's a shame... fond memories of wireviews, and the few reviews I did for it... I recently put a few of the reviews on my blog, with the intention of putting the rest up in due course... so I must copy the rest of the reviews from wireviews fairly pronto into word documents for future retrieval, as I don't think there's much hope I can find the original documents now...
    A shame indeed. I like that site. No chance to keep it as is ?
    @Fergus: Don't worry—I'm not about to nuke everything. Files will still lurk on my server for a while.

    @biccio: Assuming my web host doesn't go mental, the site for a while will live at - although if the lack of a domain breaks anything, it likely won't get fixed.
    That's a shame, Craig. Are the reviews posted here? It'd be a shame to lose them - I've found them helpful in the past.
    Long live Wireviews!
    @Fergus: Don't worry—I'm not about to nuke everything. Files will still lurk on my server for a while.

    It's alright Craig, I've copied all my stuff for safety now anyway..
    @keith: No, the reviews aren't here. A few of the articles came across, the lyrics were updated, and the discography was sorted. As it stands, I'll leave the files on the URL mentioned above, but the domain'll be dead in four days plus however long it takes to enter turnaround.
    R.I.P Wireviews, you'll surely be missed.
    The record reviews were handy, particularly as a guide to the darker corners of the catalogue and the various collaborations and solo stuff. They still are, you can't audition this stuff on Spotify (i've's not there!). Any reason why they couldn't be dropped in on this site somewhere? Its only text after all.
    I think most of us would appreciate the reviews being moved across if there's any chance, Craig.
    One vote for the WMO newsletters to be archived somewhere permanent as well - they contained some interesting stuff, some nice interviews, and are a good historical document of the burst of WMO activity and the process surrounding it.
    Yes it would be nice for the WMO newsletters to continue some existence in a quiet corner of pinkflag, rather than lost to the ether. All that hard work would not have been in vain.
    I can't imagine the reviews will make it here—it'd be really odd to have 'some bloke' reviewing all the stuff on a band's own website.

    And, like I said, I'll leave online for the foreseeable, so people can still access the content, although it'll likely take Google a while to figure out that the domain's gone.
    Ah well, it was worth requesting.
    OK - I'm mulling this over again. GoDaddy wants $18 for the domain renewal for _one_ year, so I might do that later (given that the domain goes into turnaround tomorrow), but there have been a lot of $18s over the years (much higher in the early days, when the domain reregistration was an eye-watering amount). The thing is, I'm loathe to spend more money on archival content, but can't really see how Wireviews could be made into a live site again. One possibility would be to bung everything into a WP blog and have new contributors write stuff, but I don't have nearly enough time to do something like that.
    One year 'stay of execution' for WV, while we figure out what to do with Wire archives. Happy holidays!
    Excellent news! Thanks Craig.
    I think anyway it should stay as it is as an archive and as a piece of wire-web-history.
    If you want i take it over.