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    Only a small victory against blandness, but a victory for all that!
    Better that than saccharine manufactured talent show pap, but a crap, unimaginative choice. Couldn't they have come up with something, er, Christmassy? Do we really want potty-mothed American punk-funk to accompany our post-Turkey TV meltdown?

    A Serious of Snakes for Xmas no.1, 2010! Campaign starts here.

    I'm in.
    I can't get excited about RATM being number one. It does nothing for me at all.

    What happened to The Muppets campaign? That was surely more appropriate for Xmas, but it's straight in at...number 32!

    Actually, I've just googled the charts...

    ...first time I've seen them in years, probably since TOTP finished. Surprising - more like they used to be in that records seem to be hanging about for ages. Florence and The Machine's You've Got The Love has apparently spent 31 weeks in chart. That sort of durability would have been virtually impossible in those latter TOTP (and pre-download) days when record co marketing was at its, er, best and - according to a rather enjoyable Bob Stanley article in The Guardian recently - McFly entered the charts at number one one week and went down to number 20 the following week.

    Surprised Bob didn't remember Rui Da Silva's Touch Me though. One of the best pop records of the last ten years for me.
    It's a cracking choon from a cracking debut lp. I missed 'em live 1st time round, so i hope this'll prompt 'em to tour.
    Chart rigging is hardly new! It just used to be done by record company reps and was a bit harder to had to send your relatives and friends in to all the chart return shops, or bribe the record shop owner and ask him to look away while you made a few 'corrections' to his sales sheet.

    The RATM vs X Factor smacks of of musical snobbery and just feels like a legion of 'older brothers' trying to ruin their kid sisters Xmas Number One. It's called Pop Music because it's what is popular, mainly with teenagers and kids. I couldn't care less what's in the Charts, its someone elses music and I don't care enough about X Factor to want to hijack it by buying a song from 1992. I have found it very easy to completely ignore the X Factor and whoever won it by not watching it and not listening to whoever it is won the thing. It's insulting to regard Pop fans as unthinking automatons who do whatever Simon Cowell tells them to. All this is just one self-satisfied collective guffaw from a bunch of Facebook nerds who feel they're 'sticking it to the man' buy buying one mp3 file instead of another....and of course both bands are signed to labels owned by Sony so there is only one winner of this one.

    That said, Merry Xmas Everybody!
    Chart rigging is, ahem, familiar in Wireworld too!

    Actually if you did try to hype Serious of Snakes as a Xmas single, Go Ahead would make a very appropriate conceptual B-side!

    We should try to hype Outdoor Miner and see if history could have really been different :)
    Beautifully put, Mr Swimmer. I'm taking the liberty of posting that elsewhere!
    Aw shucks but this piece by Andrew Collins nails it far better than I ever could:
    I'd rather make furniture.
    • CommentAuthorAri says...
    • (CommentTimeDec 26th 2009 edited)
    would someone tell those of us this side of the pond what X-Factor is?
    Casting show similar to Pop Idol or American Idol.
    I might be a bit of a lone voice on this but I actual like "Killing in the Name", it reminds me of a time back in the early 90s before we had a home, sensible jobs and children.

    As for the campaign. Well it's always treated as read that if you win X Factor you get the Xmas #1 as part of the deal but sure no matter how vapid you think the charts are or have become it's about the number of units shifted. RATM shifted more, I'm sure that this time next year the next sirupy ballad by the next slightly bland winning of the next X Factor will safely be at #1 only next year there for be the biggest promotion campaign this country has seen for a "record" in 20 years behind it.