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    I figure, like with other forums, it might be good to have a bit of an introduction thread, so new members can say hi. Anyway, I'm the bloke who built and I'm still its webmaster, my day job being web design and copywriting. I came to Wire pretty late compared to many, 'discovering' the band during its Mute era. These days, it's the post-RFH stuff that most resonates with me.
    Hi, I'm Jim from Boston, I picked up on Wire after a few mentions from friends and a bargain-bin cassette of "A Bell Is A Cup Until It Is Struck". Have great things to say about every last record from every last project and side project. I am a photographer and work for MIT to pay the bills. It's a living.
    Hi folks, I'm Paul from Birmingham, UK. I originally came to Wire via the Live At The Roxy compilation album many years ago, then purchased Pink Flag and so on... First saw the band at Barbarellas back in 1979 and have stuck with them ever since.

    I'm a full-time carer to my partner and run a David Bowie fan site - Bowie Zone
    Hello, I'm Jason from Atlanta, GA. I discovered Wire in 1989 when I heard "Eardrum Buzz" on college radio and I have fond memories of listening to It's Beginning To And Back Again while driving around rural Georgia back then. I've seen Wire once in 2002 here at Echo Lounge. I've worked for the Georgia Environmental Protection Division (Air Protection) for the past nine years, but my heart and soul goes into the weekends when I can often be found taking friends on hiking trips to the North Georgia/North Carolina mountains. The "inspectorjason" nickname comes from my first internet email address when I worked as a restaurant health inspector just after college. The joke's worn thin, but I keep it since everyone knows me by that nickname.
    Hi. joseph from seattle wa. first heard wire in 1979 (college). bought the pink flag record and have been a fan since. have seen wire 3 times. twice at maxwells in hoboken nj and somewhere else.
    Hi I,m Stef from Scotland.

    Been into WIRE since 1978. All down to John Peel DJ and Paul Weller loving them.
    Never seen them live!!!!!!!!!!!
    Remember writing Colin Newman a "Fan" letter as a 14 year old back then and getting a reply.
    Favourite possession is an Orignal Chairs Missing pin badge that I still wear with pride. lol.
    My first hearing Wire was thanks to "So And Slow It Grows", but I bought the Mute-era stuff soon afterward and have since gotten into all of their incarnations, mutations, et cetera.

    I'm in Memphis, heaven help me!
    First introduction to Wire = "Madman's Honey" in 1986 and worked my way through the back catalog. I've had a close ear to everything since. I saw them in 2000 in DC / 2002 in Atlanta and DC. My 3 year old son loves the two DVD's and is in the process of mastering the "Gotobed" technique. He also bangs the "Practice makes Perfect" riff on anything he can find.
    greetings from nyc ... been into wire since i was a wee thing. didnt see them until a few years agon in austin. man, were they good. glad this site is here. cant wait for the nyc show this summer.
    Hi there,
    Ian, aka Aktivitaet (the name coming from a Kraftwerk fanzine I published in the 90s). Have liked Wire since 1981, when I bought the 'Our Swimmer' 7" single (as well as BC Gilbert/G Lewis 'Ends With The Sea' 7") on an educated guess that I would possibly like the music based on what I'd read about them up till then. The hunch paid off, since I've liked them ever since, as well as a fair chunk of the solo work. On the live front, I didn't get a chance to see them until 2000's RFH show - my favourite gigs were at the Garage in London a few months later.
    Neil from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. I first heard Wire on the Burning Ambitions punk compilation ("12XU"). Shortly thereafter, Snakedrill was released and I was hooked. I operate the smallest of out-of-the-home businesses that provides copy and layout editing services.
    Kevin from Ann Arbor. Discovered Wire (Ideal Copy era) while working in a Detroit area record shop that was a real life version of the one in High Fidelity. One of my snobby co-workers put it on the in-store sound system and I was hooked. I'm a work at home training consultant and have been through four different CD versions of the first three albums. How about a remastering job on the works from '87 forward?
    How do. Mark, from Hemyock, a small village in Devon, UK. Wire-less until 1982 but from then on things improved dramatically. I earn a living as a primary school teacher - and my class of 8-11 year olds move really well in their fitness sessions to Drill. Having said that, my wife did struggle a bit with the sonic textures she experienced at the RFH gig. Oh well...
    I currently reside in Victoria , BC, Canada but grew up in Toronto, and will soon relocate to the wonderful high desert area of Albuquerque...been listening to Wire since I first heard Pink Flag when we got import copies in the record store I worked in back in the 70's - I recall we used to tag certain albums with comments on the import shrinkwrap and Pink Flag got tagged as "The Ultimate." I've been listening since and can't think of any Wire album where I've thought "what a piece of crap." I think that that is a result of the band being able to take those protracted breaks and then regroup and find something new and refreshing, and not having the record company pressure of 'new album, new single, new tour' hanging over their heads.
    Howdy, I'm Al from Minneapolis. I first heard Wire with their 154 album. I was sad that I missed them. Happily, they keep coming back. I've seen them 5 times and hopefully will see them again this year.
    Hola. My name is Mike. The first half of my life was spent in the Philadelphia area, the second half in Los Angeles, and the third here in Taos, New Mexico. I was aware of Wire in 1977, but it wasn't until they went on hiatus that I began to pay close attention. Not a tremendous fan of the 'beat combo' era, I prefer the first three, early solo/splinter releases (Not To, Dome II, etc.), and, of course, the recent stuff. I am, however, very disappointed that Bruce Gilbert is no longer a member of the group. In my opinion, he is the soul of Wire.
    Hi, I'm Amy, currently stuck in Providence, Rhode Island. Discovered Wire in '85,while in high school; have been a big fan since. According to ,Pink flag is my all-time favorite record.(sounds about right) Haven't seen them since they last played Boston.Cheers!
    Ari in North Carolina here, first heard Wire about 2 days after P.F came out and a buddy dropped by with a copy full of excitement.
    Listen th THIS he sez throwing it on the turntable, so I taped an ideal copy on my pioneer cassette deck.
    I was tempted to hit the stop button after 2-3 trax but didn't want to offend, and yeah, it slowly began to 'get through' to me, been a fan ever since. I'm still amazed at how many people haven't heard of Wire, and also amazed when 'older folk',especially here in N.C' have.
    hi... alan from atlanta here. born and raised in the uk (lived in surrey, kent and the arse end of greenwich). first heard wire in 1988 from a close friend who'd met a girl on holiday who played him 'ahead'. saw them at the astoria that same year and from then on as much as possible. (town and country club, hibernian club, mean fiddler, the garage, rfh, brighton concorde 2). also enjoyed the entire 'i saw you' performance... that singer from the stretcheads still makes me chuckle!

    am into most of the solo output too... 'better later than never', 'pump' and erm 'music for fruit'... all just as good as the wire material. don't have a favorite wire period, they all have their place.

    hopped the pond to get married in 2004. make a living as a graphic designer and have been making music since i was 15. once did a tongue-in-cheek-moody-goth-dance-stomp-pop remake of 'remove for improvement' and sampled a snippet of lewis dialog from 'document and eyewitness' for another track called 'subtitles'.
    Ari! I'm happy to see you here. :)