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    I'm Jonathan from Florence, Alabama...wearing out my copy of "Read and Burn 03" and eagerly awaiting the release of the new album! I discovered Wire in January 1991 when I bought "Pink Flag" to hear what the original '12XU' sounded like. I had heard the covers by Minor Threat and Dag Nasty, and felt impelled to go to the source. And when I did, I was blown away :)
    Hello I'm Stephen from Glasgow. First got into Wire when I bought A Bell Is Cup... album, then went back to the Wire Mark 1 trilogy which I was too young to hear first time round. Stuck with them through the highs and lows of the mark 2 period but have been blown away by the excellence of Wire Mark 3 with the Read and Burn releases, Send, the phenomenal Chicago live CD (the version of Spent just blows my mind every time), and the eagerly awaited Object 47. Can't think of any other band who are as good now as they were in their early years.

    I'm Si from South Harrow, in North-West London.

    I briefly heard "Outdoor Miner" in '79, but went out and bought "Silk Skin Paws" in '88 and took it backwards from there. For me, "Chairs Missing" is the bee's knees. Never seen 'em, so very much looking forawrd to the announcement of a London date, particularly as I can't do the Essex festival, as I have a 3 month old daughter!
    Hello, I'm from Scotland. First heard of WIRE through Minor Threat's cover of 12XU....couple of years later I heard the Roxy version by Wire, couldn't believe it! It was like a different song, but I could hear the same raw energy in that version as I did in the Minor Threat cover, much more raw stripped down sounding style, and I just had to pick up Pink Flag after hearing that. Loved that album for years and years, and that was Wire for me.

    I remember when Wire came up North to play as part of the Triptych festival and for some stupid reason I passed on this, put off by the sort of people who I knew were interested in going (artie types!) Constantly hearing them described as Art Pop wasn't what i wanted to hear (they were a punk band to me!) so i foolishly passed, and took on the blinkered view that everything after Pink Flag must be shit!

    Sometime after this I needed to replace my pink flag CD but I couldn't find it, so picked up On Returning instead, which seemed to have most of the same songs, plus some others. Was a treat to hear the Roxy version of 12XU again!

    I was very reluctant to listen to the other tracks at first....but one day I just left the CD spinning...and I seriously couldn't believe how good some of the other tracks were. Hearing tracks like Another The Letter, Outdoor Miner, Question of Degree, I am The Fly etc...were just amazing. Went out and got Chairs missing, and discovered probably my best Wire album.

    Dunno why I never went near the 154 tracks on On Returning though....and it wasn't until coming across a video on Youtube of some tracks culled from the Rockpalast video that I had that same funny feeling I got when I first heard Wire's 12XU... I heard the track the 15th, which I had known as a track by Political Asylum (punk band from Stirling) on their Window on the world LP. Couldn't believe my ears i went back to the On Returning CD, but the track wasn't there, so I had to pick up 154! By this time I'd also picked up the Rockpalast dvd and was broken into the 154 songs a lot better with the earlier live versions.

    Now I think all three albums are just amazing....that's Wire!

    But wait...theres a live DVD from that tour I missed (or passed on)....lets just add that to the collection...

    What the f***!!!

    Is this the right DVD? It looks like WIRE, albeit more aged.....but listen to this, more intense than any of the previous output, Colin jumping around the stage screaming to an electro background, then one of the best tunes I've heard (Germ Ship)....WHY DIDN'T I GO SEE THIS AT THE TIME!?!?!?! OK, maybe I should give their other stuff a try...

    Thanks to Youtube I discovered some of the 80's period Wire. i must admit, when I first heard Eardrum Buz I just laughed "this is the stuff I thought they would be playing now...well avoided"

    But, I kept coming back to the track, then discovered In I'm in love with another Wire sound. I track down all the 80's LP's....perhaps a weak link in a chain, but IBTABA does stand up very well.

    So this brings us to now, and if you didn't get bored of reading this after the 2nd line, you'll gather Im pretty much into all things Wire now ;) Never really tried the solo stuff....but Githead are becoming another firm fave.

    Since recorded a couple of covers of Wire songs on youtube, avoid these at all costs!
    G'day all

    I am Phillip from Australia- long time Ideal Copy lurker and occasional contributor.

    First locked onto Wire after getting one of the first copies of Pink Flag in Australia- used to do some announcing on the Brisbane uni radio station and started to love all the UK stuff coming out in '76, and '77. Announcers had complete cpontrol over playlists so it was probably the only radio station in oz playing any of that stuff. For me. best of all was Wire and those three magnificent first albums. Then along came Document & EyeWitness and I lost interest for a while (so did Wire???). Some time later I got something from the '80s era (can't remember which one) and re-discovered the whole thing. Since then become a bit of a 'completist' with about 160 Wire-ey 'artifacts' - records, CDs, books, badges etc etc.

    Finally got to see the band live on the 2004 Australian tour. In fact I went to three shows in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne (planes trains and automobiles.....). Got to meet the Wire boys by scamming my way back-stage a couple of times. It's a bit sad Wire having an old bloke like me as groupie (There's a fine line between being a fan and a stalker.......discuss).

    There are still some photos sitting on an old web site from the three shows. Sorry for all the camera flashes boys!
    (not sure how to adjust the sizing!) Go to the gallery link at the bottom. Just had a look again- brings back some fine memories- especially the one where the two girls got up on stage and danced along!
    Thanks for the link to the fantastic pics ozwire - really enjoyed 'em. :)
    They are great photos. Thanks for Sharing them.
    I’m a visual and sound artist/improvisor from Dublin, currently involved in painting and working with invented/adapted instruments, field recordings and releasing solo and collaborative material on my CDR label Room Temperature.

    I first heard Wire when a schoolfriend lent me his copy of 154, circa late ‘79/early’80 ( I was 15). Wire’s unique soundworld, the music’s texture, the intriguing and intense lyrics drew me in immediately and made a deep connection that holds to this day. It opened up spaces I wanted to inhabit - I felt completely in my element. 2 People In A Room burned a hole into the back of my skull when I first heard it – it was the sonic equivalent of a Francis Bacon painting. I was smitten.

    Caught up with the first two LPs some years later, and then followed all the material contemporaneously from Snakedrill onwards. I was lucky enough to see them play London in 1986 when the Snakedrill/Ideal Copy/Bell Is A Cup songs were in a simpler, rawer (and for me more appealing) state. Lucky enough also to see quite a few Mk III gigs: Dublin, RFH, Garage 2000, Brighton 2002, Barbican 2003 and Glasgow 2004, all of which were really terrific, life-affirming shows.

    Viva Wire !
    Yo! dunno how come i've just seen this link as i check the Wire site weekly for additional gigs - must be going blind in my old age i guess!!!

    been into Wire since '78 - alwasy gutted when they take a sabbatical. still - it makes me even happier when they start recording/gigging again!

    gotta take up stephenhope's quote above about highs & lows of Wire 'mark 2' - i think all the 4 lp's are of high quality & that period probably ranks as my favourite Wire.
    It's good to know garage band's favourite Wire period is from the Mrk 2 phase. It'd be a pretty dull Wire world if we all raved about the first three albums and dissed the 80s-early 90s output. My point was there are elements to The Ideal Copy through to The First Letter that are more difficult to love whether it be the mechanical sound of the production or the actual songs themselves. But these tunes are in the minority. I could rattle off 30 or so Wire songs from that era that are brilliant. A Bell Is A Cup Until It Is Struck was my first Wire purchase and remains one of my favourites to this day. Wire Mark 2 rocked. Fact. We'll even forgive Graham Lewis' dubious hairstyle of the time...
    "It'd be a pretty dull Wire world if we all raved about the first three albums and dissed the 80s-early 90s output."

    too true squire. it's all just down to personal choice - i loved Ideal Copy & subsequently the rest as soon as my stylus hit the vinyl! for some reason i only bought 1st Letter a few years ago &, for some reason, to me it's the sound/lp that i'd recommend to anyone for a typical Wire lp! it has a great combination of of their heavier/rawer material, the soundscapes of 154 & just brillaint pulsating pop/rock choons!
    "We'll even forgive Graham Lewis' dubious hairstyle of the time"
    Hey, let's not go overboard.
    That leonine backwarmer ! Ripe for slaggin' !! ;-)
    I thought my remark about Graham's late 80s hair was fair comment. Type in Wire Drill Late Show on YouTube and you'll see what I'm getting at. Though, there must be hair extensions going on there to enhance 'the look' ...
    I meant "let's not go overboard" in reply to "we'll even forgive". Can anything truly make up for that hair? I mean, I liked He Said Omala an awful lot, but some hairstyles are just too shocking.
    "Though, there must be hair extensions going on there to enhance 'the look' ... "

    In the Rockpalast DVD I'm sure he has a sort of rat tail thing going on which by the time of the late show performance could have grown into that fully fledged mullet! :) But hey, I'm sure it looked great at the time :)
    Hello! James from Texas/USA.

    I'm a relative newcomer to Wire. I'd heard them mentioned in passing but for whatever reason I never gave them a chance until last year. On a friend's insistence I listened the first three albums and was naturally blown away. Really, there's nothing else like it. They instantly became favorites of mine. However, my friend made an unfortunate mistake in telling me that I "didn't have to worry about the rest of Wire's discography." For the longest time I heeded that, until I came across Read & Burn 1.

    Jesus. It sounded so good. Bands aren't supposed to come back from long hiatuses and sound like this. They're supposed to noodle around on aimlessly pretentious experiments or shamelessly revisit past glories. The confidence, the discipline, the intent behind it all... it's really one of my favorite musical releases of all time. Probably in my top 3. And I've loved everything they've released since, including the refreshingly zippy "One of Us." I'm currently working my way through Wire's 80s output and eagerly anticipating Object 47.

    As far as personal details go... I'm a graphic designer at one of the larger print shops in my area, an English major, a hopeless geek, and gay. That's about it I guess.
    I meant "let's not go overboard" in reply to "we'll even forgive".

    Ah, the subtle nuances of the English language, Craig! I thought you were seriously advocating that Mr Lewis' lion's mane of a mullet was acceptable. It's my last comment on the subject. I don't want to get Graham's back up - now that he can see it...
    wire are my favorite band, that says most of it. my favorite album out of all time (and space) is 154, but i have equal appreciation in different terms and contexts for each of wire's active periods. the trio of ideal copy-a bell is a cup-IBTABA gets a lot of play. send may be my second favorite wire album. judging from read & burn 03 and one of us, i'm thinking object 47 may even top it. i also greatly appreciate the solo work. among my top played is colin's early stuff, particularly A-Z and not to.

    i'm currently getting away from the extra fear in the states, residing for a time in finland with the rude familiars (they can be a bit cold and distant, but the engineering front is quite efficient!). originally out of north carolina, US (winston-salem) or thereabouts. i do what i can to survive while also remembering that life should be worthwhile. i attempt to make music on my own and with the rare compatible others, and am certainly inspired by wire.

    it's a bit surprising to me to see so many from the southeastern united states here, but maybe that means there will be a tour date for us! unfortunately i've never seen wire live, and am sad that it won't be with bruce, but i will definitely be there when they're within range.
    Harold from San Jose, CA, here. 44 yo. First heard Wire in the early 80s. Probably right after 154 came out. Grew up in Brooklyn, NY and lived in NYC til about 9 years ago. Actually, now that I think about it, I saw Minor Threat several times in NYC in 80-81, and I think that is when I first heard 12XU. Then tracked down all Wire recordings. I love groups that change and grow and mutate and Wire does not disappoint (alright, I probably don't listen to Life in the Manscape all that often). There are things I love about the first 3 albums, and then the Mute records, and then the Read & Burn/Send era. Glad that the group has taken control of their careers and recordings, and hopefully they are making more of a living now than when they were with the majors. Have most of Colin's solo stuff as well. Also really into all post-punk progressive pop, including Magazine, Tones on Tail, Joy Division, Gof4, Au Pairs, Chameleons, the Sound, Psych Furs, Killing Joke, XTC. Currently been grooving to Howard Devoto's Jerky Version of the Dream, Medium Medium's Hungry So Angry, and the recent re-release of Nick Lowe's Jesus of Cool. Recently downloaded Interpol's Our Love to Admire and Way of the West's digital-only compilation One Time, One Life on iTunes.