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    Harold - nice references there! always nice 2 hear about Magazine & Go4! never heard of Tones on Tail, so will be checking them out. when you say The Sound, are you referring to Adrian Borland's band? i have (i think) all their vinyl output & have yet to hear ANYBODY say they like them!! saying that, yer prob talking about a totally differetn band!
    Harold. Nice to hear of someone else who's a big fan of XTC. Unfortunately, unlike Wire who keep coming back (and changing direction) after lengthy sabbaticals, it's highly unlikely we'll here anything new from XTC now. That's very sad because - although completely different to Wire - they came from the same era, were constantly mutating and wrote exceptional songs for a hardcore loyal following. We will just have to make do with Andy Partridge's side projects and hope for a solo record in the not too distant future.
    i'm so glad it was that band! got all their lp's from the 80's - really rated 'em & was well surprised & disppointed that they never hit the charts - they certainly deserved it! i've got an Adrian Borland solo lp somewhere & i think he died a few years ago. shame!
    Hi. I only recently got into the Sound about 5 years ago, and have picked up almost all of the Renascent re-issues (though I think there is some legal issue now and the label has stopped selling certain CDs). Also, check out It talks alot about Adrian's suicide. The Sound were awesome and incredibly underrated. XTC was another favorite of mine. Saw them in 80-81 opening for the Cars at Madison Sq Garden (if you can believe it, after Black Sea came out), and then saw them about a year later at the New York Palladium with Joan Jett and Jools Holland. (That Jools certainly gets around!) Yes, I was readng on Chalkhills that it looks like XTC are no more--that Colin is not really interested in making music anymore. As for Tones on Tail, run--do not walk--and pick up their CD entitled "Everything."
    Was invited here by the good folks (special mention: Ari) on the Ideal Copy email list (which I just discovered as well). I'm from Pittsburgh USA and a huge Wire fan, especially the "middle period". I hope to get into some good discussions about the band and their work -- and am looking forward to "Object 47" as all of us are. Sean
    Hi all,

    Longtime member of the Ideal Copy email group, just getting round to the forum here. Nice to see some familiar names, and equally nice to see so many new ones. I'm Paul C.D. a.k.a. Another The Paul on Ideal Copy.
    My first exposure to Wire was similar to my discovery of many other bands. I picked up Chairs Missing because I liked the cover and figured there was also a good chance I'd like the music. That was probably somewhere between 1981-83. I dug it, but what really got me excited was the dugga dugga dugga of Snakedrill. That ep is one of what I consider to be perfect records, meaning everything about it is superb, from the outer sleeve to the runout grooves. I didn't get to see the band live until 2000, having blown a couple of opportunities in NY in the 80's. Have now seen them 3 times and am looking forward to their next stop in NY. Hopefully The 15th will still be part of the live set then.
    Hi all, I'm Yuval from Israel

    I first heard of Wire in the mid 80's when Colin produced Israeli band Minimal Compact's 3rd album "Raging Souls". I'm a fan since then. However, I've never seen Wire perform. Three years ago, I met Colin at a Githead gig in London and asked him if there's a chance that I will ever see Wire live. He said that this is very unlikely as they don't perform anymore. Gladly, Wire are on the road again and I am already booked to see them in Amsterdam on september 19th.
    Hi all--

    Great site and board. First introduced to Wire at a party in college (1986?). Some guy showed up with a cassette tape that had Pink flag through 154 on it and was changed. I'll never forget the quote of the evening, "Growing up all I ever heard on the radio was Rolling Stones and Pink Floyd -- where was this!!"

    Shortly after, The Ideal Copy came out, which has never left my personal heavy rotation for past 20 years.

    Nothing please me more than when they started pumping out the Read & Burn issues - and I think Send is one of the best albums they ever produced.

    Object 47 is exceptional as well. I regret that Wire is not coming to Detroit - not sure if I'll ever get to see them. But I do have my copy of the Scottish Play and I'm sure more live stuff will be forthcoming.

    Break a leg Wire - and my best to all on this board - I look forward to many great discussions.
    Hello there!
    I'm Tomasz from Poland. I've been listening to Wire for about 2-3 years and I love them!
    I really dig other post-punk bands like Public Image Ltd., Bauhaus, The Fall etc. and also punk, madchester, britpop... Great bands that seem to be forgotten or maybe unknown here in my country.
    Hope I'll have good time here.

    Tomasz J.
    not sure about the Madchester or britpop, but apart from that i'd concur wholeheartedly. do many well know UK/USA bands tour Poland? i guess that they're coming over more than 30 years ago?
    Most of these well know bands are newer artists from so-called indie scene which became so boring few years ago... From time to time old punk bands play here, like Buzzcocks, UK Subs or Vibrators. Great, big names are very rare. Sure, 30 years ago there were virtually no foreign bands here but come on, it was during cold war when Poland was behind the iron curtain
    "so-called indie scene which became so boring few years ago" the sad thing is that these type of bands still proliferate! and they all sound & look alike!! AWFUL!
    Hello from very hot & humid Hiroshima...........

    I'm Paul Thomsen Kirk aka AKATOMBO. I did the "Trace Elements" CD on Colin & Malka's SWIM imprint a few years back. I hail from Scotland. Been based in Japan for the last 10 years & counting.
    I suppose I'd better say hello.
    hello frenchbloke, i'm an englishbloke living in north america.................
    Hello, Hello!
    Stew from California.
    I absolutely loved WIRE and most "punk" bands British in the late 1970s/early 1980s (along with American groups TSOL, The Ramones, Dead Kennedys, Dickies, etc.) but as time wore on and I hit late adolescence I fancied myself a "serious" musician and started listening to classical music in an effort to learn stringed instruments from a more erudite perspective. And since so many cool bands had either split up or changed for the worst by the mid-80's anyway, I left my childhood behind and became a kind of neoclassical guitarist more interested in transcribing Locatelli violin concertos. You know, a real wanker.

    As I aged and wised-up (second time around), I began to revisit all of the old bands that had shaped my young life and given so much meaning to what could have been a halting, all-American existence void of taste or style like so many of the poodle-headed peers of yore who croaked for Halen and smelled like Ozzy. Thanks to the wonders of this machine we all virtually live in front of these days, I've been able to not only obtain most of my old record collection, but have discovered all that I had missed from about 1987 onward. 'The Ideal Copy', 'A Bell is a Cup...', and 'IBTABA' are at the top of the heap from that era and now that we are in the next century, thank God for 'Send' and 'Object 47' (among other incredibly clued-in recordings by that particular genus of genius thankfully still with us today).

    I am simply glad to be a part of it all again and am enjoying my renaissance of bright, biting, beautiful music made by the only people who ever mattered anyway.

    Thanks for having me!

    not much to say but figured I should make an appearance here - Chicago, crusty old broad - I like almost any kind of music, my biggest collection is probably holiday music - I'm a sucker for cheese ball anything and bad movies - Dan once bought me the Fiend Without A Face CD because he was in second hand shop, saw it, and knew it was my favorite "B" sci-fi flick - what better hostess gift when he was coming into town to see...oh, could it be?....Wire

    Nice to be here after lurking on the mailing list off and on for years - thanks for having me
    Hello all,

    Been a Wire fan ever since I saw their video for Ahead on canadian much music program City Limits in the mid 90's. Elastica's then popularity and Wire influence made me want to get their material and I eventually got the first three albums and wore them out , having trouble to this day knowing which is my favorite. I still absolutely love 154, I put it on every now and then and get lost in the great mix of experimentalism and pop smarts. Last night was a revelation for me as I finally witnessed my first Wire concert in Montreal where they hadn't played since 87. While I wish they played more classics, they were really energetic and respect them for releasing quality new material this decade when bands half their age are staging cash motivated reunions and mailing in their performances. They really were and still are post-punk masters, loving the way they used minimalism while their contemporaries of the class of 76 were more concerned with political slogans and shock value. Love the Wire.

    My name is Jean-Philippe and I live in Montpellier - another French bloke.
    My first contact with Wire was the ideal copy recorded on tape... Sincethen, they are part of my musical delights.
    I do not know what to say as there is so much to...
    Just a memory to share. I remember staring at the iron curtain listening to IBTABA on my walkman. A few weeks later, it fell...