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    Having just been looking at some clips of Wire on various TV programmes from round the world, it occurred to me that to my knowledge, they have never been on UK national TV playing live. They have been on MTV and satellite?? but not standard broadcast TV. There is a clip of them on So It Goes from '77 I think but that was regional TV. They were interviewed in the mid '80's on SNUB TV and had some standard videos played.

    Am I wrong?

    Moving along, surely then it's high time a band of such note made some history by making an appearance? It would also probably be a record as the last and slowest of their contemporaries of any stature to achieve such an honour.

    Not knowing much about how music gets onto TV, I would have thought the route would be some kind of documentary or a slot on one of the music shows. The only one I can think of is Jools Holland's Later.

    Anyone on the list got any suitable contacts to pursue?
    You are absolutely right Uri. Wire are up there with Peter Hammill as never appearing live on a National UK TV slot. I am sure there are others.
    There's a shed-load of music stuff on the 4 channels these days, and one of those shows might be suitable, although they appear more geared at the 'indie (honest)' crowd (i.e. stuff that's already famous, but that people think is up and coming) and the young'uns.
    In response to Kevin's comment about Peter Hammill.... Although it wasn't a live performance, there's a Hammill appearance on national TV in the UK that's worth mentioning: it was a 1980 episode of the BBC children's programme _Play Away_ with Brian Cant ("Give me a 'P', give me an 'L'," etc). Hammill pops up in a sequence shot at Tintagel Castle singing a song about King Arthur and Merlin (written specially for the show). He was even dressed as a medieval minstrel, complete with tabard and pink hose.
    i don't think colin is a fan of "later". shame , as the likes of magazine , GO4 and the only ones have turnded it great performances recently (ok , maybe the only ones wasn't that great). maybe "from the basement" or "live from abbey rd" might be options too , they're more "dry" shows without crowds or ivory-tinkling presenters.....?
    I can imagine it: Wire on Jools Holland. "And now, Wire with... OUTDOOR MINER!" Jools scuttles over to the piano, gets brained by several Wire guitarists.
    What about The Culture Show ? Probably about the only really suitable outlet.

    I'd love to see the lads interviewed by cutesy Lauren Laverne...

    Making the unmissable...unmissable !

    I wouldn't imagine quifftastic Mr.Kermode would be a Wire fan, and Andrew Graham-Dixon would just be too fawning.
    I always harboured hopes of a 'South Bank Show' profile; given some of the stuff they've covered in the past I always thought there was a shot, particularly in view of some of the extra-wire activities, but alas that ship has sailed.

    Did SBS once do a prog on Russell Mills?

    Which reminds me, The Shivering Man (extract from) was on national TV

    I digress
    Besides Skiffle, Kermode is indeed a post-punk fan. Particularly of the Comsat Angels, who he's always bigging up and claims are "better than Joy Division". In fact he introduced their reunion gig last year in Sheffield. Which was rather good. Sensibly stuck to their first couple of albums.

    Never heard him mention Wire, though I suspect he's familiar with them at the very least.

    i recall david baddiel on some talk show saying something like " mark kermode was in my class at school. he's really called mark johnson. why's he gone and renamed himself after a toilet?"

    but i digress. i thought the lydon culture show thing was very fawning indeed. i suppose it was ok but i'm still not really convinced by the new band or regretting my decision to give the tour a miss. i think wire would need a hugely bigger profile (and a big label PR push) to get anywhere near that show (or later for that matter). that's why i thought maybe "from the basement" might be more possible as it seems more like anyone nigel godrich fancies or can rope in. and when its good , its very good. p
    I think the South Bank Show has been canned as part of ITV's fight for survival.

    I also recall that Lauren Laverne claimed to be a Wire fan. For me, it has to be the Culture Show then. I have no problem with a fawning Andrew Graham-Dixon or even post-punk fan Kermode but it sounds a good environment for them.

    Does Lauren twitter/tweet? I don't. I guess the guys would have to be active with something new to gain some attention so the opportunity could relate to the new release plans and progress. Better story than Lydon's return to play old stuff surely?

    Not seen 'from the basement'.
    Laverne's a Wire fan ? Stunning. Off to a good start then. It certainly would make sense to wait till a new Wire product is available, and the tour and festival appearances to flog it, to make a punt for a spot on The Culture Show. Tie in Pink Flag book while they're at it too... Can't do them any harm. You know it makes sense lads ! ;-)

    Past large scale appearances that would've been ideal for The Culture Show: RFH retrospective, flag:burning (an art/music combo that would have had Andrew Graham-Dixon wetting himself). Though I don't think The Culture Show was around then. Radio 3's "Mixing It" was their outlet at the time. Enough free speech, more TV !
    Wasn't some of the last tour filmed for future release or did I imagine that?
    I seem to remember hearing something to that effect too...
    I do indeed remember the Peter Hammill as King Arthur etc.
    The UK is seriously lacking with a lot of 'live' appearances from UK bands. The OGWT was good for that and Magazine and PiL made good use of that slot.
    My thoughts on Jools Holland have already been expressed elsewhere.
    The Culture Show...hmmm. A case of blink and you miss it. The recent John Lydon 'special' whilst long overdue was woeful in its brevity.