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    I guess it was inevitable, but we finally got some spam sign-up attempts on our wee corner of the internet. Memberships to this forum are manually approved, but since it's not always possible to tell what's genuine and what's fake, we might see a 'bot or spammer slip through the net. If this happens, please email me immediately and I'll deal with any junk on the forum.

    I'm at craiggrannell at
    so now you're against Monty Python?
    Oh my aching sides
    He's back!
    this is exactly what i was thinking..
    If you're both suggesting what I think you are... nah, there's no Killing Joke reference, and A Previous User would never have been able to contain himself to four-word posts. Brevity was never his strong suit.
    In the admin interface we're now getting the odd email address from 10-minute email sources. Please keep a watchful eye for idiots.
    Another warning: I just approved some new accounts, some of which looked a bit iffy. Please email me directly if we get any spammers/idiots posting.