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    The excellent new album by Liars has a track called 'Too Much, Too Much' which has not only has a real 80s Wire feel to it but features a bit of a melody running through it that sounds lifted straight from 'Practice Makes Perfect'.
    It's a wonderful track and given that Liars have played with Wire I'd say it was more of an homage than a wholesale rip-off Menswear stylee.

    See what you think (around about 0:43)
    yeah, i was listening it to the album the other day and thinking the same thing. that guitar part is so obviously copied from practice makes perfect that i guess it can only be a homage. i wonder if in such cases they ask the band for permission before releasing it.
    Like the Kidney Bingos song I also think this is a bit of a stretch. Neither riff is so unique that another band wouldn't stumble upon it accidentally.
    oh well, even assuming they stumbled upon it accidentally (which i don't believe), i'd be very surprised that a band like Liars that knows Wire's music pretty well does not recognize a classic riff from a classic track of a classic Wire album...
    anyway, anyone i played the song to said "practice makes perfect" no longer than 3 seconds after the bass riff starts.
    It's not as much of a 'steal' as the Elastica or Menswear tunes where they also ape Colin's vocal style, drums, bass everything but I think that is a pretty distinctive part, as Biccios test has proved.

    Bands have ended up giving away royalties for less 'borrowing' than that. Remember that business with New Order's 'Run' and John Denver? More recently the hugely over-rated Florence and her Machine, quite rightly, had to reimburse the mighty Gang Gang Dance for a blatant steal of both a lyric and melody from a very good GGM track. Florence "re-interpreted" it as Middle-of-the-road slop.

    Given that Liars are a Mute label act I wonder if they've already squared it with Wire?

    The 2nd disc of the LP is remixes/re-recordings by the likes of TVOTR, Thom Yorke and so forth. Shame they didn't ask Wire for one in return for borrowing the riff.
    Not bought the last couple of Liars albums for some reason, but I've ordered this one. Looking forward to hearing Alan Vega's contribution (the Dueltonal Remix apparently).

    Tracklisting below...

    CD2: Reinterpretation
    1. Scissor (Pink Dollaz, Lance Whitaker & Transformation Surprise Remix)
    2. No Barrier Fun (Duetonal Remix)
    3. Here Comes All The People (Atlas Sound Remix)
    4. Drip (Kazu Makino Remix)
    5. Scarecrows On A Killer Slant (Tunde Adebimpe Remix)
    6. I Still Can See An Outside World (Boyd Rice Remix)
    7. Proud Evolution (Thom Yorke 500qd Remix)
    8. Drop Dead (Fol Chen Remix)
    9. The Overachievers (Devendra Banhart & The Grogs Remix)
    10. Goodnight Everything (Melvins Remix)
    11. Too Much, Too Much (Carter Tutti Remix)
    I prefer Lyres to Liars.
    I didn't realise it was Alan Vega. His version is very good, he adds a bit of an 'answering' vocal to it. The last, self-titled, Liars album was really really dull, but 'Drum's not Dead' is really good and this one is a real return to form.
    It's hard to believe but Alan Vega is 72 this year.
    anybody hear the same practice makes perfect motif, played by what sounds like a french horn, about 2 minutes into the shutter island scene where dicaprio is getting sick on the boat on his way to the island..?

    (or is it just me & i'm hearing it everywhere..?)

    Yes it's definately there, with added variations, and it's called Fog Tropes, played by the Orchestra of St. Lukes, conducted by John Adams.

    Fog Tropes was written by Ingram Marshall. It appears on John Adams American Elegies album.
    Can't say I noticed it, which isn't to say it isn't there of course... I'd quite like to get the soundtrack, even though I have much of what's on it, such as the Ligeti, Penderecki, Feldman and Eno pieces, but I'm not familiar with Ingram Marshall, and rather enjoyed it. First time I've ever heard Feldman in a film, especially something as high calibre as Scorsese. Surprised to see (hear rather) Scorsese use one of the same Penderecki pieces as Kubrick used in The Shining. Extremely atmospheric, but carries too much baggage from The Overlook hotel for my money...
    I saw LIARS at SXSW. Before they played they were playing Pink Flag on the speakers.
    Well I got the soundtrack to Shutter Island and it's terrific. I'd highly recommend it, whether you see the film or not. That Ingram Marshall piece Fog Tropes is excellent, incredibly atmospheric - I'm a sucker for foghorns. There used to be a great deep one near where I grew up, gone now sadly, but not before I got a recording of it... Fair play to Sandblast for noticing the Practice Makes Perfect bassline (on the brass parts) as it's fairly subtly woven into the music. Definitely there though. Composed in 1982, it postdates Chairs Missing... It was the Ligeti piece (the magnificent Lontano) from The Shining that Scorsese used, not Penderecki as I said before. Christ, you'd think by now I should know me Ligeti from me Penderecki !
    Liars played a great show in Dublin last week. A world away from what I saw them do supporting Wire in Tramway in 2004 (I remember enjoying it, but it was much more shambolic). Picked up a copy of the Sisterworld album at the merch. stall and have been playing it a lot since. Very impressive. They've really forged their own sound now, and very engaging and intriguing it is. My gig photos can be seen here.
    They're tremendous live, and I like the way they keep evolving and confounding what people expect of them. They rarely play in the UK but I make a point of seeing them because like Wire, you never know quite what you're going to get. I think these are in for the long haul, so we might be hearing from Liars for some years to come and they haven't yet made their best record.