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    Heard this on Peel in '79 and taped it then promptly lost the tape after only a few listens. Tried to track it down on vinyl and failed. It came into my head a few days ago so thanks to the wonders of t'internet I tracked down an MP3 which I make available for all your delight

    It's an extraordinarily accomplished track by a group I know nothing about except that Mike Scott of The Waterboys was involved but I never saw them gig or know of any released material other than the EP from which it came DNV: Death in venice b/w mafia and intro to goodbye 1970's.

    Anybody else rate it or know anything about them?

    it's the only single they have done. almost impossible to find, apart from ebay or discogs at absurd prices, so thanks for sharing. nice.
    short after that Mike Scott started recording with Another Pretty Face, you can find examples here:
    Thanks biccio, Jan has also filled me in with some detail about the band/recording. It was a song by the then Bootlegs, a 1978 band that got released later as DNV ie Death iN Venice.

    I'm especially awestruck by the guitarwork on the track. It just keeps building up and what a crescendo. Aaah, they don't make 'em like that anymore.