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    The Stooges have been inducted into the HOF.

    The introduction was by the bloke of Green Day and he mentioned loads of 'mentally disturbed' bands who were apparently influenced by The Stooges, with Wire amongst them.

    You can watch it here...(about 7.30 in)

    The acceptance speech is here (Iggy suddenly gets a bit choked up)

    Best of all there's a live performance of Search & Destroy here. Iggy's voice is a little shot, but it's a pretty good version IMO.
    The R&R Hall of Fame is utterly meaningless. A band like The Stooges were turned down for 9 consecutive years, while non-musicians (i.e.: The Monkees) go right in. Seems more like a popularity contest than anything else. If it did have any true meaning, Wire would already be nominated and voted in.
    I don't disagree, but seeing as it exists it was good to The Stooges get some recognition. And it was good to see them perform live, and to hear the likes of Wire etc get a mention.

    Not sure why you're picking on The Monkees, mind.
    Actually, the Monkees haven't been inducted. For the record, Peter Tork and Michael Nesmith were both professional musicians prior to the Monkees--who, while they weren't a real band, did play on their albums from "Headquarters" forward and proved to be quite influential in the long term. '(I'm Not Your) Steppin' Stone' became a standard for punk and hardcore bands, and the Monkees have the distinction of being the first rock performers to use a synthesizer on record.
    Having said that, I heartily agree with specotron that the Hall is meaningless. (James Taylor is in, but Chubby Checker is out? Come on.)
    HOF "meaningless" ?......depends on your definition of "meaningless", I suppose. The Sex Pistols are the only band I know of who refused to inducted, but everyone else participated, so I guess it meant a lot to them. and it's not like it's made up of crap bands and all the good ones didn't get in. and it's good business to have a bit of controversy. gives people something to talk about. having said that I think the voting process should be more democratic and the criteria should be narrowed down. blowhard critics and journalists shouldn't be the only ones to get to vote. the eagles, leonard cohen, and madonna may have a huge following and sold tons of records, but c'mon, that ain't rock. that's just the commerce part of the music biz. I'd take those three out for starters and replace them with jethro tull, ny dolls, Wire, and brian eno. get some freaky shit goin' on !----
    now that, that's rock!!
    when songs are layed in the crypt they shd stay there.
    he's definitely not rock, but i don't think i'd put leonard cohen at the same level of madonna...
    i quite like his first three albums actually.
    I'll go along with Sprectron saying that it is meaningless to any1 outside the music industry! It's just as meaningless as the Oscars are to any1 outside the film making industry! Or the BAFTA's, or the "air conditioning salesman of the year"!

    It's just an excuse for the people in that industry to have a piss-up & a back-slapping exercise! If the money spent on these ridiculous extravaganzas were saved, then records, dvd's, air conditioning etc would be that much cheaper for us mags that pay for 'em!
    yeah, but the above mentioned "music industry" really doesn't exist anymore. they no longer have the power/ clout that they used to have. different playing field. the INTERNET was the game-changer. so, for me, the HOF is useful from a historical point of view, but you have get it right and include the bands that had a major impact. kids today should know about the the Grateful Dead, i.e., that they were light years ahead of it's time in operating outside of the mainstream and the 1st band to encourage
    file sharing (tapes) of their shows on a massive level.
    but it is still a 'back-slapping' exercise! if it were there to educate 'kids' about history of music, i'd applaud the idea! However, i feel my cynicism may be nearer the truth & also kids find out much more from the net (& elder siblings/parents?)than 'institutes' such a hof
    Well, hmm. I suppose for me the Hall of Fame is kind of like reading record reviews or those "Top 1000 Albums" lists or something along those lines. At the end of the day I may totally disagree, but will listen in nonetheless.

    Also, all the banter that surfaces around the edges before/during/after (interviews, bios, more minutiae along those lines) tends to keep the proceedings somewhat lively. Benny Andersson's speech when accepting Abba's award was quite nice, for example, and offset the tedium of Frida's. And where would we be without more self-deprecating comments from Phil Collins about how no one really likes him or Genesis, they're just being polite?

    However, although they did a commendable job of Watcher Of The Skies, I'm not sure why someone didn't stop Phish and suggest: "uh, guys? No Reply At All? Not really your field, don't you think?"

    Beyond that, my favorite Hall Of Fame discussion is by no less than Steely Dan themselves (more Walter Becker than Donald Fagen, admittedly). A hilarious read:
    good point, GB. don't entirely disagree. as long as the stooges, the velvets, and the pistols are in, I'm cool.
    The 'Hall of Fame' is a Horrible American concept, translated from sport. Truly unpleasant idea.

    "The 'Hall of Fame' is a Horrible American concept, translated from sport. Truly unpleasant idea."

    Just cos Chicory Tip aren't in it.

    ; )
    "The 'Hall of Fame' is a Horrible American concept, translated from sport. Truly unpleasant idea."

    so using your criteria one could say that the Victoria and Albert Museum in london is a truly Horrible British concept? ditto for mick jones collection of R'n'R memorabilia? if the induction ceremony is so lame then why is it so rare to find a musician who refuses to participate? the museum itself is a stunning building designed by I.M.Pei. the collection, library, and archives is nothing less than extraordinary. the goofball induction party is sometimes a bit over the top- but hey, that's rock'n'roll. you lot
    just know how to have fun! ha, ha;)
    I thought the U.S. bashing left with whatsisname...
    "so using your criteria one could say that the Victoria and Albert Museum in london is a truly Horrible British concept?"

    If only you'd written Natural History Museum there I could have replied with my "well they're both full of dinosaurs" gags.

    "If only you'd written Natural History Museum there I could have replied with my "well they're both full of dinosaurs" gags. "

    actually I think I was right the first time. have you ever been to a gathering of the trustees at an oh so splendid soiree (ha,ha)
    at the good old V & A? Quelle Horreur!!!
    It's horrible because it reduces art to a competition. A panel of "experts" deeming such and such an artist to be worthy of inclusion while another is rejected. Maybe works for sport, where achievement is measured as absolutes. But "judging" music is more complex, no?

    I'm not America-bashing, simply pointing out that the concept is American. And horrible.

    M ;-)
    Freakbag, in what way is the V&A conceptually different from any other museum, British, American or otherwise?