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    I just wanted to check what vocal parts Bruce did with the band, beyond The Other Window and the spoken part on the album version of Ambitious.
    From memory Bruce also vocalised on Ticking Mouth from the Wir album. There is some contribution of his on Pieta ("which way Michael") errrr no doubt there's more but the little grey cells (said in a Belgian accent) aren't firing on all cylinders.
    I'd allways thought the 'Which way Michael' was a sample of film dialouge or something similar. Would the vocal part on Illuminated also be him, then?
    Isn't that him 'singing' on Half Eaten ?
    His vocals are also on Flagwearing on the first He Said album. 'Ticking Mouth' I'd rate as his best. Presume he wrote those words, and it sounds like he means it.
    Really? Ambitious? I always thought that was Graham through and through.

    His deadpan reading of Kidney Bingos on The Haring is worth a mention.

    The Half Eaten voice and the A Bargain At 3 And 20, Yeah! voice are awfully similar, whoever they are.
    It's definitely Bruce on "Half Eaten."
    I'm basing my assumption that the spoken part on Ambitious (the one that sounds vaguley like it's delivered down the phone) is Bruce on his tone of voice on the Rockpalast interview. It's just an educated guess, really.
    I never knew it was Bruce on 'Half Eaten'. Listened back to it just now and of course it is! I clearly wasn't paying attention at the time.

    Isn't it Bruce who intones 'Buzz Buzz' on Eardrum Buzz just before it goes back into the verse?

    One of the things I love about 154 is the interaction of the different voices of Wire, and indeed I generally like it when bands have more than one person who takes lead vocals. You get some interesting contrasts. I think Mr Lewis' vocal chords have been a bit underused in Wire of late so hopefully we'll hear more from him on the next record. Maybe Bruce could phone in a cameo part too....
    that would be nice but i'm afraid pretty unlikely to happen..
    maybe some vocal contribution from Margaret ? Wire with female vocals would be something completely new.
    but then i don't even know whether she'll be participating at the new record at all or she'll just be playing live.
    "i don't even know whether she'll be participating at the new record at all or she'll just be playing live."

    Yeah, I was wondering about that myself.
    Not sure she's doing either.

    Bruce 'sang' Ticking Mouth live with Wir at the Mean Fiddler in 1990. A true showman, the performance involved sitting down at a keyboard toward the rear of the stage and putting his glasses on (he didn't wear them all the time back then).

    Don't forget 'Long lost life' on Dome 2.

    'Long Lost Life' is one of my favorite Dome compositions. Didn't Bruce sing (or speak) a couple of lines in 'Airmail' from the first Dome album, too? I have no idea what the lyrics are, but there's a line that sounds like "A random act of kindness passes by"...and that always sounded like Bruce to me.
    "Long Lost Life" is excellent. Possibly Bruce refraining on "It Can't Be True Can It?" Also, the wonderful "There Are" from "The Shivering Man"
    Always loved Bruce's vocals on 'Ticking Mouth', don't know what they're about but it's a very touching performance.

    Also thought that it was Bruce who said the repeated 'wags' part in 'Children of Groceries'?
    i like this thread. i'm going to make now a nice playlist with all the above mentioned songs. "Bruce sings..."
    Ha ! Here's my chance to cheekily shoe-horn in my own composition based on some of Bruce's utterences to add to your playlist Fabrizio, which was originally done to mark his 60th, and includes the ripe bit of invective that comes after the Dome 1 song Madmen -"Anybody touches these fucking bags I'll cut their fucking head off with a fucking axe... I'll fucking piss on it..."


    The track can be heard here. Click on 60 Seconds (for Bruce Gilbert)
    Two questions, Fergus:
    1. Who's that at the begining, and where's it from?
    2. Is the I Am The Fly riff Bruce? I allways thought it was Colin. I think that's what Mike Thorne said anyway?

    It's a great little piece, that. I'm going to have to listen to Dome 1 now.

    I'm listening to Dome 1, and couldn't it be Bruce on Here We Go?
    Thanks for the kind words Mixtil. The person at the beginning is from the Radio 3 programme Mixing it, I think his name is Robert Sandall. It (and the other sections where Bruce is describing his approach) is from an interview Colin and Bruce did in April 2003, in the run up to the flag:burning event at The Barbican. Pretty sure the fly riff is Bruce's, hence its inclusion in the piece. Apparently Bruce chanced upon a particular delay pedal setting that created the signature sound, and it was built out from there. Yes, I always thought that was Bruce on Here We Go.
    Liking Clot The Broth, Fergus!