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    Cheers Keith !
    Just checked Kevin's book re I Am The Fly, and I was sorta right... here it is verbatim:

    Graham: "I Am The Fly" was basically the noise. Bruce found it on one of Colin's guitar foot pedals. Colin put some chords to it, and we played the riff for about half an hour.

    Colin: It was great to jam along to. It was at the time of the Euro-disco sound, and I thought it would be good to speed it up and get a kind of disco feel, and that's how it came about.
    taoyoyo wrote: "Also thought that it was Bruce who said the repeated 'wags' part in 'Children of Groceries'?"

    To me, it sounds like Bruce intones "and" between "before it wags" and "betrays us all".
    Yup, you're right Plenescence... it must be the first time I've listened to it on really decent speakers (have heard it more times on headphones than I can remember). It gets progressively clearer throughout the song.

    A shame really, I liked the idea of Bruce saying 'wags'.

    In Kevin's book, Colin (I think) says that the demo version was better. Would love to hear that (but then I have a soft spot for 'Manscape').
    Hmmm.... What about P'o's "Time And Time"? The main vocals are almost certainly Bruce. Also, while most of the vocals in th round at the end of "40 Versions" seem to just be Graham and Colin multitracked, I seem to detect other, harder to recognise voices, including what may be Bruce's.

    Speaking of mystery voices, who does the monologue on "Get Down, Pts. I & II"?
    I allways presumed that was Robert on Get Down. Isn't that his track on that EP?

    Talking of that EP, does it have a proper title?
    "Time and Time" sounds like Graham to me.
    Rob's track is Song 1

    Get Down Pts 1&2 is Colin's
    I thought "Song 1" was Robert's... Although he appears on both tracks, so I'm not sure.

    Listening again, the voice on "Time And Time" can go either way... Graham's vocals are rarely that *dry*, though, even when doing spoken parts, in particular on that album. Honestly, I'm stumped.

    Another auditory sighting, much more certain: The "tape" voice on "It Can't Be True Can It?"

    P.S. I keep hearing about these late '80s demo recordings... What's on them? Will they ever be released? Are they really as exceedingly interesting as they sound...?

    P.P.S. Didn't initially see your message, Mark... Thank you.

    And yet, the question remains.
    trust me ......It's Graham...100% certain.
    Then must I give up my hat, sir?
    P.S. Referencing the voice to Bruce's quintessential performance ("Ticking Mouth")... It is indeed Graham.
    I believe Song 1 is performed by Rob, Colin and Des Simmonds. Similar personnel on Get Down, probably.
    Song 1 is The Repetitive Stoats
    ...who weren't too far personnel-wise from Soft Option.

    Digression engaged.

    Bruce's voice does sporadically seem to appear in his more ambient/industrial solo work (excluding The Haring), often in odd contexts; "Push" from Music For Fruit is a fine example of this, however cut-up and incomprehensible it is.
    Those Newman-related side projects in full:

    Repetitive Stoats: Newman/Gotobed/Simmonds/Slim Smith. But who plays what?
    A-Z band: Newman/Gotobed/Simmonds (bass) /Mike Thorne (kbds)
    Soft Option: Newman/Gotobed/Simmonds (gtr) /Simon Gilham (bass)
    '82 Venue band: Newman/Gilham (gtr) /Charles Arthur (bass)/ reel-to-reel

    Soft Option toured in 81 and recorded Not To
    The Repetitive Stoats:
    Newman - kazoo
    Gotobed - washboard
    Simmonds - tea chest bass
    Smith - spoons
    Is Get Down 1 + 2 Soft Option, then?

    Also, is, as I suspect, Blur's Song 2 a Wire reference?
    Get Down is the Stoats.