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    This quote from Desmond clarifies the credits on Roberts track:
    Desmond: That was basically The Repetitive Stoats group that Colin, Robert and I had formed. The 'Smith' who was also credited is Slim Smith, who did the voice on Colin's piece, and 'David' was the engineer. Colin played the bass on that. Robert never liked that recording.
    Quel curieux!
    Reading the liner notes to Send Ultimate, I noticed Bruce mentioned about Half Eaten that he couldn't have sung more with Wire because doing it live would have been impossible.

    Would Bruce not be able to play complex parts and sing at the same time? Or was it some kind of shyness? (I seem to remember he played Ticking Mouth at least once live)
    From what I can tell from interviews, he was/is prone to extreme stage fright when confronted with having to sing in front of people; getting him to perform "Ticking Mouth" was a bit of a fluke, and even then required a great deal of coaxing. It's disappointing really, as I rather like Bruce's voice, with or without mountains of distortion...
    Mmh, it has really interesting qualities to it. If he'd been clever, he could have beaten Tricky to the whole 'speechsinging' thing.
    He did. Sort of. Listen to the interplay between Bruce's monologue and the opening bars of Robert's hell-beat on "The Other Window" and tell me that Massive Attack weren't taking notes...