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    Wire have some plans for back catalogue releases this year although various delays have meant we are not quite as ahead with that schedule as we might be.

    Over the last couple of years, in terms of physical items, "Send" has more or less gone out of print, "read & burn 01" has been that way for 3 or 4 years now, "read & burn 02" was never available outside of mail order & show sales (and is long gone as a physical item) the "12 Times U" 7" is now a highly sought collectors item.. So rather than just re-press "Send" we've decided to re-release it as a double (for a price only slightly higher than a single album - eg £11.00 from our mail order ) with the 2nd album featuring all the "extra" tracks from 01/02 & 12 times U + some unreleased material. The full package will be called "SEND : ULTIMATE" and will include extensive liner notes by Wilson Neate featuring comment from ALL those involved.

    Here's what's on disc 2 (disc one being the same as the original; "send")

    1 I Don't Understand 3:18
    2 Trash/Treasure 5:08
    3 Raft Ants 2:05
    4 Germ Ship 1:51
    5 1st Fast 1:41
    6 Artificial Gravity 6:14
    7 DJ Fuckoff 5:30
    8 12 Times U 1:40
    9 Our Time (minimal mix) 4:24
    10 Desert Diving (alt mix) 5:22
    11 12 Times X 1:30

    There will also be a way to get the "Metro Chicago 14th September 2002" as a download for an additional small fee (mail order customers will get the 3 albums for £12.50) - Everyone who does that will get information about the legal bootleg series (in which the Metro release will also feature) We are just awaiting the finalising of one small item before this gets rolled out. As soon as we are able we will do a full mail out on this issue. We hope to have "Send : Ultimate" available in June.
    Hot damn all around. The phrase "unreleased material" connected with Wire rings Pavlov's bell with me.
    Oh, Sick.
    "featuring comment from ALL those involved."

    If that isn't a reference to dear departed Bruce, I'm a monkey's uncle.

    Gibber, gibber ....
    On a slightly different note, I picked up another new unoffical Vinyl bootleg last week on the net.
    "Wire 1976 Demo" on Blue vinyl for anybody that is interested.
    First: I think this is outstanding, and I've been hoping there would be a new physical-media copy of 12 Times U at some point. Thank you, Wire, for continuing to do what you do.

    A question, though: is Send going to be the same master as the first edition?

    Because, um, I hate saying things like this because it sounds 1) snooty and 2) ungrateful that Wire is still recording and offering material at all, and 3) who the hell am I to whine about how Wire chooses to do things?, but:

    The CD of Send is sonically (not, by any means, musically) one of the worst in my collection. It just feels bad.

    I was tempted to blame Denis Blackham, but then looking through a discography of projects that he has worked on I was interested to find many, many albums (both new masters and remasters) that sound fantastic - even on "difficult music" projects like Gilbert/Hampson/Kendall's Orr there is a clarity to the sound that just doesn't happen on Send. Send sounds like it is going to war with whatever it is being played on - an interesting effect, but I think the music suffers as a result.

    I don't think numbers necessarily prove much, but pulling a track into some fancy audio editor reveals what I feared - the levels are all shoved up to the maximum, leaving very little breathing room. A traditional, good CD player and amp barely get through it without whimpering, but then moving the songs to a portable player? Forget it. Even the brutal Nice Streets Above (one of my favorites) would stand to gain immeasurably from being reigned in even just a smidge.

    Just an observation.

    Unsolicited, snooty advice: what's a forum for?
    Are Swim still intending to release Landing on vinyl??
    Anybody know what Artificial Gravity is?
    No idea Ian... but it's a long one at over six minutes...

    From Johnny Piss Off to DJ Fuck off... Wire have come a long way since '76, haven't they ? ;-)
    Great news this, What's DJ Fuckoff?!
    From what I can remember, this was Colin's DJ alter ego from about 10 years ago.
    (Am I the only person here who hopes that "Artificial Gravity" is a Send-era reworking of "Gravity Worship"?)
    Would the 2000s Peel Sessions be a release under official bootlegs umbrella?
    It'd be great to hear those.
    Hi folks, sorry have been away being a new dad. New Wire album due in 2011 and now unreleased stuff on Send. does life get any better ?
    yep, Wire tour constantly. prob not gonna happen tho!!!!
    Send Ultimate due for a July 20th release:
    According to this my local indie already has stock for a Monday (5 July) release:

    A record out in the shops before it's available online? Whatever next? ;)
    2000's wire sessions, YUMMY
    I've got my mits on a copy of Send Ultimate, I'd normally buy direct from PF but since there was a copy staring at me from the shelf I thought I'd support my local record shop as well as Wire.

    Comes in a tidy looking mini DVD case, same size as a CD but sideways on. Wilson has provided some superbly well written sleeve notes, given the job he did on the Pink Flag book and this I'd love to read a full Wire history by Mr Neate.

    There are comments by the band, including Bruce and Robert, on all the tracks and bonus tracks. It's short but informative and it is good to have some more context about the linage of some of the tracks. I never realised when Send originally came out how much of Bruce there was in there. The story of how Nice Streets Above came about is particularly intriguing.

    So much to say and I haven't even listened to it yet! Looking forward to given Send a proper listen as it's been a while, and of course I can't wait to hear the extra tracks.

    As for the download series, Hats off to Mr Bursa! looks very exciting and what an great trio of gigs to start with. Love the way the sleeves look. I can see myself burning mine to CD and making a DiY box set out of them,

    Not sure I'd be able to do anything as amazing as these New Order fans though...check this out!:
    Mm. Someone nicked the New Order set with the book—I felt really sorry for the guy who'd spent all that time making it, but he just used this as an excuse to make another set!