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    "But PLEASE don't let Eno near Wire.."

    I don't think there's any danger of that. Coldplay is more his thing nowadays, and presumably U2 will have him block-booked for their next snore-fest.
    Exactly. I can't imagine Eno even getting close to Wire. They both have got bugger all to do with each other.
    ... With the exception of Eno appearing on a He Said album.
    Well … yes …
    But in a barely there cameo.
    Listening to samples from the T&CC recording.

    Damn, this is excellent. "Free Falling Divisions" is infinitely improved by Graham's creepy harmonies, "Follow the Locust" is shockingly lively, "Ambitious" hurtles like an overexcited comet... My only real qualm insofar is the bass distortion on "It's A Boy" which, as on ABIAC, seems just a tad *excessive*, but even this is only a minor quibble.

    On a related note: The Jeanetta Cochrane shows sound *has* been improved (at points greatly), but not as much as I'd have cared for. However, the sound does improve somewhat with an increase in volume, and the show is exceptional... Which makes it all the more disheartening that the original master still hasn't been found. Oh, to hear "The Spare One" without tape distortion!
    I'm loving the '80s stuff—such a different version of that era of Wire. FFD is much improved, as you say, with those vocals, and Queen Of Ur is this churning, angry track versus the quite placid album take.
    And now Strays has found its way to my ears, I just want to shut Wire in a studio until they rerecord the whole of Bell Is A Cup. Boiling Boy is fantastic.
    Pr*ck-tease! ; )
    Hmm... How about The Ideal Copy, too? "Still Shows" never gets any love! The overall chemistry of the individual instruments on that song is beautiful; it's almost Wire's answer to dub, but crossbred with English folk.

    Or how about revisiting "Point Of Collapse", but in the manner of the 1986 tour version: Paranoid and electrified?!

    I should probably stop myself before I start suggesting random '80s B-sides-

    "Pieta"! "Illuminated"!! "Harry Houdini"!!!
    IC does seem oddly glossed over, given that Wire's happily dug up bits from Snakedrill (in fact, *everything* from Snakedrill) and Bell. Ahead is the one IC track I'm quite surprised they've not brought back—it's a great piece and one that always worked better live than on the album. It's also one of Wire's most recognisable ’80s tracks.
    The live recordings of "Ahead" I've heard border on "Pink Flag" level ferocity... I suppose it has something to do with the tension of the Ideal Copy sessions more than the material itself, but I'm just guessing here.
    There was a version of Ahead they did on the Manscape tour which was quite odd. As I recall it sort of stopped and slowed down at the chorus. A mate of mine found it unnecessarily irreverant, which was a problem he had generally with Colin Newman's live delivery (late 80s / early 90s)
    That was the 'swung-dancey' version... wasn't sure if it was meant to be ironic (along with 'Eardrum Bingos'). Not sure if it ever recorded as a studio version?
    • CommentAuthorcc says...
    • (CommentTimeJan 5th 2011)
    "Free Falling Divisions" improved? The studio version is a great track! Now you've convinced me to sign up for this series...

    got to sort out the new album first, though--decide on my media and whatnot.
    Can anybody enlighten me as to when the next batch of bootlegs will be available, and what shows will be featured? Also, does anybody have any idea whether this will be repeated or will be the only series?
    In theory, the next lot are due in March, but I've no idea if the schedule's still on course. Not sure about the shows. A second series depends on sales of the first and we won't know about that until this summer.
    From the Legal Bootleg Series page on PF:

    "potential gigs for inclusion are superior versions of: 29 Feb 1980 Electric Ballroom, London; 07 June 1985 MOMA, Oxford; 28 Feb 2004 Club Quattro, Osaka."

    and the FAQ:

    1. When are the last batch of three gigs to be released?
    We are aiming for three-month intervals which would suggest March 2011.

    5. Do you plan a second series?
    A lot depends on the success of this one but if this proves to be a genuine hit with the core fans there are many directions this project can be taken in. There is certainly material of a variety of types from a variety of sources.

    A little research goes a long way...
    To 7jlong:
    Thanks for doing that research for me. However, I was angling for updates on that situation, since I read that ages ago and wondered if anybody was privy to news or rumours subsequent to your quotes. Y'know, just a friendly question that I didn't have the answer to ...

    To Craig:
    Thanks for your reply. That's what I was after.

    1980 elec ballroom: hope not, as it's bleedin' awful song-wise!
    1985 moma, oxford: kind of redundant with the excellent wav files of the bloomsbury show on the DVD thereof.
    2004: could be good

    My wish list:
    - a set from the 2000 garage shows
    - the 1985 set from the hammersmith clarendon, but only if it includes marc riley and the creepers' support set!
    - a US 80s show with Roadrunner

    Does anybody have the Clarendon show, with or without The Creepers? (but preferably with)

    Does anybody have the Clarendon show, with or without The Creepers? (but preferably with)

    I have my own bootleg of The Clarendon gig, which was June 1986, without Marc Riley. Recorded on a Sony walkman with automatic record levels. Quality fair to middling I suppose, all things considered. Great raw, tense versions of Snakedrill/Ideal/Bell songs that changed almost beyond recognition on the albums. You're welcome to a copy. Email me at fergus[at]