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    Electric Ballroom would make sense if it was complete and with great sound quality, otherwise I'm not sure it makes much sense. Personally, I'll like to get something around the time of Melkweg, Amsterdam (Oct ’86) and then something from the Manscape/Wir days. However, I think Wire's reluctant to do 1990s stuff, due to the lack of Rob.
    Just for the novelty of it all, I'd love to hear one of those 80s shows that included the Ex-Lion Tamers opening with Pink Flag. A nice little two-disc set …
    Yeah I'd like to hear a set from the Manscape era, it's a murky corner of their career that I don't know much about. I hadn't twigged that Robert wasn't on drums by then, I had just assumed he was absent for that small handful of Wir gigs later on.
    I seem to recall Mark B saying a while ago there was no decent audio from that era, only the 'Exploded Views' disc which is just 4 tracks, although one would hope the whole show would have been recorded and maybe still exists somewhere.

    What would a typical setlist have been? I know this was when they were doing that Eardrum/Bingos (an early example of Mash-up!)

    Another question which I probably should know the answer to, I notice Wir performed two gigs in 92-93 which are entitled "I Saw You". What did that entail?
    R Swimmer... from what I recall, the 'I Saw You' i went to was at The Clapham Grand, on the evening of the general election.

    There was a lot of odd performance art going on inside the venue... nurses with gasmasks handing out mystery cards with odd text... my friend Martin got one which said 'It is beyond my comprehension'.

    The Stretchheads played (I think instead of Piquet?) and gave the audience a hard time, Colin did the 100 guitars thing (which was fantastic/beautiful), Dome did a performance and Wir played 'The First Letter' and 'Sexy and Rich'.

    The evening was filmed but don't know what happened to the tapes... there was a thread a while back on here.
    I would love to get a decent mix of the Wir live shows too (I have two, but it's all a bit goldilocks... first one's too trebly, second one's too bassy etc).
    [oops. double post.]
    "Thanks for doing that research for me. However, I was angling for updates on that situation, since I read that ages ago and wondered if anybody was privy to news or rumours subsequent to your quotes."

    Ah! Ok, that explains it. Just wanted to make sure you knew that the info Craig reiterated was already out there. And so you do. Carry on, then!
    Tim, I was at the Manchester Manscape gig and don't remember loads, but I do recall the Eardrum/Bingos thing (or is it just autosuggestion?) Also an altered Ahead, Small Black Reptile (somehow morphed with aspects of I Am The Fly) Goodbye Ploy, What Do You See (Welcome), Craftsman's Touch (though not the epic length version), Underwater Experiences.

    After that, at the moment, I'm struggling. I'm not currently bothering with the bootleg series, but I'd like a record of that gig. It seems a little murkier in memory than the one in Manchester a couple or three years prior.
    If there is a superior Elec Ballroom 80 recording, this would make a nice free download ... save us having to buy it again (or even again again!). There's only so many albums one can buy multiple copies of! (I think my max is 5 or 6 of one album ... what a twit!)
    i've only ever bought a max of 2 copies of each lp - vinyl & cd - & as time has gone on, i've flogged many cd versions & just play the lp! never been a completist, never will be & never understand 'em - unless they're buying to resell!
    Electric Ballroom might run into the copyright problem again... if it is stilled owned by Mute/EMI, that might make things tricky. If it had to be licensed back from them I wouldn't hold your breath for a free copy.

    As far as completists go, I think to a certain degree it is no different than collecting stamps or other things along those same lines. I can definitely see wanting to chase the beautiful cardboard Manscape CD and also the LP, as the LP art is a bit different and quite nice. I'd never buy a Wire "object" just to flip it online!

    Personally I struggle to resist sealed longbox copies of the old Wire CDs that turn up now and again on eBay. Don't ask me why. Still haven't done it, but it wouldn't surprise me. (right now there's a sealed Drill for $50, which is a little crazy, but also He Said Take Care for $20... not so crazy).
    US CDs used to be sold in a long box (hence 'longbox'), which was supposed to be chucked in the bin when you got the thing home. See Wiki for more. An utterly appalling waste of resources (in materials) and effort (in creating ANOTHER cover design), but the things persisted for years. I always thought they were bonkers when I visited US record stores.
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    "As far as completists go, I think to a certain degree it is no different than collecting stamps or other things along those same lines. "

    right, but the same question applies: why does anyone collect stamps? Appreciating "objects" as, well, objects doesn't necessarily follow from liking the music inside (talking about records again, not stamps), where the interest probably usually begins. But I suppose sometimes it does follow.
    Oh, right, sorry - I forgot that the rest of the world didn't do that. The only good side effect was that many early CDs were spared a big ugly barcode right in the middle of the tray inlay because it was already on the cardboard box it came in. They tried to tell us that it was "theft prevention", but the reality was that the major US chains kicked up a fuss about having to invest in new display racks for the new weirdly-shaped format. The longbox let two rows of CDs sit comfortably in an old LP bin. Most of the time I don't think they really bothered with a new design for the box (with a couple of exceptions, notably the award-winning design for Suzanne Vega's Days of Open Hand), instead they had some intern mangle the existing cover art.

    Re: collecting (be it music formats, or stamps, or beer steins, etc), I like the searching, I like finding rare beautiful items, and as the vinyl crowd is so fond of reminding the world: in many, many cases a lot of time, energy, effort, and talent was put into making it a pleasing vehicle for what would hopefully be even more pleasing music. On that note, to me music-object collecting is even better than stamps or paintings or similar because they serve more than one purpose: I can look at and admire them, and I can listen to them! Bonus!

    Along those same lines: beer steins you can look at AND drink out of, so I don't blame that crowd either.

    But I can think of many instances where somebody gave me music on a mix tape or just a cassette copy of an album, and when I went and looked at the actual LPs or CDs in the store I found myself enthralled with the "object" as well. 4AD and Factory stuff springs to mind - I heard the music via friends before I ever laid eyes on their wonderful jacket designs.
    Following on from R Swimmer's question and taoyoyo's response, I went to one night of "I Saw You" at The Grand in Clapham. I didn't know that there was another night.

    I seem to recall that the opening flourish was Leif Elggren and Carl-Michael von Hausswolf appearing in the box seats as the kings of Elgaland-Vargaland, Piquet opening the show, then the guitarists, Dome (very entertaining), Wir on stage in an apparent human pyramid formation, and finally Stretchheads (who I thought were great - I just dug out "Pish in your sleazebag" again) emptying the venue. As mentioned, lots of costumed characters in the audience, although my biggest double-take came when I found myself standing next to Daniel Miller. Would be great if the tapes of all this could be seen...

    Back on track, I would love to hear audio from "Exploded Views" or the "Manscape"-era gigs. "Manscape" holds a special place in my heart - I will write about it elsewhere - but it seems to be much neglected.
    'Exploded Views' came up a while ago, I notice it isn't in the official discography, and hence someone who owns it did offer to put the audio up online....hmmm...
    There was only one night of this, and yes it was General election night. There was only one night and it was filmed and edited and copies given to Wir and Piquet (who did perform, Elgerland-Vargaland didnt, someone is getting confused with Wire at the Royal Festival Hall). I hold the master tapes until such time someone feels fit to want to release them officially.
    I Saw You Vien was also filmed, but less successfully and was not as successful as the London outing
    I can't remember the Stretchheads playing, but after Wire, The Hafler Trio definitely played. The lead singer was wearing a spacesuit (minus helmet) - he was walking around the audience screaming in various people's faces (including mine) - and ended the set bundling a spacehopper into the audience.
    no , no that band was the stretcheads. hafler trio performance was "audio only" i was told