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    Ahhh... that's it... weren't The Stretchheads playing in place of The Hafler Trio? (I was thinking Piquet originally but he did play as others have stated)... I do remember the screaming into faces thing, Leefact.
    I apologise for my error in the earlier post. Kevin is correct, and I was getting I Saw You confused with the RFH regarding Elggren & von Hausswolf. Please write another book, Kevin!
    Can anybody share details of the final three shows in the bootleg series?
    Clearly not ... :(
    The band's on tour at the mo', so comms are fragmented. As soon as I know more, I'll post here.
    ... no , no that band was the stretcheads. hafler trio performance was "audio only" i was told ...

    It was the end section of F**K, either just newly released, or just about to be on Touch,
    played from the desk on D.A.T. I think, with no visual accompaniment, so subsequently not
    many people noticed it as a part of the performance from what I remember. Dome and the
    massed guitars were the two standouts of that night in my humble opinion.
    Still no word on the bootleg series? I may be mistaken, but I thought the last batch were planned for a March release, and since they're on tour until mid-April ... it's a bit worrying if nobody even knows the intended gigs ... !

    I realise that this may not be a burning issue for those fortunate enough to have deep pockets, but I am and always will be totally skint and the £65 purchase of these shows was a big deal (actually my birthday present for last year ... yes, I AM POOR). So I would like them sometime in the not-too-distant future!

    Ironically, I'm currently listening to Wire far less than ... well, ever!
    I'll co-sign on being frustrated about the bootleg series. I understand that Wire have more pressing priorities at the moment with the new album and all of the promotion that comes with it. That said, they should not have asked fans to commit so much money up front for a subscription if they were not prepared to fulfill their end of the arrangement. I've really enjoyed what has been released thus far and I am still very excited to hear the third installment of the series so I'm hoping that this happens sooner rather than later.
    Just to let you know the third batch is now being mastered - slight delays due to Wire being on tour and also because a better version of one of the gigs turned up...

    Should be ready to roll once Wire get back from the US.

    Thanks for the post from stevethehouse and to Mark for the update, any chance of just letting us know which shows are coming?
    Funny how opinions differ - I'm not frustrated at all. In fact I rather wait (and it really doesn't matter whether it's another 4 weeks or 4 months), but can then be sure that Wire delivers some good and outstanding material. Patience, people!
    I must say I agree with cartoonist - I'm still enjoying the previous batch, so for me there's really no need for anything new yet for a while. I'd rather wait for a well researched (from deep within the band's archive) & well mastered product, than have something that's not as good as it could be, rushed out to meet some deadline.
    Speaking of the boots, might be worth mentioning that Zoom was used as the intro music in Toronto.
    "Speaking of the boots, might be worth mentioning that Zoom was used as the intro music in Toronto"

    Hmm - whatever happened to Fat Larry's Band? ;-)
    We've been using "zoom" as the intro throughout virtually all the gigs this year....