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    I wish I had the cash for the nine-set. The "bootlegs" sound awesome, in a very literal sense. My mouth actually dropped open listening to just the samples of the Edinburgh versions of "Drill" and "Heartbeat". And, my god, the Astoria show... Better start scrounging!
    Has anyone received a link to download Send Ultimate yet?
    Sent two emails to Greedbag about the lack of a link to download S.U. Thus far, zero response. No idea whether the messages have been received or I'm just being ignored. Sigh.
    i found the same, so i called 'em. very polite & helpful!
    The Legal Bootleg Series has turned up on eMusic. Kosher? And if so, should or shouldn't I go for it, considering that while I might save myself from total bankruptcy, I may essentially forfeit getting the Bloomsbury Theatre DVD?

    I have no idea, and so am exceedingly put off.
    i just checked and they're also available on Napster. considering i have a Napster flat rate i could have downloaded them without paying extra, so basically a few days ago i paid through greedbag ca. 80 EUR for something i already had anyway (but didn't know). Colin, next time we meet you pay me a beer in exchange ! ;-)
    I received a message with a link to the downloads a few minutes after the purchase. That was a few days ago (the day they were announced, I guess). The Edinburgh gig is amazing.
    Hmph. For the time being, I think I'll go with the eMusic route, although being the hopeless Wire slave that I am I'll probably snag the super-set when I have the dosh. (By that point Apple may actually develop a working FLAC player... O, dear....!)
    The gigs are also on iTunes, as is Send Ultimate (with some track-name breakage that I just mentioned to Colin).
    The bootleg series is not supposed to go onto any other digital services until at least 3 months after the final instalment is available to series subscribers. The pricing is also all wrong. This is a fuckup!! State 51 know about this.

    I'm actually really annoyed about this as we put a lot of time and energy into making sure that this series is special and although we don't say it the whole thing is about the fact that core fans get their hands on something the general & largely disinterested public cannot have. Someone's oversight makes us look stupid...
    I purchased the Bootleg series last night at 10:00 EST. How long does it take to process?
    They're gone from iTunes, still on eMusic.

    Not sure about Napster but I know eMusic tend to be lower bitrate so you'd be wise not to bother with those if audio quality is your thing.

    I do think it very poor that the available downloads are not immediately available on payment though. Will someone arrive at the house in the morning with a memory stick or something?
    Just back from a weekend out of town and received the download link for S.U. Huzzah and all that.
    I thought that this was the case. I really hope this gets sorted out quickly and to everyone's satisfaction.

    (Note that, in spite of my musings, I have not bought one of these, partly because of my suspicions...)
    Well done with this series. Thank you so much!
    Sorry if this question is covered else but is there a time limit on the subscription to the Legal Bootleg Series? I'm not in a position to subscribe now but if I save my pocket money I could be in a while but would I be too late?
    " this subscription will not only include recordings of nine classic Wire gigs in digital form, but also a DVD (including postage) of Wire's second gig of the 1980s, at Bloomsbury Theatre - 21 Jul 1985 Bloomsbury Theatre (pfb 802).

    Having a tendency for occasional uber-pedantry, it was wire's third gig of the '80's

    Electric Ballroom 1980
    MOMA Oxford June '85
    Bloomsbury July '85

    Sorry, couldn't help it.

    Probably what they meant was second gig as Wire mk2...

    Looking back I realised I just missed the Bloomsbury gig by about a week, as I headed over the water for summer work a bit later that year... damn... had to wait till the following summer to get my first taste of the live experience...
    My very grateful thanks for the Legal Bootleg series. No complaints whatsoever over the service, availability, lack of CD container, digital format or pricing. On the contrary - recurring palpitations, salivations and exultations (!) due to the content.

    What will I be like when 'Bloomsbury' arrives? Luckily I have insurance...

    Thank you Wire.