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    I'm really blown away by the Astoria show having never really heard a decent live recording of Wire Mk2.

    I like the somewhat antagonistic aspect of the oblique stage patter from Graham and Colin amid the calls for 12XU and so forth.
    After Finest drops at 6:23 some wag in the audience shouts for "When will I be Famous" by Bros. which I suppose would have been a big hit of the time. Makes a change from asking for Sex in a Church I suppose.

    I didn't see Wire around this time myself. What was the general reaction like? Apart from those shouting for 12XU were people generally accepting of the fact that they were not going to hear anything from the Harvest LPs or did it piss a lot of people off? "DO SOME OLD" I believe they like to shout in some parts.
    Add me to the list of those in awe of the Astoria show. If the studio albums of 80s Wire are a bit of a mixed bag, live versions show that there was still a lot of ferocity and innovation. It also, perhaps, pinpoints what seemed to be lacking in those albums—there was too much restraint, too much striving to be polished. Perhaps it's just another way of saying that those albums were hindered by production or interest in technological innovations. That Astoria show captured how Wire utilized noise so well in a way that didn't come off as effectively in the studio lp's. If nothing else, it whets the appetite for more of these boots.
    dunno about the rest of the audience's reaction to the Astoria show - all i remember about it was having a wee circle to myself near-ish to the stage whilst i did my very unique 'dancing' throughout most of the gig! These days i tend to just tap my foot & nod my head! oh the ravages of time!
    Standard-sized jewel case artwork, please! Even if it's just a tracklist and a title / catalogue number down the spine, at least it will look right when on the shelf next to the rest of the Wire CDs ... as I said, I could run one of these off in no time (in fact I seem to spend half my time putting together artwork for CDs and DVDs) but the important thing is to get the exact font and colour match between the front and the tray artwork. For all I know it could be a special Wire-font that I don't have access to! And please be sure to continue the appropriate colour themes from each show's front cover!

    I think a jewel case design would be nice for the DVD too ... so it can sit beside the two CD/DVD packages already released by Wire ... nothing fancy, just a continuation of the CD theme, of course ... !

    If anyone wants to font-match, I'm pretty sure these covers are still using as their primary font the one used for Read & Burn: DIN. It's not a special Wire font, although it's also not a particularly cheap one, especially if you want to buy a lot of different weights.
    After persuading the wife to forgo her haircut appointment & the teenagers to give up their night in the pub, I have
    just signed up & downloaded the bootleg series. Well worth the grief I have taken for them missing out on such trivial
    things lol.
    - It's not a special Wire font, although it's also not a particularly cheap one, especially if you want to buy a lot of different weights.

    I think I'll just keep my fingers crossed for that elusive tray artwork ...
    I'll second that general CD art would be an excellent inclusion, although for some perverse reason (likely never to be fulfilled), I would also far from mind some kind of "liner notes", ie. a reprinted archival review (or reviews) of the gig to go with whatever photographs and the like are included in the artwork. Considering, however, the legal issues with such citations, I'd be perfectly content without.

    Thinking about the next projected set, and specifically the Town And Country Club gig, I find it interesting to contemplate just how many permutations "Ambitious" has been through. The few live performances I've heard are, in their own way, particularly intriguing in how Colin and Graham trade off parts, with Colin tending towards the "straight" lyrical delivery of chorus and verse with Graham adding some wonderfully cracked outbursts and, of course, the final acronym chant.

    Any thoughts?

    P.S. What happened to the song samples for each of the performances...?
    maybe you all should go to Fergus' site, download some of his pics and 'size' them accordingly.
    as for the 'back liner notes', you can surely create your own track listings /background artwork- as for fonts, there's plenty out there, be creative.
    Will the SEND ULTIMATE second disc ever be available from anywhere as individual downloads? I hate downloads myself but, as I already put together my own (rather better!) version, I don't really fancy paying out £X for 4 tracks (incl 2 mere different versions). Maybe these four tracks could be given free to all full-package bootleg subscribers ...

    It is available right this very moment as individual downloads at the iTunes Store (US, anyway).

    I feel compelled to comment: for a band that I personally thought had broken up at least three times now, we are quite fortunate that they 1) not only still exist but 2) listen to our comments and suggestions 3) reply to them via the forum and 4) even act on them, as with the Bootleg Series.

    It would be a shame to put them off by being demanding and/or hypercritical.

    As Colin mentioned in an old thread re: an ex-forum member, the forum isn't meant to be an uncritical love-fest, but when I think of all the bands that have dropped off the face of the Earth when their fans would prostrate themselves for further material (hello, Talk Talk) - I think Wire has been pretty good to us. I mean, they aren't REM, with a giant mega-label ready to release every last Stipey sneeze despite rather startling diminishing returns.

    Just sayin'.
    It could also be worse—if one were a Fall obsessive, one would have to hold second or third jobs to keep up with all the product re-released/re-compiled. If being a Wire fan means spending $50–$75 a year, I'm getting a deal.
    maybe you all should go to Fergus' site, download some of his pics and 'size' them accordingly

    Hang on a sec there Ari... with the greatest of respect, it's not for you to suggest to people that they could freely download my pictures without any consultation with me. They are not available for download. I have had to disable that function after having been burned once already when the publishers of the Magazine biography went behind my back and swiped some of my concert photos of the band and reproduced them in the book.
    this is how I feel: downloads should always be given away free of charge. if one does pay for a series of downloads that should also incl a full color 100 page picture book, a complimentary keg of beer, and a vacation in the Bahamas! long time fans should also be rewarded with car and/ or mortgage payments, free tkts to shows on the bands next tour, a new digital camera, a flat screen tv and a case of french champagne. that's not asking too much, is it?
    I would expect a free performance in my living room personally.
    • CommentAuthorAri says...
    • (CommentTimeJul 19th 2010 edited)
    7jlong, me too, Fergus, thought you did the pics thing 'for fun', not as a money earning proposition, just how does/would one 'acquire' one of your pics?
    I can't speak for Mr. Kelly, but as a trained photographer who doesn't pay the bills with it in any fashion (which I guess means it is only for fun at this point) - I would still go ballistic if my work was used for anything without so much as a "hey, like your work, mind if I [X]?"
    and by the same token i have 'known' Fergus for many a year and he strikes/struck me as the 'sort of person' who wouldn't mind if a fan used one of his pics for non commercial use, maybe he could 'donate' a couple pics to the lads for just such a usage? I would, but then I'm not Fergus.
    Fergus, you know I meant the post 'in the spirit of the conversation', right?
    Well, as I tried to imply, I don't think I'd mind if someone wanted to use my work either - but as a minimum courtesy its kinda nice to be asked.