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    I shot some pics of Lou Reed in Asbury Pk, NJ and posted them om his fan site. less than 24 hrs later a guy had hot-linked them and posted them on his blog. needless to say I went fucking ballistic. lol.

    "Well, as I tried to imply, I don't think I'd mind if someone wanted to use my work either - it's just nice to be asked."

    yes, that's all well and good. but what if you gave a pic to Ari for personal use and a third party came along and acquired it and it wound up on the cover of a best selling album? we're talking tens of thousands of $$ in royalties. lawsuits. ($$$$$$$$). such is the case now of the recent Vampire Weekend cover (young girl in polo shirt). VP and XL Records bought pic from a photog who claims he bought it in a flea market. girl claims mom took said pic in 1983. if the photog and XL can't produce a model release they're screwed!
    Weird. I thought I just bought the download version of SE, yet, lo and behold, the physical copy showed up at my door this morning. Thanks, Uncles Colin, Graham, Robert, and Bruce!
    • CommentAuthorAri says...
    • (CommentTimeJul 19th 2010 edited)
    >>"Well, as I tried to imply, I don't think I'd mind if someone wanted to use my work either - it's just nice to be asked."<<
    So no-one on this list has EVER burned/received a c.d/dvd from/to a friend without contacting said artist and asking permission first? WOW!! aren't 'we' goody goodies...... (and I totally agree with the sentiment expressed between >> and <<) however the truth of the matter is ....... we are all guilty I suspect.
    I don't remember saying anything like that, but thanks for the hostility. It was a suggestion, not a mandate. Geez.
    Mine was (is) too (although more an observation than a suggestion), to open a debate on this, I 'felt', rightly or wrongly, that Fergus had attacked me for posting an 'innocent' suggestion, so my last post was aimed at all of us, I used your words to continue the conversation to show we are all, to some degree, hypocrites when it comes to the 'mine',his situation, sorry you thought it was aimed at 'you', it wasn't, nor am I attacking any individual here, how's it go? oh, 'just sayin''.....
    (sorry, forgot to add 'Geez'), my 'sense of humor will get me killed, I was once told that about 25 years ago)
    Fergus, thought you did the pics thing 'for fun', not as a money earning proposition

    I do take pictures for fun, but it's no fun when publishers steal your work without permission, payment or credit. Unfortunately it happens all the time - one has to be very vigilant. I don't make a living from my photos, and I don't seek to make money from them wherever possible, but, as a matter of respect, interested parties should always, as a matter of course, ask, and, if it's publishers asking, depending on their wherewithal, offer to pay, even if it's not very much. If they genuinely can't afford to pay then that's fair enough, one assesses the situation on its merits and decides whether or not to support certain ventures.

    just how does/would one 'acquire' one of your pics?

    As I said, asking is the best place to start.

    and by the same token i have 'known' Fergus for many a year and he strikes/struck me as the 'sort of person' who wouldn't mind if a fan used one of his pics for non commercial use,

    I would never make assumptions about anyone and use that as a basis for action no matter how well I thought I knew them. The idea of donating photos for non-commercial use I have absolutely no problem with. It's the idea that someone else is making up your mind for you that I have a significant problem with. It's unfair.

    maybe he could 'donate' a couple pics to the lads for just such a usage?

    I have already done that on many occasions in the past - see

    but then I'm not Fergus.

    Which is precisely why you shouldn't make assumptions about me.

    Fergus, you know I meant the post 'in the spirit of the conversation', right?

    Of course Ari... I don't think you meant anything untoward by it. Just what you said was misguided, and I had to correct you on what I feel is a very fundamental point.

    The problem is that in the current age of download culture there are many people who make assumptions and feel they can just take take take, that cultural production is a tap that can be simply switched on and people can fill their cup without so much as a 'by your leave'. It's a cardinal error to assume that because it's there you can just take it. Bear in mind all the work that went into the product in the first place, and respond accordingly. The kind of work that I, and many others like me do may be way down the food chain but all I expect from people is they treat it with respect. I'm not even implying that what I do is necessarily any use, just that is something that I value and put a lot into. Unless I actually say 'download away!', it's safe to say that you shouldn't.

    I 'felt', rightly or wrongly, that Fergus had attacked me for posting an 'innocent' suggestion

    Wait now Ari. Before this gets out of hand, I was not attacking you. I know you meant well - one implication behind your suggestion is that you think my photos have sufficient merit to be used for artwork, which is appreciated. There's no more I can add without repeating points I've made already. Let's just leave it at that, even if only as a boredom avoidance measure for everyone on this list... alright chief ?
    only if you buy me a Guinness.................
    Kiss and make up by all means, but no tongues please.
    Hi peeps,

    Is this £ 68 Bootleg subscription going to be a limited thing ( ie will it still be available at the end of the month when I get paid ) ?
    Also can anybody shed any light on a version of Spent that the boys did for a charity album ( the name of which I don't know )
    as I can't find it anywhere.

    Cheers in advance

    No idea about Spent, but the subscription is not currently planned to be limited. So, yes, it'll still be available at the end of the month.
    the spent remix was called something like "spent (faster louder mix)" and was on a cd called gimme skelter

    i got one cheap off ebay , just posting that link so you can see the details
    You're a star, many many thanks.
    Only get that "Gimme Shelter" thing if you can get it mega cheap. The "spent" version is not a remix it's just the same mix speeded up :) I don't think anyone bought it at the time I seem to remember seeing a royalty statement with less than 100 sales... I'm not even sure if i have a copy of the album myself...
    Just got one on Ebay for a fiver, there's a couple on there so fill yer boots. Mind you Spent is the best thing on it by the looks of it.
    Any news on the bootleg artwork?
    Thanks misterego but I was referring to the CD tray inlays that I (maybe mistakenly) understood were being prepared ... being the old-fashioned chap that I am, I always burn music to CD, rather than leaving it on my PC ...
    HaHa........actually if you scroll down to the bottom of the link that is posted there is a demo of "Its so obvious"
    You can always 'print' your own (with flare of course)