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    "I was referring to the CD tray inlays that I (maybe mistakenly) understood were being prepared"

    I think being considered was more accurate; I'm not sure where this is at the moment (I've not heard from Colin for a while), but I'll chase soonish to see where things stand.
    Finally got my hands on a copy of Send: Ultimate. I had previously owned a vinyl copy of pf456 redux, but it's good to have the R&B tracks and the album tracks collected together in one place in their full complete versions. "Artificial Gravity" & "DJ F&ckoff" are interesting curiosities but I can definitely see why they weren't included on any proper albums... "Artificial Gravity" in particular sounds a little too similar to a number of other tracks from the same era. Still cool to hear nonetheless. I was never lucky enough to snag the 12XU 7" when it come out so this was my first exposure to those versions... they are PHENOMENAL. I am especially fond of the "U" version. I wasn't expecting much from the 2 alternate R&B3 tracks and I was right for doing so... they aren't much different from their album counterparts.
    I have actually (more or less) done artwork, just waiting on some credit information... The plan was that when the DVD is ready to ship then we'd put up the artwork and announce it all together...
    Thanks for the artwork update and glad to hear it's happening, it's very important for some of us older collector types !

    On a similar line, I recommend a documentary called 'I Need Your Record', it isn't especially satisfying but it does cover some worthwhile points - the death of indie shops, the importance of artwork etc etc ... several interviewees may interest people here, there was no-one I follow (was hoping for a possible Husker appearance but no joy) ... but you get Ian Mackaye, Thurston Moore, Mike Watt (who seems about to collapse) and Glenn Branca (who seems to appear purely to show how hard he is by swearing unnecessarily and really unconvincingly every third word).
    Mike Watt (who seems about to collapse)

    Really ? What's up with the mighty Watt ??
    Can't wait to hear that Electric Ballroom gig in better quality
    I see our own correspondent, Mark Bursa, gets a mention in the September issue of The Wire, in relation to the bootleg series, "..curated by Wire aficionado Mark Bursa.."

    Which was nice.
    He does indeed, shame they printed the wrong URL for the bootleg series but I'm sure anyone who is interested will Google their way to the right place.
    Which URL did they print?
    Balls. I was hoping they'd printed and I'd have done a quick redirect. Oh well.
    DVD UPDATE - We had hoped to have the DVD ready (in NTSC format) for August, however the opportunity has arisen to make something of better quality from the source material and although this will introduce a delay (we will more likely have DVD's ready in September) we feel duty bound to get the best out of these precious and decaying sources not only for the subscribers but also for posterity. Apologies all round but it'll be worth it!
    Sounds excellent.

    What is the setlist for the 1985 gig, anyway...?
    I haven't made a purchase of the Bootleg Series yet (not really had any money for the last few months). Am I too late for the DVD? If not, when is too late?
    As far as I'm aware, there are no plans to remove the subscription offer. Therefore, it makes no odds when you sign up - there's no time limit to do so.
    Oh, fantastic. I was worried there would be one dispatch of DVDs only and that I'd miss it.

    On a slightly related note, are there any plans to release a Manscape/First Letter era concert in the Bootleg series?
    No idea about the 1990s stuff—perhaps Colin can elaborate. Personally, I'd be happy to see a 1990s gig in the mix, since that'd provide some suitably wacky versions of certain Wire tracks. Melkweg, Amsterdam (1986) or something very near to that date is the other thing I'd really love to get in high(ish)-quality (along with the already confirmed 1985 gig).
    I'd love to hear the Reading Festival or Clapham Grand sets myself. From what I've heard, they were both fairly out there.
    Any idea when the second set of shows are going to be rolled out?
    stevethehouse, in October.