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    Don't think this has been asked or mentioned, but has Bruce been involved in any of these new releases, particularly the choice of boots? Which, I suppose, is a roundabout way of asking whether he's fully divorced from Wire-related matters, including archival projects.
    I would have to imagine at the very least that any archival release would at least have to have Bruce's blessing because he has song writing credits on that material. He also contributed to the liner notes of Send: Ultimate so I don't think Bruce is fully divorced from Wire-related matters, I just don't think he has any interest in anything new that happens moving forward.
    I thought it was an amicable split/separation. He didn't want to do any more Wire at the moment, the other 3 members did, so they did.

    I don't really know where I'm getting this from, though; I might have summoned it from my head-aether.
    Did you read the (excellent) book on Pink Flag by Wilson Neate ? Last chapter.
    That'll be it. Re-recollecting it, didn't he say that he would have rather kept on recording new material in 05/06, rather than re-releasing the EMI albums, which he felt took the wind out of the sails a bit?
    Does anyone know where the PDF covers for the Legal Bootleg releases are located?

    The e-mail I got from Pinkflag said "You need to be signed up to the forum, to download a zip of the PDFs. When you've signed up, head to the members area." But I don't see a "members area" on the forum or anywhere else on the site. Just wondering whether I'm missing something obvious.
    They're in the Members Area that we cleverly forgot to activate until just now! Sorry.
    I noticed the Bloomsbury gig has two songs I've never heard of "Kidnap Yourself" and "Harry Houdini". Are these alternate song titles or songs we've never heard before? I'm intrigued.
    'Kidnap Yourself' was or turned into a He Said track (from 'Hail'). Nutty track, love it!
    Dr M, the choice of boots is as recommended by me!

    Steve, Harry Houdini is a 1985 track that didn't get a studio recording. The Wire version of Kidnap Yourself is very different from Graham's solo version.

    Mixtil - some way off still. Like biccio says, check Wilson's book.
    Thanks for the clarification, Mark.
    I've just got the DVD - all the wave and Mp3 files are included, but the visual footage finishes in the middle of the second "Drill" and cuts to a menu page which instructs you to play the movie, but freezes everything unless the film is ejected and replaced. The onscreen display shows that this is where the DVD should finish, and it occurs on both the DVD player and computer. Is this correct or is my DVD duff?
    Mine does that. I just assumed that's where the footage finished—although a fade would have been nice!
    i guess it's the same you mean, since this song is attached to Drill II, but mine finishes in the middle of Kidnap Yourself II.
    indeed the mp3/wave files of both the full Kidnap Yourself II and the last song A Serious of Snakes II are in the DVD. only the video stops before end.
    Re. Bloomsbury - nice to see Nick Lowe guesting on guitar..!

    Harry Houdini is a great track - check out the MOMA version: even more punchy.
    Does anybody know why Wire has such an aversion to chapters/song selection in DVD releases? First Rockpalast, now this (I have to confess that I forget whether The Scottish Play has breaks). It's not difficult, after all.
    I spoke to Colin about Rockpalast, and it was an oversight. I don't think there was the realisation that people would rewatch so often and want to access specific tracks, and, also, one might argue that the gig is a single 'object'. That was of course rectified for TSP.

    No idea about this one, but maybe it's down to the bootleg nature of it, plus the fact a bunch of the tracks merge into each other.
    I've watched that Rockpalast DVD from front to back more times than I am comfortable admitting. I prefer nearly every rendition on that show to it's album counterpart.
    Sorry to come off as impatient but any idea when the next round of shows will be posted? The last round was posted on the 5th of July so I figured it might be today.
    Any word on the next batch of shows in the bootleg series? It wasn't mentioned in the latest news update and I'm starting to get worried that it'll get delayed because of the Red Barked Trees release...