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    TO stevethehouse
    I too am eager for the next batch of shows, and am concerned by the non-response to your post of the 5th (!). Also your fears RE RBT trampelling over the live shows sound valid ... let's hope not. Did you get an email about the new album and pre-order? I didn't ... !
    I got an email about the new album info, but nothing about the pre-order, which still doesn't seem to be up. While the quality of the concerts thus far has been great I am fairly disappointed in the service. I've emailed State51 multiple times about the availability of the next batch of shows and haven't received any response on that. It's frustrating paying so much money up front for the subscription and then have them not deliver the shows at the rate that they said they would. Bottom line: they shouldn't make promises or commitments that they aren't sure that they can deliver on and at the very least they should offer an explanation to the customer when those commitments can't be met.
    Colin's overseas right now, but we've swapped emails today and he says the next set is, for various reasons (mastering and also trying to source a superior Jeannetta Cochrane) slated for early December. Apologies to all waiting for the next set.
    Thanks Craig. Good to finally have an answer. If better source material is the cause for the delay then I'm sure it will be worth the wait. December should be an exciting month to be a Wire fan...
    A bit of a late comment on mixtil's comments from a while back, but the last chapter of the LOWDOWN book certainly suggests that things weren't too happy in the Wire camp when Bruce left ... just one of the main reasons that this book, although flawed, is recommended. Especially as there are some choice quotes therein that one person in particular should regret making.

    But you can find out for yourselves when you order your copy. And you should, because it's no worse than many band biogs and certainly a lot better than most. True, it's less detailed towards the end but a fault of most biogs, I find, is that the latter part of an artist's career is often covered in increasingly broader strokes. Anyway, LOWDOWN certainly told me one or two things I didn't know, and its drubbing is more down to 'toeing the paty line', I think, than anything else.

    My problem with Lowdown wasn't to do with party-line, whatever that might mean where Wire are concerned. It was more to do with a number of glaring errors within the text that cast doubt over much else that was being presented to me as 'new'.

    It seemed like something of a missed opportunity.
    I tend to take a certain number of glaring errors as par for the course and they often provide a good chuckle. To be sure, Lowdown is far from a perfect piece of writing, but as rock biogs go - and having read way too many, I have to say that the general standard of these things isn't exactly high - it's a fairly informative and readable (if basic) piece, with some juicy tidbits to be found amongst the recent interviews, which would presumably have been edited somewhat if the interviewees had been given the opportunity.
    I know Jeanette Cochrane is one of the three bootleg shows due early December - is there any news on the other two shows that will be available at the same time?
    According to the FAQ:

    1st Nov 1987 Town & Country Club, London; 19 April 2002 Fleece & Firkin, Bristol.
    Thanks for the info.
    Now that we're into December it sure would be nice to have an update on the status of the next round of bootlegs. The lack of communication to the people who invested a lot of money up front in good faith continues to astound me.
    Hi Everyone,

    As you have noticed it's now December and we should have the next round up by the end of this week. Sorry about the delay but apart from me being extraordinarily busy with RBT business I've been hanging out because as per usual I've wanted the things to be up to muster. The three are most definitely as described in the FAQ and i wanted to make sure we had absolutely the best version of each (ones from cassette need re-pitching as they all run too fast) and I had some choices on the Jeanetta Cochrane which I think I've resolved to the best choice (it's miles better than what was on "Turns & Strokes" even if it's not what you'd call "audiophile"). Anyway, everything has been mastered now and I just have to prepare the tracks for uploading to the server. Sorry again about this, if Wire hadn't made such a strong album and it hadn't taken so long then I'd have had more time to do this!
    Looks like they got them in today! excellent. Looking forward to listening to these on the long trip home in the snow tonight!
    The Town & Country Club gig sounds like my master, which has been in storage now for about 20 years. Theoretically, it should still play when I eventually get around to digging it out.

    swimhq, can you reveal the source of that gig? I'm curious if it's sourced from my master.
    I was at both the Town & Country and the Fleece & Firkin gigs - I remember (name drop and ashamedly so) talking to the Cocteau Twins at the end of the Town & Country gig and asking them what they thought of it - Robin commemted - "It was like watching paint dry....." - I of course didn't agree!
    T&C came from my collection, via Kevin Eden, who got it from (I think) Graham. It's from the soundboard, so probably not related to yours.

    I'd like to hear it, along with anything else you might have!
    For me, one of the interesting things about these bootlegs is—a little distortion aside—you now have the opportunity to put together a high-quality alternate version of the full A Bell Is A Cup, and it's amazing how different some of the tracks are. Some—Silk Skin Paws, It's A Boy—didn't really suffer on the record, but Queen Of Ur is a totally different beast live, and Freefalling Divisions is fantastic on the new bootleg.
    So does this mean that the above posters have received their copies of the new boots? I ordered last night, but have yet to receive a link to download.
    What was going on at the T&C? At times it sounds like the bass amp is about to explode, and at times that the band are playing three different songs!. It's all good stuff but it would be nice if there were some 'sleevenotes' for this one. (like that Joy Division CD from Preston..makes sense when you read the sleevenotes and realise what mayhem was going on!)

    Although this is of course a 'Bootleg' series I'm a tad disappointed that the Fleece and Firkin is an audience taping rather than a Soundboard recording (you can hear a girl in the audience getting increasingly irate about some lads larking about and playfighting and although it's a pretty good taping there is a real lack of bottom end). There must be plenty of soundboard tapes from this era of Wire but I'm guessing this was a significant gig because it was the debut of the 'Send'/R&B tracks? Am I right?
    Is there any chance of artwork for these shows appearing some time soon, or will it be a l-o-n-g wait like last time? Had hoped that everything would be included 'as one' this time ...