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    Noticed this one snuck in at the end of the gig guide. Might well take a trip down for this one.

    So are Wire up for a Mojo award then?
    They would deserve it for sure..
    Me too noticed this at the end of the gig list, but until now neither the Mojo homepage nor the Garage homepage list Wire among the bands playing the Mojo Honours Gigs.
    Tickets are on pre sale from - The date is being advertised as June 8th.
    hmv tickets are advertising it as on the 8th as well. Looking forward to this.

    Relentless Garage, London
    08-Jun-2010 at 19:00
    I saw this last week, but i assumed that it'd be several bands playing a short set each & so disregarded it. Does anybody know if it is that kind of set-up? or are Wire headlining with just 1 or 2 supports?
    Not sure about that but I do know that the Garage has a curfew some nights so sometimes the headliner comes on about 8.45 !! As I found out in October as I arrived at 9pm..........
    I think it will be a full set.
    This from Bruno over at Idealcopy:

    By using the power (!) of Facebook I can say that a bass player well placed to know how much material will be played on the night says it'll be a full set with much new material, which is great news for every Wire fan within travelling distance. So, who else will be there?
    cool. looking forward to the new material.
    i will consider Germany as "within travelling distance" in this case and be there :)
    posted a news update about this yesterday..
    in which case, i'll be there!
    Latest Wire news
    May 19, 2010Mojo (not quite) working
    It appears that whoever booked Wire for the "Mojo Magazine Honors Show" got their dates confused and while we were informed that the show would be on the 9th June it appears that by 9th they actually meant 8th! so the show is actually taking place on the 8th June. Our sincere apaologies to anyone this has inconvenienced. We can also conform this will be a full set.

    Meanwhile the 12th studio album is progressing nicely and we hope for a release date in January 2011.
    new guitarist according to the latest news..
    I wonder what the Mojo Honour is for. Is it an award? Category is probably 'Persistent Bastards'.
    If Wire get the "Persistent Bastards" award, what the hell are they giving The Fall...?!
    Guy called Matt Simms according to 'news' page. never heard of him meself!
    guitarist of the band It Hugs Back.
    i know one album of them. on 4AD, it's called Inside Your Guitar.
    very quite, dreamy, shoegazing :)
    the guitar work is IMO the best thing on the record, so not a bad choice i'd say.
    Anybody received their tx yet? Could you let us know when they start arriving? starting to panic & I only placed my order 7 days ago!!!
    Just had confirmation that the tickets have been dispatched.
    where you buy yours? Ticketweb?