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    See Tickets.
    So who's going on Tuesday then ???

    I'm meeting up with 3 others in the boozer opposite.
    Is that The Cock? c u there!!!!!!!!
    I'm going.
    I'm going too. Not sure whether i'll be at the cock, but i'll definitely be at the gig.
    Someone get some photos tonight and post them to Flickr ! Steve ?
    Does anyone know if there'll be support?
    If so, who?
    some band called Chapel Club. I would give you the stage times, but the muppets at the Garage still have last nights shows on the machine!

    If any1 finds out soon-ish, please post!

    "Incredibly loud live shows that leave listeners stunned, enraptured, anguished, awestruck and overwhelmed."

    I don't want that, I want the clearest hearing I can get for Wire.
    Their myspace stuff is awful (maybe not awful, just BLAND!) - that's y i didn't bother posting 'em last week!

    Wire on at '9-ish'!
    BTW I note that Wire didn't get any sort of Mojo 'honour' bestowed upon them. 'Inspiration' award would have been a good one considering how many bands have been plundered Wire for 'inspiration'.

    Instead it went to The Teardrop Explodes (nothing whatsoever to do with the fact that Universal have a deluxe re-issue of Kilimanjaro coming out).

    Copey sent a text at 8pm on the night apparently saying he 'couldn't make it'.

    Here instead is a somewhat refreshed Dave Balfe and two blokes who look like they have just been quickly escorted from a Darts match in a pub in Skelmersdale. Fun, but seems a shame when we could instead have enjoyed the wit and wisdom of EG Lewis and seen Colin hoist the Mojo award aloft. Maybe next year?
    Normally I'd be agreeing, and moaning about Wire not getting the award. But personally I'm glad to see the Teardrops finally getting the recognition they deserve.

    One of those two blokes was Alan Gill who deserves all the recognition in the world - quite apart from writing the music for Reward he is, of course, the man behind Dalek I who's Compass / Kum'pas LP is one of the greatest things ever committed to vinyl. The other, Gary Dwyer, is equally deserving for his fabulous drumming on the TX records and for having one of the greatest quiffs in the history of popular music! ; )

    Copey should have gone. As Balfe said "He should learn to accet his award".

    Wire will get something next year in reognition of playing Mojo gigs this year. That's how it works, isn't it? ; )
    I was only joking! I know who those two blokes were, I've read it in books!
    I know. I was just stating their contribution to popular music and hairdressing!
    Has Copey commented on his Mojo No-Sho by the way?
    I think he had made mention of it on some live dates just before then, but he doesn't mention it in the July monthly address on his website. Which is surprising!