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    Interested to see if any of the France concert goers could provide their perspective on the new setlist and the new songs.
    Is that some kind of reworking of A Question Of Degree?
    :) exactly what i thought during the first 30 seconds or so.
    only when the voice started i realized this might actually be a new song ?
    As someone who was lukewarm re. Object 47, this definitely whets my appetite for the new album.
    Cool! I'm liking that. Hope they capture that on record. I liked O47, but the production wasn't quite right IMO.
    I will see them for the very first time tomorrow evening. Writing this statement, I wonder if I will be able to say good or not because I have no point of comparaison.
    Just think it will be awesome!
    Interesting, that new track sounds like something from the Send era but possibly even more stripped down. It'll be interesting to hear where they go next because I'm not even sure where what I would do if I were in their shoes. I wonder if "He Knows" will finally see release on this album?
    I wonder if "He Knows" will finally see release on this album?

    I, for one, would love to hear a good studio recording of that wonderful song. One of the highlights of the Dublin set last year.
    Speaking of songs originally from about 10 years ago, what ever became of Zoom ? Did that morph into something else ?
    So anyone seen any reviews or setlists for the gigs so far?
    Just had a quick look but couldn't find anything. However, 'He Knows' from the same set (sounding at the end as if its segueing into Drill) has now been posted on youtube amongst a handful of others (inc.reworking of Spent)
    The set list so far.... ??new song?? , Spent, Two people in a room, He knows, Drill, One of us. Anyone have anything else?
    Oh yeah this is sounding good. Is that yer new man adding some cool buzzy guitars on 'Two People....'?. Can't wait for the Garage gig now.
    Nice to have 2PIAR back for the first time in a decade. Always fitted C21 Wire. Loving the Question of Degree newie. He Knows starting to evolve into a thing of beauty. Spent sounds a bit weedy though. Tricky one - the Gilbert killer blues riff mountain is so central...

    New guitarist likes his pedals!
    It arrives soon... Had a four hours drive...
    As on the setlist left on stage :
    Advatange in height
    Mekon headman
    Up from above
    Now was
    One of us
    Please take
    Kindney bingos
    German Shepherds
    106 beats that
    Two people in a room
    He knows
    Pink flag
    The 15th
    Map ref
    Underwater experiences
    A huge MERCI to the band.
    Drill ? 2 People ?? Map Ref ??? Blimey, it doesn't get much better than that in terms of new oldies, does it ? Straight off my fantasy list !
    tis a good setlist, tho i'd still like to see/hear stuff like Ambitious, Feed Me, Boiling Boy. You know me & my preferences for Wire Mkll!!!