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    German Shepards, The 15th, Map Ref, Advantage In Height? This is bloody excellent.
    Much as I love Two People In A room, I doubt any version is ever going to top the Chochrane version.
    As I said previously, this was the first time I attented a Wire concert. I remember an avalanche of good and unexpected songs, but I do not remember advantage in height very well.
    There were two setlists. The one I gave you was Colin's one. Graham had another... and they were a bit different (I took photos of Colin's one only)
    The new tracks? Well I cannot wait to have the last LP because they were all good.

    Just before the concert, I was saying to miss Jiphy, that German Shepards was connected to some memories I had of the Iron Curtain but that I was doubting they were to play this song. THEY made it!
    Thank you for the GOLDEN HELLO Wire.
    Quote : "There were two setlists. The one I gave you was Colin's one. Graham had another... and they were a bit different (I took photos of Colin's one only) "

    They did the same at cargo last year if I remember correctly.
    Wow. That is a dream setlist! Can't believe they've dusted off a gem like "German Shepards".

    I really hope the guys can come across the pond for another US tour. I caught 3 shows in a row during the fall 2008 run and had a blast!
    Thanks for posting. That's an amazing setlist. Kidney Bingos!
    I wonder if 'Please Take' is a version of 'Take it' from the First letter?
    Anyone who has a Zomb a/c can get a recording of 24 May in Paris here:

    Sketchy setlist details are:

    2010 05 24
    La Maroquinerie - Paris - France
    Audience - 80 mn

    AUD > Sony ECM-719 > TASCAM DR1 (Wav 16 bit - 44,1 k - gain hight) > HD > Audacity (no added effect > Trader's Little Helper > Flac level 8.

    01) Intro
    02) I Remember
    03) Because
    04) ?
    05) ?
    06) Up From Above
    07) ?
    08) ?
    09) a guy want "sex in the church"
    10) A New One
    11) ?
    12) Drill
    13) ?
    14) ?
    15) ?
    16) ?
    17) Two People In A Room
    18) Kidney Bingoes
    19) Encore
    20) ?
    21) ?

    Colin NEWMAN : Chant , Guitare
    Graham LEWIS : Chant , Bass
    Robert GOTOBED : Batterie
    Matt SIMMS : Guitare

    Had a quick listen. Interesting to see so much new stuff in thereā€”it's like the Wire of the 1970s, trying out new stuff to see if it works.
    This is now up on Dimeadozen if you've got an account there
    "Please Take" = Graham Lewis classic.
    I really hope one of the new tracks is actually called 'a guy want "sex in the church"'

    Here is the tracklist from Dime

    01) Intro
    02) Smash
    03) Because
    04) Advantage In Height
    05) Mekon Headman
    06) Up From Above
    07) Now Was
    08) One Of Us
    09) (a guy wants"sex in the church")
    10) Please Take
    11) Kidney Bingos
    12) Drill
    13) Ten
    14) German Shepherds
    15) Moreover
    16) 106 Beats That
    17) Two People In A Room
    18) Spent
    19) (Encore)
    20) He Knows
    21) Pink Flag
    Unfortunately it's just a heckle, though it has to be said, a very fine one. A French bloke shouts "I vant to 'ave sex in ze church!", to much bemusement from Colin & Graham.

    A few songs later, after 106 Beats That, Graham deadpans "that was a song about having sex in church"