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    According to their site WFMU ( will be broadcasting Wire's set from Primavera, it's on at 7pm Eastern Time tonight (28/05/10), is that 12.30am in the UK ?, I'll have a go at listening in.

    The full line up is:
    FRIDAY (eastern time)
    12:10pm Mission of Burma
    1:20pm Sic Alps
    2:15pm Monotonix
    2:45pm Crocodiles
    3:30pm A Sunny Day In Glasgow
    4:45pm Thee OhSees
    5:40pm The New Pornographers
    7:00pm Ganglians
    7:30pm Wire
    8:45pm Pavement
    10:30pm Marc Almond

    1:10pm Condo Fucks
    2:20pm Cold Cave
    3:00pm Diplo
    3:20pm Major Lazer
    3:45pm Endless Boogie
    4:25pm Michael Rother/Steve Shelley/Aaron Mullan play NEU
    5:40pm The Clean
    6:30pm The Slits
    7:25pm Van Dyke Parks
    8:00pm Roddy Frame
    8:30pm Gary Numan
    9:40pm Liquid Liquid
    10:50pm The Almighty Defenders
    Thanks for that. Really enjoying it. Simms making a bit of a hash of kidney bingos. Right effect though! I'll let him off, only five days to learn all that stuff, pretty impressive.
    Thanks, I was just in time to catch the last few songs. The 'question of degree'-esque one, Two People in A Room, Spent, He Knows, Pink Flag, Kidney Bingos and a breakneck thrash through 12XU.
    Sounding amazing even on lo-fi streaming. Powerful performances. Echo laden vocals, lots of guitar fx and electronic noises...almost Wire in Dub during He Knows! Followed by an interview with Graham Lewis (mostly about Football!) immediately after coming off stage.

    Did anyone manage to 'tape it'?
    yeah Kidney Bingos the guitar wasn't tuned properly either. Can't assume it was the new guy, might have been has been a long time since that was in the set
    You missed some good ones....
    What did I miss, setlist please! ;)
    I recorded the stream and will upload by tomorrow.
    @ Dr Medulla.......nice. I need another listen.
    R Swimmer - The radio station edited the set and cut new song "Please Take" but the opener was new and sounded like nothing I've ever heard from wire. It was very interesting but sounded like they had some kinks to work out. They played another new song that was very pink flagish....I can't wait to hear it again. Overall ...I'm real stoked for the new material. Can't wait.
    Thanks Misterego,

    Looking forward to hearing the stream, good work Dr.M!

    It's only 128K, the same as the stream, so not as good as if actually recorded off the radio, but still very listenable. Also a couple glitchy drop-outs here and there, and, as misterego said, "Please Take" was introduced but cut from the broadcast. Caveats in place, have at it …

    edit: Replaced original link with link for fixed version.
    i was at the gig. absolutely brilliant. till now by far my favourite of the whole festival. the fall was pretty good too.
    the opener was actually underwater experiences, so maybe the radio station did not send the whole gig.
    2 hours before the set Colin and Graham made also a brief appearance at the Ray Ban unplugged stage. a place as big as a living room more or less. for a moment i almost thought i was going to experience Wire unplugged, but Graham said immediately he hates acoustic guitars. so they sang "up to the sun" and went. short. nice.
    Dr. Medulla, many thanks for the download. This is … incredible. After listening to this, I will never have to visit a Otorhinolaryngologist ever again. My ears have now been blasted free from any foreign matter! Simply amazing.
    Thanks Dr. but we're missing the new songs misterego was talking about? Tracks 1, 4 and 5 are missing from the zip file???
    I just dl'd to check and they're there for me. The names are the track number and a question mark. I did notice, however, that I failed to split Kidney Bingos and 12XU, so I'll re-up with new names for the unknown songs and a proper split.

    edit: See above for link to fixed version. Instead of ?, new songs given the name [Unknown].
    Thanks Doc that's done the trick. Must be a mac/pc thing.
    Has anybody recorded the Michael Rother 'Neu!' performance?
    The whole Primavera Festival is now on the wfmu site:
    Thanks for the download link Dr M... nice to hear some new stuff and some old favorites ('Kidney Bingos' for instance).
    Thanks for sharing that. Much appreciated.

    Wasn't too keen on the opening number though I'm sure it'll work better on record.

    They should have ended the set after Pink Flag though! ; )